Dakshin Tirupati , Hosur – A must visit for people seeking lords blessing

This is a small temple near Hosur dedicated to lord Vishnu. It’s also called as Sri Sri Venkateshwara Swamy temple or Dakshin Tirupati also called as chinna tirupati hosur.

Dakshin Tirupati is a very nice place to spend a couple of hours.

At the top of a hill,  it is a very calm and quite place and you would like to spend a couple of hours in peace there.

Not so much visited by people and hence not very crowded, but it’s just off the national highway.

Dakshin Tirupati

Where is Dakshin Tirupati ( dhakshina thirupathi )

Dakshin Tirupati temple is after Hosur and is around 60 kms from Bangalore off the NH44. Will not take more than 2 hours to reach from Bangalore.

There is a river which flows behind the temple. The river name is Ponnaiyar (Thenpennai). It is full of water. Just behind the temple below and is a delight to watch. Believed to be coming from Kashi!!

Dakshin Tirupati

The idol of lord is replica of lords idol at Sri Tirupati Balaji temple. I would say a must place to visit for people seeking lords blessing.

Cool and fresh air with some amazing greenery around which you can see from the top. Look at below pics. And people say that this greenery remains through out the year!

Dakshin Tirupati

Over all a nice temple. A nice place and you can easily spend few hours there.

You can take your car/bike till the temple and hence even old people can also easily walk till the temple.

Do also have a look at the video!

Do plan to visit this temple. You will find lot of peace!


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