Shri Kotilingeshwara Swamy Temple – Kolar – Karnatka

Shri Kotilingeshwara Swamy Temple is located in Kammasandra (Kolar district) in Karnatka. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and hosts one of the largest Shiva Lingas in the world.



The main temple or the main deity is Lord Shiva and then in the same premises there are other temples dedicated to the trinity, lord Bhramha , Vishnu and Mahesh, Lord Hanumana (Anjaneya), Devi Annaporna. As the name suggest, it is supposed to have 1 crore shiva-lingas. There are around 90 lakhs shiv lingas installed already (At the time of writing this article). You can see more being installed. The temple has 2 flower trees where you can tie a yellow thread if you have any wish to be fulfilled.


The temple was bulit around 1980. This temple hosts one of the largest shiv linga and in front of this shiv linga there is a huge Nandi Statue.The temple was constructed by Swamy Sambha Shiva Murthy.

It is a very serene and peaceful enviroment. It is suggested that you start early to avoid traffic. The temple is generally not much crowded, though it gets crowded on shiva ratri and other festivals. There is a nominal entry fee to the temple.


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The temple is around 70 Kms from Bangalore. Roads are good and motorable. Can be covered in less than 2 hours one side.Route: Bangalore – Hoskote – Bangarpet/KGF – Kotilingeshwara. Around 10 Kms from KR Puram (Bangalore) is Hoskote.Keep on travelling on NH7, around 32 Kms from Hoskote, you will find a railway crossing. Take the flyover above the railway crossing and be on left. You will find a detour towards KGF . Keep on going straight and you will corss Bangarpet and you will cross BEML. You have to keep going straight .Around 4 KM after BEML , you will find the entrance to Kotilingeshwar ..
Approximately 70 Kms from Bangalore (can be covered in a single day, approx 5 hours up and down.)
Nearest Railway Station : Bangarpet
Nearest Airport: Bangalore
Nearby Cities: Kolar, Bangalore, Bangarpet


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  1. Visited Kotilingeshwar after a long time. The road conditions have improved a lot. It is a good and full filling trip.

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