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Shri Navaneeta Krishna Temple – Channapatna – Karnatka – mitigates Putra Dosha

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If you live in Bangalore, I am very much sure that you would have visited Mysore many a times and you should have crossed Channapatna. Both Mysore and Channapatna are so famous. Mysore is one of the famous tourist cities for India and Channapatna is famous for wooden toys, but today I will tell you about a very important Channapatna temple known as Shri Navaneeta Krishna Temple Channapatna also known as Ambegalu krishna temple channapatna.


Where is Shri Navaneeta Krishna Channapatna Temple

Sri Navaneeta Krishna Temple is a beautiful and ancient temple situated on Bangalore-Mysore highway and is around 60 Kms from Bangalore. The place is called as Channapatna and this temple of around 3 Kms from Channapatna city center.

The village is called as Doddamallur.

Presiding diety of Shri Navaneeta Krishna Temple Channapatna

This temple is dedicated to Lord Aprameya, Aravindavalli and Lord Krishan (also called as Ambegal).

Legend of Shri Navaneeta Krishna Temple

Legend has it that Lord Rama stayed here for many years and during this time, he worshipped Lord Aprameya. Hence Lord Aprameya is also known as Sriramaprameya.

Shri Navaneeta Krishna Temple - Channapatna

This is a very ancient temple and its said to be more than 1000 years old.

As per history of this temple, the temple of Aprameya was built in the 11th century by Chola Emperor Rajendra Simha. And the temple is named after the Chola general Aprameya.

The presiding deity is Lord Aprameya . There are many sannadhis in the temple. i.e

  • Aravindhavalli Thayar
  • Navaneetha Krishna
  • Vaikuntanatha swami


  • Ramanuja
  • Koorathazhwar
  • Vedantha Desika
  • Pillai Lokacharya
  • Manavala Mamuni
Shri Navaneeta Krishna Temple - Channapatna

Significance of Shri Navaneeta Krishna Channapatna Temple

This temple has got another significance. It is said that worshipping Lord Krishna here mitigates Putra Dosha  and hence lot of people come here to pray for kids.

How to reach Shri Navaneeta Krishna Channapatna Temple

So if you have decided to go to visit Shri ambegalu krishna temple channapatna , please follow below distance / route map.

Shri Navaneeta Krishna Temple - Channapatna

Sri Navaneeta Krishna Temple is situated on Bangalore-Mysore Highway and is very easy to reach.

It is approximately 60 Kms from Bangalore. If you are travelling from Bangalore, take Bangalore-Mysore highway. After, around 55 Kms you will reach Channapatna (famous for wooden toys).

This temple is around 3 Kms from Channaptana City. You will also notice a board marking for this temple. Little bit further from board is a big arch. Take left there (into the arc) and you are in temple premises.

Note: Look for a big arch on left hand side after crossing Channapatna ( if travelling from Bangalore)(on right hand side before channapatna if travelling from Mysore)

If you plan to travel by rail or air, below information is helpful:

Nearest Railway Station :Channapatna. But remember, it is small rly station and falls on Bangalore – Mysore route. You can get auto from rly station to the tempe.
Nearest Airport:Bangalore. From there you can take a direct cab from Bangalore airport or you can also reach to Majestic bus station
Nearby Cities:Channapatna, Bangalore, Srirangapattana, Mysore

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