Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple (Rangasthala ) – Chikkaballapur – Karnatka


Sri Ranganathaswamy temple is dedicated to Lord Ranganatha ( another name of Lord Vishnu). It’s an old temple situated in Chikkbalapur district in Karnatka not very from Bengaluru (apporx 60 Kms).

There is a very interesting fact about the the Ranganathaswamy temples of Srirangam, Srirangapattanam ans SriRangasthala. It is said that the idols on all these three temples where established on the same day and same time.

The temple architecture is in Vijayanagar style. The Gopuram outside the temple was built by Vijayanagar Kings. It is one of the oldest temple in this area and is an excellent example of Vijayanagar style and architecture.The idol of Ranganatha is 4.5 feet in length with Bhoo devi and Neela Devi sitting near the leg. Lord is in Yoga Nidra and his Shesha (Lord Vishnu’s Snake) is spreading his hoods like an umbrella and Vainatheyan is sitting below.

How to reach

Sri Rangasthala is situated in Chikkaballapur town. It is approximately 60Kms from Bangalore. You can take 2 routes
1) Bangalore -> Yelahanka -> Devanhalli -> Chikkabalapur (NH7 and has tolls)
2) Bangalore -> Yelahanka New Town -> Doddabalapura -> Devanhalli -> Chikkabalapur ( little bit longer , but no tolls)



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