Temples in Jodhpur – Top 10 Temples to visit if you are on a trip to Sun City

Temples in Jodhpur : Jodhpur is a tremendous city in Rajasthan, which is also famous as the Sun City and Blue City. Jodhpur has great history about his artitectural work, and the artitecture of Jodhpur is worldwide famous.

Jodhpur has many popular tourist destinations featuring forts and temples But today we are going to talk in about famous temple in Jodhpur.

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Famous temple in jodhpur

So, here is list about Top 10 temples in Jodhpur.

Chamunda mataji temple jodhpur

So, our list begins with the Chamunda Mataji Temple Jodhpur. This temple is found at the southern finish of Mehrangarh. This temple was established before the establishment of Mehrangarh.

Temples in Jodhpur
Chamunda Mata Mandir Jodhpur

The idol of Hindu deity was brought in 1460 by Rao Jodha.Many royal families still regard Chamunda Mataji as Isth Devi. The noted story concerning this temple is that in the Indo-Pak war, West Pakistan threw several bombs during this region however no blast and no casualties happened.

several devotees believe that this is often happen because of presence of Chamunda Mataji. Later year, it became common destiny for devotees of mataji.

The best time to go to this temple is on the occasion of Dussehra. On the occasion of Dussehra, there’s an enormous crowd of devotees from everywhere India.

Maha Mandir Temple

In our list of Temples in Jodhpur, Mahamandir temple was inbuilt 1812. This temple gets the support of eighty four pillars. These pillars were product of Jodhpur stone.

This stone was terribly noted for drawing styles on that. But the demerit of this stone is that it gets simply broken by water, therefore to tackle this drawback, they use ocean shells mixer on the pillar.

Temples in Jodhpur

Firstly, they crush the shell then they place this mixture on the broken space. By doing this activity, the weetness of the temple conjointly gets increased and harm conjointly get cure.

On the pillars of this temple, completely different types of yogic postures square measure drawn, and also the hall of this temple is employed for doing yogic practice.

Mahamandir temple was conjointly terribly noted for its wall paintings of various kings, saints, and flowers. For to keep up the originality of painting, no restoration work is finished on this painting.

Jodhpur Ganesh Mandir

This temple is incredibly noted among wedding couples. there’s a robust belief that if you’re unable to search out the correct life partner, come here and visit this temple once.

And the one that goes to start out a new job or new business came here to induce the blessing of God Ganesha.

And the idol of God Hindu deity wasn’t created by anyone. The idol of “Bappa” was found on Capitol Hill by devotees.

Raja Ranchodji Temple

This temple is situated in front of Jodhpur Railway station. This is one of the most famous Krishna temple in Jodhpur. This temple was built by Rani Rajgawar, rani rajgawar was the married woman of Raja Jaswant Singh (king of Jodhpur).

There was a noted story concerning their wedding: Raja Jaswant Singh had not attended his marriage, therefore Rani Rajgawar had completed the wedding spherical with Raja Jaswant Singh’s sword.

After the death of the king, Rani Rajgawar took the choice to construct a lord krishna temple in Jodhpur.

She could be a huge devotee of Lord Krishna, therefore to complete the development, Rani Rajgawar has given over one lakh rupees to the temple authorities to complete the development.

This stunning temple is formed of red sandstone rock, and also the idol of avatar is formed of black marble stone. everywhere the year, we see vast lots of devotees from
everywhere the India.

Achnal Nath Shivalaya

This stunning temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. This lord Shiva temple is nice example of royal artitectural work. Construction of this temple was completed in the sixteenth century.

The Shivling, that is presented in the temple, wasn’t created by anyone. The shivling appeared by itself, and was found by Sant(who came for doing meditation).

This temple is the epicenter for several devotees of Lord Shiva from all over India.
The best time to visit this temple, is the time of Maha Shivaratri.

Siddhnath Temple Jodhpur

The Siddhnath temple is found between Takht Sagar Hills, near to Kaylana Lake. The temple
has an incredible history behind its construction.

In line with locals, a few decades ago, once the full space was in the desert, a hermit came to the present place to measure in an exceedingly peaceful surroundings and do meditation.

After him, another sant came here to do meditation and live in peaceful environment, the sant was popularly known as “Nepali Baba”.

He has solely four fingers on each hands. He himself cut the stones and created the temple.
Later this temple was noted as ‘Siddhnath Shiv Temple’.

Santoshi mata mandir Jodhpur

This temple is situated near the Lal Sagar in Mandore. This Santhoshi Mata temple is legendary
because the main and 1st temple of Santhoshi Mata. This temple is additionally called the
“Shakti Pit”.

There is a robust belief that a lot of decades ago, one of his devotees saw Santhoshi Mata
in real world at this place.

The main prasad of this temple is’ gud-chana’ prasad, and devotees believe that this is often
one in every of the favorite prasads of Santhoshi Mata.

The best day to visit this temple is day of Friday,and on the time of Navratri devotees
from everywhere India flock here.

Rashik Bihari Temple Jodhpur

Rashik Bihari temple, conjointly called Nainiji temple. This temple is devoted to Lord
Krishna, whose alternative name is Rashik Bihari.

The main hall of Rashik Bihari temple is formed from white stone and is enclosed by meeting halls on all sides, called “sabha mandaps.”

The Pillar structures that support this hall square measure created from red sandstone rock.

While entering into the temple, you may see Lord Hanuman’s idol on the gate, and also the
idols of Lord Vishnu, Lord Varuna, and Nandiji at the centre of the temple.

In the main temple hall, you may see stunning idols of Lord Krishna and Radhaji.

Baba Ramdev Temple Jodhpur

Baba Ramdev temple is situated near Nagori and Jalori gates. This is also recognised as the
“Adhar Shila”. This temple is situated on the top of a sandstone hill.

People believe that Baba Ramdev possess supernatural abilities.Baba Ramdev has spent
his whole life working for the upliftment of poor people.

Today, Baba Ramdev is worshipped by many social groups as “Isth Dev.”

An expert, says a tour of Jodhpur is incomplete without visiting the Baba Ramdev temple.

Kunj Bihari Temple Jodhpur

The last temple in our list of temples in Jodhpur is Kunj Bihari Temple Jodhpur.

This temple is located in Jodhpur’s Katala Bazaar. This temple is dedicated to Lord Kunj Bihari ji, or Lord Krishna.
This temple is a great example of Jodhpuri architecture. On entering, you will see the idol
of Meera Bai, and opposite to him, you will see the idol of Lord Krishna.

In the centre-top, you will see Garb Garh, and in the centre you will see the idol of Kunj
Bihari ji. On the wall of this temple, there are paintings
of different gods and sants.

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