Dev surya mandir Aurangabad Bihar – The Sun temple of Deo

Dev surya mandir Aurangabad Bihar – Dedicated to the Surya devata, Sun temple of Deo is one of the most popular temples in Bihar.

So what is unique about this temple. This is the sun temple which faces west , the setting sun and not the usual raising Sun.

Dev Surya Mandir kahan hai?

The temple is located in Deo Town, Aurangabad.

Deo is located 10-km to the southeast of Aurangabad.

Deo mandir aurangabad architecture

Dev Surya Mandir Aurnagabad is one of the remarkable and notable temple and religious place in Bihar.

The Sun temple of Deo is a 100-ft tall structure, with an umbrella-like top.

The tradition of worshipping the Sun God and bathing in his Brahma Kund dates back to King Ayel’s reign.

The temple is both old and well-constructed. The temple architecture is a mix of nagara design and other contemporary designs like Vesara and Dravidian Architecture.

The primary structure is a shikhara, a pyramid-shaped stone structure with ornate carvings.

The frontal part and the courtyard were constructed later.

There are three idols in the sanctum that are not the original presiding god (Vishnu, Surya, and Avalokitesawara).

You will find some broken idols. There arfe three damaged idols which are preserved outside the main sanctum in the front hall part, as it is not customary to worship a broken deity.

Surya (the Sun God) sculpture with seven horses and one Uma- Maheshwara statue is one of the broken sculptures, while Vishnu is the other.

You will also fins a Shivalinga and a lord Ganesha idol and an ancient inscription stone is installed in the interior of the temple.

This temple is considered very auspicious and during the festival of Chatth puja and Adra Nakshatra tithi on Sundays, you will find lot of devotees here.

The Surya Kund is about one km away from the main temple.

The two tanks on either side of the road, known as Rudra Kund (left) and Surya Kund (Right) are believed to have medicinal properties and is is said that a dip in these lakes cure leprosy and other acute ailments

Deo surya mandir history

Below is the legend behind the Dev surya mandir Aurangabad in Bihar.

It is believed that Lord Vishwakarma was once entrusted with constructing temples in a single night. And hence the temple was constructed in one night!

But the temple you see today, is believed to have been built by Bhairvendra Singh, a Chandravanshi king of Umga.

Dev surya mandir is among the rarest and oldest of Sun temples of India.

There is a shilalekha outside of the temple , on which a shloka is inscribed, which has been taken from the book of Aryabhatta that says that on the fifth day of Magha month’s shukla paksha, Thursday, Eila’s son Aiel established this Sun temple in Tretayuga twelve lakh sixteen thousand years ago.

Manu had a daughter named Eila. According to folklore, while hunting in the forest here, King Aiel, who was suffering from leprosy, discovered that the muddy water of a pit cured him of the sickness.

He dreamt of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh statues in the pit and hence ordered to install them there.

So a temple was built at this place.

People say that these three statues depict the eleventh form of Sun God out of twelve.

Sun God is depicted as Brahma in Udayakal, as Mahesh in Madhyakal and as Vishnu at Astakal. Below the central statue of Sun God as Mahesh, a chariot is depicted being pulled by seven horses and Arjun as charioteer.

The holy land of Deo is also a historical site where tourists will find the ruins of ancient forts built primarily during the reign of Raja Jagannath Singh.

Deo, during the period of his kingdom, had blossomed into a major city. His primary administrative centre was in “Kanchanpur” hamlet, some 3-4 kilometres south of Deo.

Aadditional tourist attractions include forests and Baba Siddhanath’s temple, which is located near the settlement of Bara Khurd on the bodla mountain.

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