Mannarasala Temple – Kerala – The supreme place of worship of the serpent god

For worshipers of snake gods, Mannarasala Temple, also known as Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple is a very ancient pilgrimage center. This temple is around three kilometres south-east of the Harippad bus station in Alleppey district (Kerala).

Shri Mannarasala Temple is the sacred site sanctified by Parashurama’s appointment of a famous Brahmin to do the pooja in Mannarshala Temple.

As you approach the temple, you’ll notice rows of stone serpent figures on either side, guiding worshipers to their supreme god.

The Mannarasala Temple is the largest temple in Kerala, India, with over 100,000 pictures of snakes along the walkways and among the trees.

Childless ouples come here to worship and seek blessings of the snake god, and after their kid is born, they come here to hold gratitude rituals, frequently bringing fresh snake representations as offerings.

A particular turmeric paste sold at the shrine is said to have healing properties.

Mannarasala temple timing

As you walk along the sandy courtyard under the shade of ancient trees entangled by many kinds of creepers and thick growth of cane where the serpents in large numbers enjoy to sit without disturbance, the devotees in a dream of unspeakable beauty, in a state of ecstasy, would already have achieved half of their objective

First the Sarpayakshi, and next to that the Nagaraja stand facing east, creating a halo for the main deities, drawing power every movement from the continuous offering of worship and ready to bless us with smiling faces. In-front of the shrine of Sarpayakshi, we can see an Ilanji tree surrounded by Serpent images. This very ancient tree is full of holes for serpents to lie down undisturbed.
The quiet shrines of Nagachamundi and Nagayakshi are to the south-west of the temple. Sarpayakshi and Nagayakshi are the beloved consorts of Nagaraja. Nagachamundi is his sister. Ngaraja is Ananta (Vishnu) and Sarparja is Vasuki (Shiva).

Various offerings to be made at Shri Mannarasala Temple:

  • For wealth and prosperity – A pot filled with gold or a gold pot filled with other things.
  • For education, prosperity and fame – Silk, grains, divine ornaments.
  • For recovering health – Salt.
  • For protection from poison – Turmeric
  • For curing diseases – Pepper, mustard, green peas etc.
  • For protection from damage – Serpent cave made of gold etc., images of serpents eggs, tree etc.
  • For long life – Melted butter (ghee)
  • For getting whatever one wants – Milk, ripe kadali fruit, nilavara-payasam.
  • For having a child – A big vessel (uruli) made of brass, bronze etc. for performing Nurum Palum.

Type of Pooja:

  • Abhishekam with coconut water, milk and rose water.
  • Alankaram with sandal wood garlands, arecanut flower bunches.
  • Nivedyam with ghee, appam, payasam, balls of molasses, kadali fruit etc.
  • Sarpabali with Nurum Palum made out of turmeric powder and rice powder.

Mannarasala Amma

The Mannarasala temple’s beliefs and rituals are distinct from those of most other temples, and it is one of the few temples where the pooja routine is led by a Brahmin lady.

According to legend, when Nagaraja reincarnated and was born to the then Mother of the Illom before departing for Nilavara, he gave his mother certain privileges and instructions. “Mother herself must offer me worship,” he said. On rare occasions, men may be allowed to worship.

After Mother’s death, the family’s senior-most Brahmin lady will be given the title of Mother. Mother should live as a Brahmacharini and follow penance from the time she assumes this elevated status.

Mannarasala Amma became the mother of the land as she was the ‘Mother’ of the Lord himself.

Valiya Amma is her popular name. Pilgrims cannot leave Mannarasala without viewing that wonderful celestial radiance with their own eyes, since it is the heart and soul of the city.

Faithful devotees who come to seek Nagaraja’s blessings eagerly wait for a glimpse of Valiya Amma and ask for her blessings and advice on how to live a wealthy life.

Valiya Amma, who has become a symbol of Naga deities via fasting and other austerities, as well as conducting rituals and poojas, casts a magnificent light over the temple and the surrounding area, endowing it with heavenly splendour.

Temple Timings

Mannarasala temple opening time is 7.00 AM in morning.

Temple darshan timings:

Monday to Saturday : 07:00 am – 11:00 pm | 05:30 pm – 07:00 pm
Sunday : 07:00 am – 12:00 pm | 05:30 pm – 07:00 pm

Pooja at Shri Mannarasala Temple

Those suffering from incurable ailments, those seized by terror as a result of Serpents’ wrath and thus finding life unbearable, all come here to pray and return with their wishes granted.

SarpabaliThe most important pooja for pleasing Serpent Gods. Noorum Palum is offered to all Serpent Gods in addition to Sree Nagaraja and Sree Sarpayakshiamma. The pooja also includes Guruthi for Sree Nagachamundiamma and Sree Nagayakshiamma.
Noorum PalumAn important pooja conducted to relieve from various kinds of Sarpa Doshas, Rahu Dosha and Kala Sarpa Yoga.
MuzhukkappuAdorning the deity with sandal paste.
ArakkappuAdorning the deity partly with sandal paste.
MukhakkappuAdorning the deity’s with sandal paste.
Enna AbhishekamAbhishekam with oil.
Ney AbhishekamAbhishekam with ghee.
Karikku AbhishekamAbhishekam with tender coconut water.
PalabhishekamAbhishekam with milk.
Sarpasukta ArchanaPushpanjali with Sarpa Suktha mantra.
Ashtothara Shatham ArchanaPushpanjali with 108 holy names of the Lord.
Palum Pazhavum NivedyamNivedyam with milk and Kadali fruit.
Malar NivedyamNivedyam for pleasing the Lord.
ThrimadhuramNivedyam for pleasing the Lord.
Kadalippazham NivedyamNivedyam with Kadali fruit. For pleasing the Lord. Considered good for ‘santhana labdhi’ (having children).
Kadalipazham Nivedyam (Uruli kamazthu)Related to Uruli Kamazhthu offering
Nilavara PayasamAn offering made to Lord Nagaraja (muthassan) residing at Nilavara.
PayasamPayasam for pleasing the Lord.
AppamAppam for pleasing the Lord.
Enna VilakkuLighting Deepam with oil for pleasing the Lord and fulfilling one’s wishes.
Ney VilakkuLighting Deepam with ghee for pleasing the Lord and fulfilling one’s wishes.
Uruli KamizhthuOffering done by childless couples to be blessed with children (for ‘Santhana labdhi’).
Uruli NivarppuThe conclusion of Uruli Kamazhthu offering. An offering made by the parents for the wellbeing and long healthy life of their child.
Uruli NadakkuveppuUruli (vessel) is offered along with a prayer for bringing prosperity and fulfilling one’s wish.
AnnaprasamThe first time a new born is fed with rice (after it has been offered to Lord Sree Nagaraja and Sree Sarpayakshiamma)
ThulabharamAn offering is made to Lord Sree Nagaraja for fulfilling one’s wish, well-being, prosperity and long healthy life. It can be any commodity (usually banana, jaggery, milk etc.) which weighs more than one’s bodyweight as measured in the balance kept in fron
Sarpa Prathima NadakkuveppuOffering for redemption from Sarpa Doshas.
ChuttuvilakkuLighting of lamps all around the temple.
Ganapathi HomamSpecial offering to Lord Ganapathi to overcome obstacles.
Chatussatha NivedyamThe foremost among all Nivedyam. It is also known as Maha Nivedyam. It is an offering for fulfilling one’s wishes and bringing prosperity.
Oru Divasathe PoojaAll the poojas of the day for removal of Sarpa Dosha, bringing prosperity and fulfilling one’s wishes.
Ashta Naga PoojaAn important pooja for Ashta Nagas (eight main Serpent Gods) starting with Anantha and Vasuki.
Palpayassa HomamAn important pooja conducted for seeking forgiveness for causing harm to Serpents.
Manjal NiraparaAn offering of filling a traditional vessel (para) with turmeric for fulfilling one’s wishes.

Mannarasala nagaraja temple address and google location:

Please find the address of the Mannarasala nagaraja temple: Mannarasala sree nagaraja temple, Haripad P.O, Kerala 690514

Below you will find the google location:

Mannarasala temple contact number:

And below is the Mannarasala temple phone number:

Tel: +91 479 2413214, +91 479 2410200

Email Address:

So how to reach mannarasala temple ?

  • Located in the Haripad PO of Kerala, you can reach this temple by Road, or by rail.
  • If you are travelling by road, it is 2 km from NH66. Nearest KSRTC Bus Stand – 2.5 km
  • By train
    • Haripad Railway Station – 2 km
    • Alappuzha Railway Station – 30 km
    • Kayamkulam Railway Station – 20 km
  • By Air
    • Cochin International Airport – 120 km
    • Trivandrum International Airport – 140 km

Mannarasala temple vazhipadu online

To book poojas online, you can visit to below website:

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