Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple – Nandi Hills- Chikkaballapur District

Shri Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple – Nandi Hills- Chikkaballapur: Living in Bengaluru (Bangalore), one of the first thing which comes to our mind we think of a weekend trip is Nandi Hills.

Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple

What most of us do not know that Nandi hills is also known for two ancient temples. One at the top of the hill and one at the bottom. The one at the bottom of the hill is known as Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple. We have written about this beautiful and historically important temple before. You can read more about it here.


Today we are writing about Yoga Nandeeshwara temple which is at the top of the hill. This is another very old and beautiful temple of Lord Shiva and one of the oldest temples in the region and was built by cholas.


How Old is Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple

The temple is supposed to be more than 1000 years old. The presiding deity of this temple is lord shiva.

Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple timings

The temple is open from 6.00 AM to 7.00 PM every day.

How to reach Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Yoga Nandeeshwara temple is located at top of Nandhi Hills.

This temple is around 60 Kms from Bangalore city center.

Take NH7 towards international airport. Come to Hebbal and head towards international airport. Go straight to Devanhalli. As soon as you cross Devanhalli, you will find a left marking for Nandi hills (its second signal on the NH7). Once you take left, keep driving till dead end (almost 15 kms). Take left again and drive for around 10 to 12 kms and you will find the junction for Nandi Hills.

The drive to Nandi hills is steep at many place so please drive carefully. There is an entrance fee to Nandi hills. As soon as you enter the arch, you will have to drive little further. The first parking place is around 700 meters from the arch. It is best to park the car there and then move around.  But you can also park the vehicle little bit more further.

There are not much to explore on the Nandi hills apart from various view points and couple of other attractions apart from the temple. If you are a little bit adventurous type you can reach there before sunrise or stay back till dark to enjoy the sunset and sunrise.

Not much eating options at the top. Better to carry your own food if you want to spend some time there and enjoy with your family and friends.


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