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Sri Ramalingeshwara temple also called as the Avani Temple, is an ancient temple built during 10th Century. So it is one of the oldest temples of the region.

But it not just the temple here. The Avani Temple is at the bottom of a hill also called as Avani betta or Luv Kush Betta. So this place is important as it is associated with Lord Rama, Ma Sita from Ramayana times. s

What is Avani betta

Avani is a small village on NH4, just before Mulgabal, 30 Kms approx from Kolar. From main highway, there is a small road which goes to Avani and further leads to Avani betta.

In the local language, Betta means hills and hence Avani Bettam, refers to the hill in this village on the foothills of which Sri Ramalingeshwara temple is located and at the top of the hill, Avani Sita temple is situated.

Sri Ramalingeshwara temple – Avani Temple

At the bottom of the hill, lies this beautiful temple, which is thousands of year old. The architecture is from the times of Chola dynasty. This ASI protected monument is worth visit.

Sri Ramalingeshwara temple Avini entrance
Sri Ramalingeshwara temple Avini Entrance

Sri Ramalingeshwara temple also known as Avani Temple is a protected monument and as per Archeological Survey Of India, the temple was initially founded by Nolamba Dynasty and is as old as 10th century.

Nolamba Dynasty is one of the old dynasties of south India who followed Lingayat tradition.

After that the temple was restored by Chola dynasty and is a ery beautiful temple built in Dravidian Style of Architecture. The temple is a protected monument now and is under Archeological Survey Of India.

The temple complex has four major shrines. The is one temple for Lord Ram and one each for this brothers Sri Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan. Then there are temples dedicated to Vali and Sugriv as well.

So it is a temple complex with many temples / shrines inside the complex.

The architecture of the whole premises is just wonderful. Do have a look at the photographs below.

Avani Sita temple & Luv-Kush Betta

Avani, is a sanskrit name which means “earth” and this place has a rich relation to Ramayana. The small hill here is called as “Luv-Kush Betta”.

It is said that Lord Rama visited this place while returning back from Lanka and as per local legend Lord Rama’s sons Luv and Kush where born here. And hence this hill of Avani betta is also called as Luv-Kush Betta.

The temple on top of this hill is dedicated to Ma Sita and is called as Avani Sita temple.

As per local legend, sage Valmiki also stayed here. Sage Valmiki is the author of epic Ramayana.

Sri Ramalingeshwara temple Avini - old sculptures

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How to reach Sri Ramalingeshwara temple ( Avani Temple Kolar )

Via NH4 :Bangalore -> Hoskote -> Avani (just before Mulgabal) ( in total around 90 Kms)

You can also club this trip with other temples in the area

What is nearby Sri Ramalingeshwara temple Avani , Kolar

ISri Ramalingeshwara temple Avini
Sri Ramalingeshwara temple Avini
Sri Ramalingeshwara temple Avini


So friends, if you have a day in hand, do plan to visit Avani. It is a wonderful place, a historically very important Sri Ramalingeshwara temple and a mythologically very important place – the Luv-Kush Betta.

Sri Ramalingeshwara temple Avini - Inside the temple

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