Sri Ramalingeshwara temple – Avani – Kolar – Karnatka

Sri Ramalingeshwara is an ancient temple built during Chola Dynasity. Avani is a small village on NH4, just before Mulgabal. There is a small road which goes to Avani betta.

Avani, is a sanskrit name which means “earth” and this place has a rich relation to Ramayana. The small hill here is called as “Luv Kush Betta”, but we will write more about it latter.

At the bottom of the hill, lies this beautiful temple, which is thousands of year old. The architecture is from the times of Chola dynasty. This ASI protected monument is worth visit.

We will write more about Avani latter, but if you have a day in hand, do plan to visit Avani.

    How to reach there:

Via NH4 :  Bangalore -> Hoskote -> Avani (just before Mulgabal) ( in total around 90 Kms)

You can also club this trip with other temples in the area  i.e Kotlilingeshwara temple, Bangaru Tirupati temple.

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