Shri Kanga Durga Amman Temple Kanchipuram – Pray for Good Health, Wealth and Children! Must Visit!

Friends today I will take you to a very powerful Ma Durga temple in Kanchipuram, known as Shri Kanga Durga Amman Temple Kanchipuram !

Pray here for Good Health, Wealth and Children! Must Visit!

Goddess Kanaga Durga is the presiding deity here. People come here to pray for wealth and well being. Idols of Astalakshmi is also here and if you want to perform ahsekham you need to inform one week prior.

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Importance of Shri Kanga Durga Amman Temple

t is said that Ma Kanaka Durga is the guardian diety of the city of Kanchiuram.

The temple is supposed to be built in 19th century. The temple faces east with the entrance arch on the south end. Tuesday, Friday and Sundays are considered to auspicious day .

On these days temple well be crowded. People light lemon lamp, ghee lamp specifically. Nice temple with very good atmosphere Quiet temple of Maa Durga. Easy darshan.

On way to Enathur quiet serene place for prayers ragu kala pooja is famous here Powerful deity with good ambience.

How to reach Shri Kanga Durga Amman Temple?

The temple is at the outskirts of the temple city of Kanchipuram.

The temple with two powerful idols of Goddess Durga is located at Enathur Road, Konerikuppam, 4 km from the Kanchipuram Flower Market.)

The temple is quite easy to reach. The temple is quite old.

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