Sahasranamavali of Lord Vishnu – 1000 Names of Lord Vishnu ( भगवान विष्णु के १००० नाम )

Sahasranamavali of Lord Vishnu – 1000 Names of Lord Vishnu – Sahasranama of Lord Vishnu: Sahasranama means thousand (sahasra) names (nama), and Sahasranama Stotra is a hymn eulogizing the Lord by recounting one thousand of His names.

As the various sects of Hindu-tradition (Shaivism, Shaktism and Vaishnavism) grew and spread, it must have become extremely popular to write hymns of a thousand names for the primary Deity of worship. The Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra. Please find 1000 names of Lord Vishnu with meaning below.

Sahasranamavali of Lord Vishnu – 1000 Names of Lord Vishnu ( भगवान विष्णु के १००० नाम )

#Sanskrit NameName MantraEnglish NameMeaning
1विश्वम्ॐ विश्वस्मै नमः।VishvamThe Lord Who is the Universe Itself
2विष्णुॐ विष्णवे नमः।VishnuThe Lord Who Pervades Everywhere
3वषट्कारॐ वषट्काराय नमः।VashatkaraThe Lord Who is Invoked for Oblations
4भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभुःॐ भूतभव्यभवत्प्रभवे नमः।Bhootabhavya-bhavat-prabhuhThe Lord of Past, Present and Future
5भूतकृतॐ भूतकृते नमः।Bhoota-kritThe Creator of All Creatures
6भूतभृतॐ भूतभृते नमः।Bhoota-bhritThe Lord Who Nourishes All Creatures
7भावॐ भावाय नमः।BhavaThe Absolute Existence
8भूतात्माॐ भूतात्मने नमः।BhootatmaThe Lord Who is the Soul of Every Being in the Universe
9भूतभावनॐ भूतभावनाय नमः।BhootabhavanaThe Lord Who Nurtures Every Being in the Universe
10पूतात्माॐ पूतात्मने नमः।PootatmaThe Lord With an Extremely Pure Essence
11परमात्माॐ परमात्मने नमः।ParamatmaThe Supreme Soul
12मुक्तानां परमागतिःॐ मुक्तानां परमगतये नमः।Muktanam Parama GatihThe Ultimate Range of the Liberated
13अव्ययःॐ अव्ययाय नमः।AvyayahThe Lord Who is Always Same
14पुरुषःॐ पुरुषाय नमः।PurushahThe Lord Who is Inside Every Body
15साक्षीॐ साक्षिणे नमः।SakshiThe Lord Who is the Witness of Everything that Happens
16क्षेत्रज्ञःॐ क्षेत्रज्ञाय नमः।KshetragyahThe Knower of the Field
17अक्षरॐ अक्षराय नमः।AksharaThe Undecaying
18योगःॐ योगाय नमः।YogahThe Lord Who is Realized Through Yoga
19योगविदां नेताॐ योगविदां नेत्रे नमः।Yoga-vidaam NetaThe Lord Who is the Leader of All Those Who Know Yoga
20प्रधानपुरुषेश्वरॐ प्रधानपुरुषेश्वराय नमः।Pradhana-PurusheshwaraThe One Who is the Lord of Nature and Beings
21नारसिंहवपुःॐ नारसिंहवपुषे नमः।Narasimha VapuhThe Lord Whose Form is Man-Lion
22श्रीमान्ॐ श्रीमते नमः।ShrimanThe Lord Who is Always With Sri (Lakshmi)
23केशवॐ केशवाय नमः।KeshavaThe Lord Who has Beautiful Locks of Hair
24पुरुषोत्तमॐ पुरुषोत्तमाय नमः।PurushottamaThe Supreme Controller
25सर्वॐ सर्वस्मै नमः।SarwaThe Lord Who is Everything
26शर्वॐ शर्वाय नमः।SharvaThe Lord Who Destroys Everything When the Deluge comes
27शिवॐ शिवाय नमः।ShivaThe Lord Who is Eternally Pure
28स्थाणुॐ स्थाणवे नमः।SthanuThe Immovable
29भूतादिॐ भूतादये नमः।BhootadiThe Lord From Whom All the Beings Evolved
30निधिरव्ययॐ निधये अव्ययाय नमः।NidhiravyayaThe Imperishable Treasure
31सम्भवॐ सम्भवाय नमः।SambhavaThe One Who is All that Happens
32भावनॐ भावनाय नमः।BhavanaThe Lord Who Gives Everything to His Devotees
33भर्ताॐ भर्त्रे नमः।BhartaThe Lord Who Governs the Entire Living World
34प्रभवॐ प्रभवाय नमः।PrabhavaThe Lord in Whom All Things were Born
35प्रभुॐ प्रभवे नमः।PrabhuThe Almighty Lord
36ईश्वरॐ ईश्वराय नमः।IshwaraThe Lord Who Controls and Rules All Beings
37स्वयम्भूॐ स्वयम्भुवे नमः।SwayambhuThe Lord Who Manifests from Himself
38शम्भुॐ शम्भवे नमः।ShambhuThe Bestower of Happiness
39आदित्यॐ आदित्याय नमः।AdityaThe Sun or The son of Aditi
40पुष्कराक्षॐ पुष्कराक्षाय नमः।PushkarakshaThe Lord Who has Lotus Like Eyes
41महास्वनॐ महास्वनाय नमः।MahaswanaThe Lord Who has a Thundering Voice
42अनादिनिधनॐ अनादिनिधनाय नमः।AnadinidhanaThe Lord Without Origin or End
43धाताॐ धात्रे नमः।DhataThe Lord Who Supports All Fields of Experience
44विधाताॐ विधात्रे नमः।VidhataThe Lord Who Creates All Actions and Their Results
45धातुरुत्तमॐ धातुरुत्तमाय नमः।DhaturuttamaThe Lord Who is Greater than the Creator (Brahma)
46अप्रमेयॐ अप्रमेयाय नमः।AprameyaThe Lord Who is Beyond Rules, Regulations and Definitions
47हृषीकेशॐ हृषीकेशाय नमः।HrishikeshaThe Lord of Senses
48पद्मनाभॐ पद्मनाभाय नमः।PadmanabhaThe Lord Who has a Lotus (From Which the World Evolved) Growing on his Belly
49अमरप्रभुॐ अमरप्रभवे नमः।Amara PrabhuThe Lord of Immortals
50विश्वकर्माॐ विश्वकर्मणे नमः।Vishwa-KarmaThe Creator of the Universe
51मनुॐ मनवे नमः।ManuThe Lord Who Thinks (Worries) of Everything
52त्वष्टाॐ त्वष्ट्रे नमः।TwashtaThe Lord Who Makes Huge Things Small
53स्थविष्ठॐ स्थविष्ठाय नमः।SthavishthaThe Supremely Gross
54स्थविरो ध्रुवॐ स्थविराय ध्रुवाय नमः।Sthaviro-DhruvaThe Lord Who is Ancient and Permanent
55अग्राह्यॐ अग्रह्याय नमः।AgrahyaThe Lord Who is Not Perceived Sensually
56शाश्वतॐ शाश्वताय नमः।SashwataThe Lord Who Always Remains the Same
57कृष्णॐ कृष्णाय नमः।KrishnaThe Lord Whose Complexion is Dark
58लोहिताक्षॐ लोहिताक्षाय नमः।LohitakshaThe Lord Who has Red Eyes
59प्रतर्दनॐ प्रतर्दनाय नमः।PratardanaThe Destroyer in Deluge
60प्रभूतॐ प्रभूताय नमः।PrabhootaThe Lord Who is Full of Wealth and Knowledge
61त्रिककुब्धामॐ त्रिककुब्धाम्ने नमः।Trika-KubdhamaThe Lord of all Directions
62पवित्रंॐ पवित्राय नमः।PavitramThe Lord Who Gives Purity to the Heart
63मङ्गलंपरम्ॐ मङ्गलाय परस्मै नमः।Mangalam-ParamThe Supreme Auspiciousness
64ईशानॐ ईशानाय नमः।IshanaThe Lord Who Rules Over Everything
65प्राणदॐ प्राणदाय नमः।PranadaThe Bestower of Vital Breaths
66प्राणॐ प्राणाय नमः।PranaThe Lord Who is the Soul
67ज्येष्ठॐ ज्येष्ठाय नमः।JyeshthaThe Lord Who is Elder to All Others
68श्रेष्ठॐ श्रेष्ठाय नमः।ShreshthaThe Lord Who is Better Than All Others
69प्रजापतिॐ प्रजापतये नमः।PrajapatiThe One Who is the Chief of All Human Beings
70हिरण्यगर्भॐ हिरण्यगर्भाय नमः।HiranyagarbhaThe Lord Who Dwells in the Womb of the World
71भूगर्भॐ भूगर्भाय नमः।BhoogarbhaThe Lord Who Carries the Earth Within Himself
72माधवॐ माधवाय नमः।MadhavaThe Lord Who is the Consort of Lakshmi
73मधुसूदनॐ मधुसूदनाय नमः।MadhusudanaDestroyer of the Demon Madhu
74ईश्वरॐ ईश्वराय नमः।IshwaraThe Contoller
75विक्रमीॐ विक्रमिणे नमः।VikramiThe Lord Who has Valour
76धन्वीॐ धन्विने नमः।DhanviThe Lord Who is the Supreme Archer
77मेधावीॐ मेधाविने नमः।MedhaviThe Lord Who is the Supreme Intelligence
78विक्रमॐ विक्रमाय नमः।VikramaThe Lord Who has Measured the Worlds
79क्रमॐ क्रमाय नमः।KramaThe Lord Who has Spread Everywhere
80अनुत्तमॐ अनुत्तमाय नमः।AnuttamaThe Lord Who Does Not Have Anybody Better Than Him
81दुराधर्षॐ दुराधर्षाय नमः।DuradharshaThe Lord Who Cannot be Attacked Successfully
82कृतज्ञॐ कृतज्ञाय नमः।KritagyaThe Lord Who Knows Good and Bad of All Beings
83कृतिॐ कृतये नमः।KritiThe Lord Who Rewards All Our Actions
84आत्मवान्ॐ आत्मवते नमः।AtmavanThe Self in All Beings
85सुरेशॐ सुरेशाय नमः।SureshaThe One Who is the Lord of All Gods
86शरणमॐ शरणाय नमः।SharanamThe Refuge
87शर्मॐ शर्मणे नमः।SharmaThe Lord Who is Himself Infinite Bliss
88विश्वरेताॐ विश्वरेतसे नमः।VishwaretaThe Lord Who is the Seed of This Universe
89प्रजाभवॐ प्रजाभवाय नमः।PrajhabhavaThe Lord Who is the Reason for Existence of Human Beings
90अहॐ अन्हे नमः।AhaThe Lord Who is as Bright as the Day
91सम्वत्सरॐ संवत्सराय नमः।SamvatsaraThe Lord Who is Personification of the Year
92व्यालॐ व्यालाय नमः।VyalaThe Lord Who Cannot be Caught Like the Great Serpent
93प्रत्ययॐ प्रत्ययाय नमः।PratyayaThe Lord Who is Personification of Knowledge
94सर्वदर्शनॐ सर्वदर्शनाय नमः।SarvadarshanaThe Lord Who Sees (Knows) Everything
95अजॐ अजाय नमः।AjaThe Lord Who Does Not Have Birth
96सर्वेश्वरॐ सर्वेश्वराय नमः।SarveshwaraThe Lord of All
97सिद्धॐ सिद्धाय नमः।SiddhaThe Lord Who is Always Everywhere
98सिद्धिॐ सिद्धये नमः।SiddhiThe Lord Who is the Desirable Effect of Everything
99सर्वादिॐ सर्वादये नमः।SarvadiThe Lord Who is the Primary Reason for Everything
100अच्युतॐ अच्युताय नमः।AchyutaThe Lord Who Does Not Slip
101वृषाकपिॐ वृषाकपये नमः।VrishakapiThe Lord Who is the Personification of Dharma and Varaha
102अमेयात्माॐ अमेयात्मने नमः।AmeyatmaThe Lord Whose Stature Cannot be Measured
103सर्वयोगविनिःसृतॐ सर्वयोगविनिःसृताय नमः।Sarva Yogavinih SritaThe Lord Who is Known by All Yogas
104वसुॐ वसवे नमः।VasuThe Lord Who Lives in Every Being
105वसुमनाॐ वसुमनसे नमः।VasumanaThe Lord Who has a Good Heart
106सत्यॐ सत्याय नमः।SatyaThe Lord Who is Truth Personified
107समात्माॐ समात्मने नमः।SamatmaThe Lord Who is the Same in All
108सम्मितॐ सम्मिताय नमः।SammitaThe Unlimited in All
109समॐ समाय नमः।SamaThe Lord Who is Unchanging at All Times
110अमोघॐ अमोघाय नमः।AmoghaEver Useful
111पुण्डरीकाक्षॐ पुण्डरीकाक्षाय नमः।PundarikakshaPervading the Lotus of the Heart
112वृषकर्माॐ वृषकर्मणे नमः।VrishakarmaThe Lord Whose Every Act is Righteous
113वृषाकृतिॐ वृषाकृतये नमः।VrishakritiThe Lord Who is Born to Uphold Dharma
114रुद्रॐ रुद्राय नमः।RudraThe Lord Who Drives Away Sadness and the Reasons for it
115बहुशिराॐ बहुशिरसे नमः।BahushiraThe Lord Who has Many Heads
116बभ्रुॐ बभ्रवे नमः।BabhruThe Lord Who Carries the Worlds
117विश्वयोनिॐ विश्वयोनये नमः।VishwayoniThe Source of the Universe
118शुचिश्रवाॐ शुचिश्रवसे नमः।SuchishravaThe Lord Who has Beautiful, Sacred Names
119अमृतॐ अमृताय नमः।AmritaThe Lord Who is Immortal
120शाश्वतस्थाणुॐ शाश्वतस्थाणवे नमः।Shashwata SthanuThe Lord Who is Permanent and Unmovable
121वरारोहॐ वरारोहाय नमः।VararohaThe Most Glorious Destination
122महातपाॐ महातपसे नमः।MahatapaThe Lord Who is Extremely Knowledgeable
123सर्वगॐ सर्वगाय नमः।SarvagaAll pervading
124सर्वविद्भानुॐ सर्वविद्भानवे नमः।SarvavidbhanuAll Knowing and Effulgent
125विश्वक्सेनॐ विश्वक्सेनाय नमः।VishvaksenaThe Lord Who Attacks the Armies of Demons from All Directions
126जनार्दनॐ जनार्दनाय नमः।JanardanaThe Lord Who Troubles Bad People
127वेदॐ वेदाय नमः।VedaThe Lord Who is the Vedas
128वेदविदॐ वेदविदे नमः।VedavidaThe Lord Who Knower of the Vedas
129अव्यङ्गॐ अव्यङ्गाय नमः।AvyangaThe Perfect
130वेदाङ्गॐ वेदाङ्गाय नमः।VedangaThe Lord Whose Limbs are the Vedas
131वेदवित्ॐ वेदविदे नमः।VedavitThe Lord Who Contemplates Upon the Vedas
132कविॐ कवये नमः।KaviThe Lord Who Sees (Knows) Everything
133लोकाध्यक्षॐ लोकाध्यक्षाय नमः।LokadhyakshaThe Lord Who Presides Over the Universe
134सुराध्यक्षॐ सुराध्यक्षाय नमः।SuradhyakshaThe Lord Who Presides Over All Devas
135धर्माध्यक्षॐ धर्माध्यक्षाय नमः।DharmadhyakshaThe Lord Who Presides Over Darma
136कृताकृतॐ कृताकृताय नमः।KritaKritaThe Lord Who is the Means and Result of Everything
137चतुरात्माॐ चतुरात्मने नमः।ChaturatmaThe Lord Who is Fourfold in His Nature
138चतुर्व्यूहॐ चतुर्व्यूहाय नमः।ChaturvyuhaThe Lord of Four Manifestations
139चतुर्दंष्ट्रॐ चतुर्द्रंष्त्राय नमः।ChaturdamshtraThe Lord Who has Four Horns
140चतुर्भुजॐ चतुर्भुजाय नमः।ChaturbhujaThe Lord Who has Four Hands
141भ्राजिष्णुॐ भ्राजिष्णवे नमः।BhrajishnuThe Lord Who is the Radiant
142भोजनंॐ भोजनाय नमः।BhojanamThe Lord Who is in the Form Which can be Enjoyed Like Food
143भोक्ताॐ भोक्त्रे नमः।BhoktaThe Lord Who is the consumer of nature
144सहिष्णुॐ सहिष्णवे नमः।SahishnuThe Lord Who can Suffer Patiently
145जगदादिजॐ जगदादिजाय नमः।JagadadijaThe Lord Who was Born Before the World
146अनघॐ अनघाय नमः।AnaghaThe Lord Who is Sinless
147विजयॐ विजयाय नमः।VijayaThe Lord Who is Victorious
148जेताॐ जेत्रे नमः।JetaThe Lord Who is Ever-Successful
149विश्वयोनिॐ विश्वयोनये नमः।VishwayoniThe Lord Who is the Universal source
150पुनर्वसुॐ पुनर्वसवे नमः।PunarvasuThe Repeated Dweller in the Bodies
151उपेन्द्रॐ उपेन्द्राय नमः।UpendraThe Younger Brother of Indra
152वामनॐ वामनाय नमः।VamanaThe Lord with a Dwarf Body
153प्रांशुॐ प्रांशवे नमः।PramshuThe Lord With a Huge Body
154अमोघॐ अमोघाय नमः।AmoghaThe Lord Whose Acts are for a Great Purpose
155शुचिॐ शुचये नमः।SuchiThe Lord Who is Spotlessly Clean
156उर्जितॐ उर्जिताय नमः।UrjitaThe Lord Who is Very Powerful
157अतीन्द्रॐ अतीन्द्राय नमः।AteendraThe Lord Who is Above Indra
158संग्रहॐ सङ्ग्रहाय नमः।SangrahaThe Lord Who Holds Everything Together
159सर्गॐ सर्गाय नमः।SargaThe Lord Who Creates the World From Himself
160धृतात्माॐ धृतात्मने नमः।DhritatmaThe Lord Who Established in Himself
161नियमॐ नियमाय नमः।NiyamaThe Appointing Authority
162यमॐ यमाय नमः।YamaThe Administrator
163वेद्यॐ वेद्याय नमः।VedyaThe Lord Who can be Known
164वैद्यॐ वैद्याय नमः।VaidyaThe Lord Who is Knower of all Lores
165सदायोगीॐ सदायोगिने नमः।SadayogiThe Lord Who is Always in Yoga
166वीरहाॐ वीरघ्ने नमः।VeerahaThe Lord Who is the Slayer of Valiant Demons
167माधवॐ माधवाय नमः।MadhavaThe Lord Who is the Lord of Knowledge
168मधुॐ मधवे नमः।MadhuThe Lord Who is Like Honey
169अतीन्द्रियॐ अतीन्द्रियाय नमः।AtindriyaThe Lord Who is Beyond the Sense Organs
170महामायॐ महामायाय नमः।MahamayaThe Great Illusionist
171महोत्साहॐ महोत्साहाय नमः।MahotsahaThe Lord Who has Great Enthusiasm
172महाबलॐ महाबलाय नमः।MahabalaThe Lord Who is Very Strong
173महाबुद्धिॐ महाबुधाय नमः।MahabuddhiThe Lord Who has Tremendous Knowledge
174महावीर्यॐ महावीराय नमः।MahaveeryaThe Lord of Great Energy
175महाशक्तिॐ महाशक्तये नमः।MahashaktiThe Lord of Superior Strength
176महाद्युतिॐ महाद्युतये नमः।MahadyutiThe Lord Who has Great Luster
177अनिर्देश्यवपुॐ अनिर्देश्यवपुषे नमः।AnirdeshyavapuThe Lord of Indefinable Form
178श्रीमानॐ श्रीमते नमः।ShrimanaThe Lord of All Prosperity
179अमेयात्माॐ अमेयत्मने नमः।AmeyatmaThe Lord whose Essence is Immeasurable
180महाद्रिधृक्ॐ महाद्रिधृशे नमः।MahadridhrikThe Lord Who Lifted Large Mountains
181महेष्वासॐ महेश्वासाय नमः।MaheshvasaWielder of Mighty Bow
182महीभर्ताॐ महीभर्त्रे नमः।MaheebhartaThe Supporter of Earth
183श्रीनिवासॐ श्रीनिवासाय नमः।ShrinivasaThe Permanent Abode of Shree
184सतांगतिॐ सतांगतये नमः।SatamgatiThe Goal for All Virtuous People
185अनिरुद्धॐ अनिरुद्धाय नमः।AniruddhaThe Lord Who Cannot be Obstructed
186सुरानन्दॐ सुरानन्दाय नमः।SuranandaThe Lord Who Gives Out Happiness
187गोविन्दॐ गोविन्दाय नमः।GovindaThe Protector of the Cows
188गोविदांपतिॐ गोविदांपतये नमः।GovidampatiLord of the Wise
189मरीचिॐ मरीचये नमः।MareechiThe Effulgent
190दमनॐ दमनाय नमः।DamanaThe Subduer
191हंसॐ हंसाय नमः।HamsaDestroyer of Fear
192सुपर्णॐ सुपर्णाय नमः।SuparnaThe Lord Who has Beautiful Wings
193भुजगोत्तमॐ भुजगोत्तमाय नमः।BhujagottamaThe Lord Who is Excellant Among reptiles
194हिरण्यनाभॐ हिरण्यनाभाय नमः।HiranyanabhaThe Lord Who has a Golden Navel
195सुतपाॐ सुतपसे नमः।SutapaThe Lord Who has done Great Penance
196पद्मनाभॐ पद्मनाभाय नमः।PadmanabhaThe Lord Having a Navel With the Lotus
197प्रजापतिॐ प्रजापतये नमः।PrajapatiThe Lord Who is the Chief of People
198अमृत्युॐ अमृत्यवे नमः।AmrityuThe Lord Who does not Have Death
199सर्वदृक्ॐ सर्वदृशे नमः।SarvadrikThe Lord Who sees Everything
200सिंहॐ सिंहाय नमः।SimhaThe Destroyer of sins
201सन्धाताॐ सन्धाद्ते नमः।SandhataThe Regulator
202सन्धिमान्ॐ सन्धिमते नमः।SandhimanThe Lord Who Seems to be Conditioned
203स्थिरॐ स्थिराय नमः।SthiraThe Lord Who is Constant
204अजॐ अजाय नमः।AjaThe Lord Who Takes the Form of Aja, Brahma
205दुर्मर्षणॐ दुर्मर्षणाय नमः।DurmarshanaThe Lord Who cannot be vanquished
206शास्ताॐ शास्त्रे नमः।ShastaThe Lord Who Rules Over the Universe
207विश्रुतात्माॐ विश्रुतात्मने नमः।VishrutatmaThe Lord Who is Called Atma in the Vedas
208सुरारिहाॐ सुरारिघ्ने नमः।SurarihaDestroyer of the Enemies of the Devas
209गुरुॐ गुरुवे नमः।GuruThe Lord Who is a Teacher of All Knowledge
210गुरुतमॐ गुरुतमाय नमः।GurutamaThe Lord Who is the Teacher of Teachers
211धामॐ धाम्ने नमः।DhamaSupreme Abode of All
212सत्यॐ सत्याय नमः।SatyaThe Lord Who is Himself the Truth
213सत्यपराक्रमॐ सत्यपराक्रमाय नमः।SatyaparakramaThe Lord Who has a Truthful Valour
214निमिषॐ निमिषाय नमः।NimishaThe Lord Who has Closed Eyes in Contemplation
215अनिमिषॐ अनिमिषाय नमः।AnimishaThe Lord Remains Unwinking; Ever Knowing
216स्रग्वीॐ स्रग्वीणे नमः।SragviThe Lord Who Always Wears a Garland of Undecaying Flowers
217वाचस्पतिउदारधीॐ वाचस्पतयेउदारधिये नमः।Vachaspati UdaradhiThe Lord of Eloquent Speech and of Noble Thought
218अग्रणीॐ अग्रण्ये नमः।AgraniThe Lord Who Guides Us to the Peak
219ग्रामणीॐ ग्रामण्ये नमः।GramaniThe Lord Who Leads the Flock
220श्रीमान्ॐ श्रीमते नमः।ShrimanThe possessor of Light, Effulgence, Glory
221न्यायॐ न्यायाय नमः।NyayaThe Lord Who is Justice
222नेताॐ नेत्रे नमः।NetaThe Lord Who is the Leader of the World
223समीरणॐ समीरणाय नमः।SameeranaThe Lord Who in the Form of Wind Makes Beings Move
224सहस्रमूर्धाॐ सहस्रमूर्ध्ने नमः।Sahasra MoordhaThe Lord Who has Countless Heads
225विश्वात्माॐ विश्वात्मने नमः।VishwatmaThe Soul of the Universe
226सहस्राक्षॐ सहस्राक्षाय नमः।SahasrakshaThe Lord Who has Thousand Eyes
227सहस्रपात्ॐ सहस्रपदे नमः।SahasrapaatThe Lord Who has Thousand Feet
228आवर्तनॐ आवर्तनाय नमः।AvartanaThe Lord Who Rotates (the Wheel of Life)
229निवृत्तात्माॐ निवृत्तात्मने नमः।NivrittatmaThe Lord Who is not Attached to Life
230संवृतॐ संवृत्ताय नमः।SamvritaThe Lord Who is
231संप्रमर्दनॐ संप्रमर्दनाय नमः।SampramardanaThe Crusher of Evil Doers
232अहःसंवर्तकॐ अहःसंवर्तकाय नमः।Ahah SamvartakaThe Lord Who Makes Day in the Form of Sun
233वह्निॐ वन्हये नमः।VahniThe Lord Who is in the Form of Fire
234अनिलॐ अनिलाय नमः।AnilaThe Lord Who is in the Form of Air
235धरणीधरॐ धरणीधराय नमः।DharanidharaThe Lord Who Supports the Earth
236सुप्रसादॐ सुप्रसादाय नमः।SuprasadaThe Lord Who is Mercy Personified
237प्रसन्नात्माॐ प्रसन्नात्मने नमः।PrasannatmaThe Lord Who is Ever Pure and All-Blissful Self
238विश्वधृकॐ विश्वधृषे नमः।VishwadhrikThe Lord Who Takes Care of the World
239विश्वभुजॐ विश्वभुजे नमः।VishwabhujaEnjoyer of the Universe
240विभुॐ विभवे नमः।VibhuThe Lord Who has Many Forms
241सत्कर्ताॐ सत्कर्त्रे नमः।SatkartaThe Lord Who Adores Good and Wise People
242सत्कृतॐ सत्कृताय नमः।SatkritaThe Lord Who is Adored by All Good People
243साधुॐ साधवे नमः।SadhuThe Lord Who Walks in the Righteous Path
244जह्नुनुॐ जान्हवे नमः।JahnunuLeader of Men
245नारायणॐ नारायणाय नमः।NarayanaThe Lord Who Resides in All Things that He Creates
246नरॐ नराय नमः।NaraThe Leader of Human Beings
247असंख्येयॐ असंख्येयाय नमः।AsankhyeyaThe Lord Who has Numberlesss Names and Forms
248अप्रमेयात्माॐ अप्रमेयात्मने नमः।AprameyatmaThe Lord Who is Beyond Knowledge
249विशिष्टॐ विशिष्टाय नमः।VishishtaThe Lord Who Transcends All in His Glory
250शिष्टकृतॐ शिष्टकृते नमः।ShishtakritaThe Lord Who is Law-Maker
251शुचिॐ शुचये नमः।SuchiThe Lord Who is Impeccable and Without Blemish
252सिद्धार्थॐ सिद्धार्थाय नमः।SiddharthaThe Lord Who has Gained All that has to be Gained
253सिद्धसंकल्पॐ सिद्धसंकल्पाय नमः।Siddha SankalpaThe Lord Who Realizes All that He Wants
254सिद्धिदॐ सिद्धिदाय नमः।SiddhidaThe Giver of Benedictions
255सिद्धिसाधनॐ सिद्धिसाधाय नमः।Siddhi SadhanaThe Aid for Success
256वृषाहीॐ वृषाहिणे नमः।VrishahiThe Lord Who is the Controller of All Actions and the Dispenser of the Results
257वृषभॐ वृषभाय नमः।VrishabhaThe Lord Who Showers All Dharmas
258विष्णुॐ विष्णवे नमः।VishnuThe Occupant of Universe
259वृषपर्वाॐ वृषपर्वणे नमः।VrishaparvaThe Ladder Leading to Dharma
260वृषोदरॐ वृषोदराय नमः।VrishodaraThe Lord
261वर्धनॐ वर्धनाय नमः।VardhanaThe Lord Who is the Nurturer and Nourisher
262वर्धमानॐ वर्धमानाय नमः।VardhamanaThe Lord Who can Grow Himself into any Dimensions
263विविक्तॐ विविक्ताय नमः।ViviktaEver Standing Apart From Everything
264श्रुतिसागरॐ श्रुतिसागराय नमः।ShrutisagaraThe Ocean for All Scriptures
265सुभुजॐ सुभुजाय नमः।SubhujaThe Lord Who has Graceful Arms
266दुर्धरॐ दुर्धराय नमः।DurdharaThe Lord Who Cannot be Comprehended Even by Great Yogis
267वाग्मीॐ वाग्मिने नमः।VagmiThe Lord Who is Eloquent in Speech
268महेन्द्रॐ महेन्द्राय नमः।MahendraLord of the Lords
269वसुदॐ वसुदाय नमः।VasudaThe Lord Who Gives Good Pleasures and Wealth
270वसुॐ वसवे नमः।VasuThe Lord Who is Wealth
271नैकरूपॐ नैकरूपाय नमः।NaikaroopaThe Lord Who is of Infinite Forms in His
272बृहद्रूपॐ बृहद्रूपाय नमः।BrihadroopaThe Lord Who is Vast, of Infinite Dimensions
273शिपिविष्टॐ शिपिविष्टाय नमः।ShipivishtaThe very Subsistence of Life
274प्रकाशनॐ प्रकाशाय नमः।PrakashanaThe Lord Who Illuminates Himself as All-Pervading Consciousness
275ओजस्तेजोद्युतिधरॐ ओजस्तेजोद्युतिधराय नमः।Ojastejo-DyutidharaThe Lord Who is the possessor of Vitality, Effulgence and Beauty
276प्रकाशात्माॐ प्रकाशात्मने नमः।PrakashatmaThe Effulgent Self
277प्रतापनॐ प्रतापनाय नमः।PratapanaThe Lord Who Emits Heat
278ऋद्धॐ ऋद्धाय नमः।RiddhaThe Lord Who is Ever Full of Prosperity
279स्पष्टाक्षरॐ स्पष्टाक्षराय नमः।SpashtaksharaThe Lord Who is Clearly Indicated by the Supreme Sound OM
280मन्त्रॐ मंत्राय नमः।MantraThe Lord Who is
281चन्द्रांशुॐ चन्द्रांशवे नमः।ChandramshuThe Lord Who is as Pleasant as the Ray of Moon
282भास्करद्युतिॐ भास्करद्युतये नमः।BhaskaradyutiThe Lord Who is the Effulgence of the Sun
283अमृतांशूद्भवॐ अमृतांशूद्भवाय नमः।AmritamshudbhavaThe Lord Who made Moon Appear From the Ocean of Milk
284भानुॐ भानवे नमः।BhanuThe Lord Who Shines Himself
285शशबिन्दुॐ शशबिन्दवे नमः।ShashabinduThe moon Who has a Rabbit-Like Sspot
286सुरेश्वरॐ सुरेश्वराय नमः।SureshwaraThe God of Gods
287औषधंॐ औधधाय नमः।AushadhamThe Lord Who is the Divine Medicine
288जगतसेतुॐ जगतहेतवे नमः।Jagata-SetuThe Lord Who is a Bridge Across the Material Energy
289सत्यधर्मपराक्रमःॐ सत्यधर्मपराक्रमाय नमः।Satya-Dharma-ParakramahThe One Who Champions Heroically for Truth and Righteousness
290भूतभव्यभवन्नाथॐ भूतभव्यभवन्नाथाय नमः।Bhoota-Bhavya-BhavannathaThe One Who is the Lord of Past, Present and Future
291पवनॐ पवनाय नमः।PavanaThe Air that Fills the Universe
292पावनॐ पावनाय नमः।PaavanaThe Lord Who Gives the Life Sustaining Power to the Atmospheric Air
293अनलॐ अनलाय नमः।AnalaThe Lord Who is in the Form of Fire, and Sustains Life
294कामहाॐ कामघ्ने नमः।KamahaThe Lord Who Destroys All Desires
295कामकृत्ॐ कामकृते नमः।Kama-KritThe Lord Who Fulfils All Desires
296कान्तॐ कान्ताय नमः।KantaThe Lord Who is of Enchanting Form
297कामॐ कामाय नमः।KamaThe Lord Who is Much Desired by the Seekers
298कामप्रदॐ कामप्रदाय नमः।KamapradaThe Lord Who Supplies the Desired Objects
299प्रभुॐ प्रभवे नमः।PrabhuThe Great Lord
300युगादिकृतॐ युगादिकृते नमः।Yugadi-KritThe Lord Who Created the Divisions of Time
301युगावर्तॐ युगावर्ताय नमः।YugavartaThe Lord Who Makes Time Periods Come Again and Again
302नैकमायॐ नैकमायाय नमः।NaikamayaThe Lord Who Creates Many Illusions
303महाशनॐ महाशनाय नमः।MahashanaThe Lord Who Swallows Everything
304अदृश्यॐ अदृश्याय नमः।AdrishyaThe Lord Who is not Visible
305व्यक्तरूपॐ व्यक्तरूपाय नमः।VyaktaroopaThe Lord Who is Visible to the Yogis
306सहस्रजित्ॐ सहस्रजिते नमः।SahasrajitThe Lord Who Vanquishes Thousands
307अनन्तजित्ॐ अनन्तजिते नमः।AnantajitThe Lord Who is Ever-Victorious
308इष्टॐ इष्टाय नमः।IshtaThe Lord Who is Loved by All
309अविशिष्टॐ विशिष्टाय नमः।AvishishtaThe Lord Who is the Noblest and the Most Sacred
310शिष्टेष्टॐ शिष्टेष्टाय नमः।ShishteshtaThe Lord Who is Dear to the Learned
311शिखण्डीॐ शिखंडिने नमः।ShikhandiThe Lord Who Wears the Feathers of Peacock
312नहुषॐ नहुषाय नमः।NahushaThe Lord Who Ties Souls by Illusion
313वृषॐ वृषाय नमः।VrishaThe Lord Who Fulfills All Desires Like Rain
314क्रोधहाॐ क्रोधाग्ने नमः।KrodhahaThe Lord Who Destroys Anger in Sincere Seekers
315क्रोधकृत्कर्ताॐ क्रोधकृत्कर्त्रे नमः।Krodha KritkartaThe Lord Who Generates Anger Against the Lower Tendency
316विश्वबाहुॐ विश्वबाहवे नमः।Vishwa BaahuThe Lord Who has Hands All Over the Universe
317महीधरॐ महीधराय नमः।MaheedharaThe Lord Who Supports the Earth
318अच्युतॐ अच्युताय नमः।AchyutaThe Lord Who Never Changes
319प्रथितॐ प्रथिताय नमः।PrathitaThe Lord Who Exists Pervading All
320प्राणॐ प्राणाय नमः।PranaThe Soul in All Living Creatures
321प्राणदॐ प्राणदाय नमः।PranadaThe Lord Who Gives Strength to Everywhere
322वासवानुजॐ वासवानुजाय नमः।VasavanujaThe Younger Brother of Indra
323अपांनिधिॐ अपां निधये नमः।Apam NidhiThe Lord Who is the Ocean
324अधिष्ठानमॐ अधिष्ठानाय नमः।AdhishthanamThe Lord Who is the Substratum of the Universe
325अप्रमत्तॐ अप्रमत्ताय नमः।ApramattaThe Lord Who Never Commits a Mistake in Judgement
326प्रतिष्ठितॐ प्रतिष्ठिताय नमः।PratishthitaThe One Who is Self Established
327स्कन्दॐ स्कन्दाय नमः।SkandaThe One Whose Glory is Expressed Through Subrahmanya
328स्कन्दधरॐ स्कन्दधराय नमः।SkandadharaThe One Who Establishes the Way of Dharma
329धुर्यॐ धुर्याय नमः।DhuryaThe Lord Who Carries the Weight of the World
330वरदॐ वरदाय नमः।VaradaThe Lord Who Gives Boons
331वायुवाहनॐ वायुवाहनाय नमः।Vayu VahanaThe Lord Who Controls and Regulates the Great Winds
332वासुदेवॐ वासुदेवाय नमः।VasudevaThe Lord Who is in Everything and Plays There
333बृहद्भानुॐ बृहद्भानवे नमः।BrihadbhanuThe Lord Who has Wide Rays Which Go Everywhere
334आदिदेवॐ आदिदेवाय नमः।AdidevaThe Lord Who is the Primary Source of Everything
335पुरन्दरॐ पुरन्दराय नमः।PurandaraThe Destroyer of Cities
336अशोकॐ अशोकाय नमः।AshokaThe Lord Who has No Sorrows
337तारणॐ तारणाय नमः।TaranaThe Lord Who Enables Others to Cross the Ocean of Samsara
338तारॐ ताराय नमः।TaraThe Lord Who Saves from All Sorrows of Birth and Death
339शूरॐ शूराय नमः।ShooraThe Lord Who is the Valiant
340शौरिॐ शौरये नमः।ShauriThe Lord Who Incarnated in the Dynasty of Shoora
341जनेश्वरॐ जनेश्वराय नमः।JaneshwaraThe Lord of the People
342अनुकूलॐ अनुकूलाय नमः।AnukoolaWell-Wisher of Everyone
343शतावर्तॐ शतावर्ताय नमः।ShatavartaThe Lord Who Takes Infinite Varieties of Forms
344पद्मीॐ पद्मिने नमः।PadmiThe Lord Who has the Lotus in His Hand
345पद्मनिभेक्षणॐ पद्मनिभेक्षणाय नमः।Padma NibhekshanaThe Lord Whose Eyes are as Beautiful as the Lotus
346पद्मनाभॐ पद्मनाभाय नमः।PadmanabhaThe Lord Who has the Lotus in his Navel
347अरविन्दाक्षॐ अरविन्दाय नमः।AravindakshaThe Lord Whose Eyes are as Beautiful as Lotus
348पद्मगर्भॐ पद्मगर्भाय नमः।PadmagarbhaThe Lord Who is Being Meditated upon in the Center of Lotus of Heart
349शरीरभृत्ॐ शरीरभृते नमः।SharirabhritThe Lord Who Sustains and Nourishes All Bodies
350महार्दिॐ महर्धये नमः।MahardiThe Lord Who has Great Prosperity
351ऋद्धॐ ऋद्धाय नमः।RiddhaThe Lord Who has Expanded Himself as the Universe
352वृद्धात्माॐ वृद्धात्मने नमः।VriddhatmaThe Ancient Self
353महाक्षॐ महाक्षाय नमः।MahakshaThe Lord Who has Big Eyes
354गरुडध्वजॐ गरुडध्वजाय नमः।Garuda-DwajaThe Lord Who has Garuda (Eagle) in his Flag
355अतुलॐ अतुलाय नमः।AtulaThe Lord Who is Incomparable
356शरभॐ शरभाय नमः।SharabhaThe Lord Who Dwells and Shines Forth Through the Bodies
357भीमॐ भीमाय नमः।BheemaThe One Who is All-Inspiring and the Terrible
358समयज्ञॐ समयज्ञाय नमः।SamayajnaThe Lord Whose Worship is Nothing More Than Keeping an Equal Vision of the Mind by the Devotee
359हविर्हरिॐ हविर्हरये नमः।HavirhariThe Receiver of All Oblations
360सर्वलक्षणलक्षण्यॐ सर्वलक्षणलक्षणाय नमः।Sarvalakshana-LakshanyaThe Lord Who is Known Through All the Methods of Research
361लक्ष्मीवान्ॐ लक्ष्मीवते नमः।LakshmivanThe Consort of Laksmi
362समितिञ्जयॐ समितिंजयाय नमः।SamitinjayaEver-Victorious Lord
363विक्षरॐ विक्षराय नमः।ViksharaThe Lord Who is Imperishable
364रोहितॐ रोहिताय नमः।RohitaThe Red-Hued in Matysavatara
365मार्गॐ मार्गाय नमः।MargaThe Lord Who is the Path for Eternal Bliss
366हेतुॐ हेतवे नमः।HetuThe Lord Who is the Supreme Cause of this Universe
367दामोदरॐ दामोदराय नमः।DamodaraThe Lord Who was Tied by Yashoda in the Stomach
368सहॐ सहाय नमः।SahaThe Lord Who has Patience at Everything
369महीधरॐ महीधराय नमः।MaheedharaThe Lord Who is the Supporter or the Bearer of the Earth
370महाभागॐ महाभागाय नमः।MahabhagaThe Lord Who Receives the Best Share Offered by Devotees in Yajna
371वेगवानॐ वेगवते नमः।VegavaanThe Lord Who is Fastest in Reaching the Devotee’s Call From the Heart
372अमिताशनॐ अमिताशनाय नमः।AmitashanaThe Lord of Endless Appetite
373उद्भवॐ उद्भवाय नमः।UdbhavaThe Originator of the Entire Universe
374क्षोभणॐ क्षोभनाय नमः।KshobhanaThe Agitator Who Thrills the World and Makes it so Beautiful With Life
375देवॐ देवाय नमः।DevaThe Lord Who Revels (or)
The One Whom We Like to Praise
376श्रीगर्भॐ श्रीगर्भाय नमः।ShreegarbhaThe Lord Containing All Glories Within
377परमेश्वरॐ परमेश्वराय नमः।ParmeshwaraThe Supreme Lord
378करणंॐ करणाय नमः।KaranamThe Lord Who is the Instrument for Creation of the World
379कारणंॐ कारणाय नमः।KaaranamThe Lord Who is the Cause for Creation of the World
380कर्ताॐ कर्त्रे नमः।KartaThe Doer
381विकर्ताॐ विकर्त्रे नमः।VikartaThe Creator of the Endless Varieties that Make Up the Universe
382गहनॐ गहनाय नमः।GahanaThe Lord whose Shape, Strength and Actions are Difficult to Know
383गुहॐ गुहाय नमः।GuhaThe Lord Who Dwells in the Cave of the Heart
384व्यवसायॐ व्यवसायाय नमः।VyavasayaThe Lord Who is Resolute
385व्यवस्थानॐ व्यवस्थानाय नमः।VyavasthanaThe Lord Who is the Substratum
386संस्थानॐ संस्थानाय नमः।SansthanaThe Lord Who is the Ultimate Authority
387स्थानदॐ स्थानदाय नमः।SthanadaThe Lord Who Confers the Right Abode to Each Living Organism
388ध्रुवॐ ध्रुवाय नमः।DhruvaThe Lord Who is Imperishable
389परर्द्धिॐ परार्धये नमः।PararddhiThe Lord Who has Supreme Manifestations
390परमस्पष्टॐ परमस्पष्टाय नमः।ParamaspashtaThe Lord Who is Extremely Vivid
391तुष्टॐ तुष्टाय नमः।TushtaThe Lord Who is Ever-Contented
392पुष्टॐ पुष्टाय नमः।PushtaThe Lord Who is Ever-Full
393शुभेक्षणॐ शुभेक्षणाय नमः।ShubhekshanaThe Lord Whose Very Gaze Brings Auspiciousness to the Devotee
394रामॐ रामाय नमः।RamaThe Lord Who is of Delightful Form
395विरामॐ विरामाय नमः।ViramaThe Lord Who is the Ultimate End of Everything
396विरजॐ विरजाय नमः।VirajaThe Lord Who is Passionless
397मार्गॐ मार्गाय नमः।MargaThe Lord Who is the Path to Immortality
398नेयॐ नेयाय नमः।NeyaThe Lord Who is the Guide for Living Beings
399नयॐ नयाय नमः।NayaThe One Who Leads
400अनयॐ अनयाय नमः।AnayaThe Lord Who Cannot be Lead by Anybody
401वीरॐ वीरायै नमः।VeeraThe Lord Who is Personification of Valor
402शक्तिमतां श्रेष्ठॐ शक्तिमतां श्रेष्ठायै नमः।Shaktimataam ShreshthaThe Best Among the Powerful
403धर्मॐ धर्मायै नमः।DharmaThe Law of Being
404धर्मविदुत्तमॐ धर्मविदुत्तमायै नमः।DharmaviduttamaThe Lord Who is the Best of the knowers of Dharma
405वैकुण्ठॐ वैकुण्ठायै नमः।VaikunthaThe Lord Who Prevents Beings from Straying on Wrong Paths
406पुरुषॐ पुरुषायै नमः।PurushaThe Lord Who Dwells in All Bodies
407प्राणॐ प्राणायै नमः।PranaThe Lord Who is the Soul
408प्राणदॐ प्राणदायै नमः।PranadaThe Lord Who Gives Life
409प्रणवॐ प्रणवायै नमः।PranavaThe Lord Who is Praised by the Gods
410पृथुॐ पृथवे नमः।PrithuThe Immense
411हिरण्यगर्भॐ हिरण्यगर्भायै नमः।HiranyagarbhaThe One Who Keeps the Golden Source for All Creations
412शत्रुघ्नॐ शत्रुघ्नायै नमः।ShatrughnaThe Destroyer of Enemies
413व्याप्तॐ व्याप्तायै नमः।VyaptaThe Lord Who Pervades in All Beings as the Cause
414वायुॐ वायवे नमः।VayuThe Wafter of Fragrance
415अधोक्षजॐ अधोक्षजायै नमः।AdhokshajaThe Lord Whose Vitality Never Flows Downwards
416ऋतुॐ ऋतवे नमः।RituThe Lord Who is the Seasons
417सुदर्शनॐ सुदर्शनायै नमः।SudarshanaThe Lord Who can be Easily Seen by His Devotees
418कालॐ कालायै नमः।KaalaThe Lord Who is The Reckoner
419परमेष्ठीॐ परमेष्ठिने नमः।ParameshthiThe Lord Who is Centered in His Glory
420परिग्रहॐ परिग्रहाय नमः।ParigrahaThe Lord Who is the Receiver
421उग्रॐ उग्राय नमः।UgraThe Lord Who is Formidable
422सम्वत्सरॐ संवत्सराय नमः।SamvatsaraThe Lord Who Makes All Things Reside in Him
423दक्षॐ दक्षाय नमः।DakshaThe Lord Who Completes All Jobs Quickly
424विश्रामॐ विश्रामाय नमः।VishramaThe Lord Who Provides Rest for Those Who are Tired
425विश्वदक्षिणॐ विश्वदक्षिणाय नमः।VishvadakshinaThe Most Skilful and Efficient
426विस्तारॐ विस्ताराय नमः।VistaraThe Lord Who Makes All the World Broaden in Him
427स्थावरस्थाणुॐ स्थावरस्थाणवे नमः।SthavarasthanuThe Lord Who is Firm and Motionless
428प्रमाणम्ॐ प्रमाणाय नमः।PramanamThe Lord Who is Personification of Knowledge
429बीजमव्ययम्ॐ बीजमव्ययाय नमः।BijamavyayamThe Lord Who is the Immutable Seed
430अर्थॐ अर्थाय नमः।ArthaThe Lord Who is Worshiped by All
431अनर्थॐ अनर्थाय नमः।AnarthaThe One to Whom There is Nothing Yet to be Fulfilled
432महाकोशॐ महाकोशाय नमः।MahakoshaThe Great Treasury
433महाभोगॐ महाभोगाय नमः।MahabhogaThe Lord Who is of the Nature of Enjoyment
434महाधनॐ महाधनाय नमः।MahadhanaThe Lord Who has Great Wealth
435अनिर्विण्णॐ अनिर्विण्णाय नमः।AnirvinnaThe Lord Who has No Discontent
436स्थविष्ठॐ स्थविष्ठाय नमः।SthavishthaThe Lord Who is Immense
437अभूॐ अभुवे नमः।AbhuThe Lord Who has No Birth
438धर्मयूपॐ धर्मयूपाय नमः।DharmayupaThe Post to Which all Dharma is Tied
439महामखॐ महामखाय नमः।MahamakhaThe Great Sacrificer
440नक्षत्रनेमिॐ नक्षत्रनेमये नमः।NakshatranemiThe Lord Who is the Nave of the Stars
441नक्षत्रीॐ नक्षित्रिणे नमः।NakshatriThe Lord Who is the Chief of Stars
442क्षमॐ क्षमाय नमः।KshamaThe Lord Who is Perennially Patient
443क्षामॐ क्षामाय नमः।KshaamaThe Lord Who Remains Alone After the Deluge
444समीहनॐ समीहनाय नमः।SameehanaThe Lord Whose Desires are Auspicious
445यज्ञॐ यज्ञाय नमः।YajnaThe Lord Who is Personification of Sacrifice
446ईज्यॐ ईज्याय नमः।IjyaThe Lord Who is Fit to be Invoked Through Yajna
447महेज्यॐ महेज्याय नमः।MahejyaThe Lord Who is to be Most Worshiped by Yajna
448क्रतुॐ क्रतवे नमः।KratuThe Sacrificial Ceremony
449सत्रंॐ सत्राय नमः।SatramThe Lord Who Protects Good People
450सतांगतिॐ सतांगतये नमः।SatamgatiThe Lord Who is the Ultimate Goal of Those Who Seek for Salvation
451सर्वदर्शीॐ सर्वदर्शिने नमः।SarvadarshiThe Lord Who Knows Everything Naturally
452विमुक्तात्माॐ विमुक्तात्मने नमः।VimuktatmaThe Lord Who is the Soul Which has Left All its Bondages
453सर्वज्ञॐ सर्वज्ञाय नमः।SarvagyaThe Lord Who is Omniscient
454ज्ञानमुत्तमम्ॐ ज्ञानमुत्तमाय नमः।Gyana-muttamamThe Lord Who is the Supreme Knowledge
455सुव्रतॐ सुव्रताय नमः।SuvrataThe Lord Who Ever-Performing the Pure Vow
456सुमुखॐ सुमुखाय नमः।SumukhaThe Lord Who has a Charming Face
457सूक्ष्मॐ सूक्ष्माय नमः।SukshmaThe Lord Who is the Smallest Known Thing from Which Everything Came
458सुघोषॐ सुघोषाय नमः।SughoshaThe Lord of Auspicious Sound
459सुखदॐ सुखदाय नमः।SukhadaThe Lord Who is the Giver of Happiness
460सुहृत्ॐ सुहृदे नमः।SuhritThe Lord Who is the Friend and Well Wisher of All Creatures
461मनोहरॐ मनोहराय नमः।ManoharaThe Lord Who Captivates the Mind
462जितक्रोधॐ जितक्रोधाय नमः।JitakrodhaThe Lord Who has Conquered Anger
463वीरबाहुॐ वीरबाहवे नमः।VeerabahuThe Lord Who is Having Mighty Arms
464विदारणॐ विदारणाय नमः।VidaranaThe Destroyer of Unrighteous
465स्वापनॐ स्वापनाय नमः।SvapanaThe Lord Who Puts People to Sleep
466स्ववशॐ स्ववशाय नमः।SvavashaThe Lord Who has Everything under His control
467व्यापीॐ व्यापिने नमः।VyapiThe Lord Who has Spread Everywhere
468नैकात्माॐ नैकात्मान नमः।NaikatmaThe Lord Who Takes Various Forms Depending on Need
469नैककर्मकृत्ॐ नैककर्मकृते नमः।NaikakarmakritThe Lord Who Performs Many Actions
470वत्सरॐ वत्सराय नमः।VatsaraThe Lord Who is the Abode of Everything
471वत्सलॐ वत्सलाय नमः।VatsalaThe Lord Who Loves His Devotees
472वत्सीॐ वत्सिने नमः।VatsiThe Lord Who is the Protector of the People
473रत्नगर्भॐ रत्नगर्भाय नमः।RatnagarbhaThe Lord Who is the Ocean Which Keeps Pearls Within Itself
474धनेश्वरॐ धनेश्वराय नमः।DhaneshwaraThe One Who is the God of wealth
475धर्मगुपॐ धर्मगुपे नमः।DharmagupaThe Protector of Dharma
476धर्मकृत्ॐ धर्मकृते नमः।DharmakritThe Lord Who Acts According to Dharma
477धर्मीॐ धर्मिने नमः।DharmiThe Supporter of Dharma
478सत्ॐ सते नमः।SatThe Lord Who is the Ultimate Permanent Truth
479असत्ॐ असते नमः।AsatThe Lord Who is the Ultimate Truth Which is Hidden by Illusion
480क्षरम्ॐ क्षराय नमः।KsharamThe Lord Who Appears to Perish
481अक्षरम्ॐ अक्षराय नमः।AksharamThe Lord Who is Imperishable
482अविज्ञाताॐ अविज्ञात्रे नमः।AvigyataThe Lord Who is Not One Who Does Not Know
483सहस्रांशुॐ सहस्रांशवे नमः।SahasramshuThe Lord Who has Thousand Rays
484विधाताॐ विधात्रे नमः।VidhataThe Lord Who Carries the World
485कृतलक्षणॐ कृतलक्षणाय नमः।KritalakshanaThe One Who is Famous for His Qualities
486गभस्तिनेमिॐ गभस्तिनेमये नमः।GabhastinemiThe Hub of the Universal Wheel
487सत्त्वस्थॐ सत्त्वस्थाय नमः।SattvasthaThe Lord Who is Situated in Sattva
488सिंहॐ सिंहाय नमः।SimhaThe Lord Who is as Royal as a Lion
489भूतमहेश्वरॐ भूतमहेश्वराय नमः।Bhoota-maheshwaraThe Lord Who is the First and Ultimate God of All Beings
490आदिदेवॐ आदिदेवाय नमः।AdidevaThe First Diety
491महादेवॐ महादेवाय नमः।MahadevaThe Great Diety
492देवेशॐ देवेशाय नमः।DeveshaThe Lord Who Appears to Perish
493देवभृद्गुरुॐ देवभृद्गुरवे नमः।DevabhridguruThe Lord Who is the Lord of All Devas
494उत्तरॐ उत्तराय नमः।UttaraThe Lord Who Saves All Beings from the Miserable Ocean of Mortal Life
495गोपतिॐ गोपतये नमः।GopatiThe Lord Who Rears the Cattle
496गोप्ताॐ गोप्त्रे नमः।GoptaThe Lord Who is the Protector
497ज्ञानगम्यॐ ज्ञानगम्याय नमः।GyanagamyaThe Lord Who can Only be Attained Through Pure Knowledge
498पुरातनॐ पुरातनाय नमः।PuratanaThe Lord Who is Very Ancient
499शरीरभूतभृत्ॐ शरीरभूभृते नमः।Shareera-bhoota-bhritThe Lord Who is the Soul of Pancha Bhoothas Which is the Basis of All Beings
500भोक्ताॐ भोक्त्रे नमः।BhoktaThe Lord Who Enjoys the Truth in Himself
501कपीन्द्रॐ कपीन्द्राय नमः।KapindraThe Lord Who is Rama, Dear to All Monkeys
502भूरिदक्षिणॐ भूरिदक्षिणाय नमः।BhooridakshinaThe Lord Who Conducts Yajnas and Gives Cash Benefits
503सोमपॐ सोमपाय नमः।SomapaThe Lord Who Drinks Soma
504अमृतपॐ अमृतपाय नमः।AmritapaThe Lord Who Drinks the Nectar
505सोमॐ सोमाय नमः।SomaThe Lord Who in the Form of Moon Helps Plants to Grow
506पुरुजितॐ पुरुजिते नमः।PurujitaThe Lord Who has Conquered Numerous Enemies
507पुरुसत्तमॐ पुरुसत्तमाय नमः।PurusattamaThe Lord Who is the Best in Several Forms
508विनयॐ विनयाय नमः।VinayaThe Lord Who Humiliates Those Who are Unrighteous
509जयॐ जयाय नमः।JayaThe Victorious Lord
510सत्यसंधॐ सत्यसंधाय नमः।SatyasandhaThe Lord Who is Veracious in Mental Decisions
511दाशार्हॐ दाशार्हाय नमः।DasharhaThe Lord Who Was Born in the Dasharha Race
512सात्वतांपतिॐ सात्वतां पतये नमः।SatvatampatiThe Lord of the Satvatas
513जीवॐ जीवाय नमः।JivaThe Living Being
514विनयितासाक्षीॐ विनयितासाक्षिणे नमः।VinayitasakshiThe Witness of Modesty
515मुकुन्दॐ मुकुन्दाय नमः।MukundaThe Giver of Liberation
516अमितविक्रमॐ अमितविक्रमाय नमः।AmitavikramaThe Lord of Immeasurable Prowess
517अम्भोनिधिॐ अम्भोनिधये नमः।AmbhonidhiThe Lord Who is the Ultimate Sojourn to Devas, Manushyas, Asuras and Pitrs
518अनन्तात्माॐ अनन्तात्मने नमः।AnantatmaThe Infinite Self
519महोदधिशयॐ महोदधिशयाय नमः।MahodadhishayaThe Lord Who Rests on the Great Ocean
520अन्तकॐ अनन्तकाय नमः।AntakaThe Lord Who Brings About End of Everything
521अजॐ अजाय नमः।AjaThe One Who Never Takes Birth
522महार्हॐ महार्हाय नमः।MaharhaThe Lord Who Deserves the Highest Worship
523स्वाभाव्यॐ स्वाभाव्याय नमः।SvabhavyaThe Lord Who Ever-rooted in the Nature of His Own Self
524जितामित्रॐ जितामित्राय नमः।JitamitraThe Lord Who has Conquered All Enemies
525प्रमोदनॐ प्रमोदनाय नमः।PramodanaThe Lord Who is Always Happy
526आनन्दॐ आनन्दाय नमः।AnandaThe Lord Who is the Personification of Happiness
527नन्दनॐ नन्दनाय नमः।NandanaThe Lord Who Makes Others Blissful
528नन्दॐ नन्दाय नमः।NandaThe Lord Who is Free from All Worldly Pleasures
529सत्यधर्माॐ सत्यधर्मणे नमः।SatyadharmaaThe Lord Who is the Truthful Dharma
530त्रिविक्रमॐ त्रिविक्रमाय नमः।TrivikramaThe Lord Who Measured the Worlds in Three Steps
531महर्षि कपिलाचार्यॐ महर्षयेकपिलाचार्याय नमः।Maharshi KapilacharyaThe Lord Who Incarnated as Kapila, the Great Sage
532कृतज्ञॐ कृतज्ञाय नमः।KritagyaThe Knower of the World
533मेदिनीपतिॐ मेदिनीपतये नमः।MedinipatiThe Lord of the Earth
534त्रिपदॐ त्रिपदाय नमः।TripadaThe Lord Who has Taken Three Steps
535त्रिदशाध्यक्षॐ त्रिदशाध्यक्षाय नमः।TridashadhyakshaThe Lord of Three States of Consciousness – Wakefulness, Sleep and Dream
536महाशृङ्गॐ महाशृङ्गाय नमः।MahashringaThe Lord has the Great Horn (Matsya Avatar)
537कृतान्तकृत्ॐ कृतान्तकृते नमः।KritantakritThe Lord Who Destroys the World Created by Himself
538महावराहॐ महावराहाय नमः।MahavarahaThe Great Boar (Varaha)
539गोविन्दॐ गोविन्दाय नमः।GovindaThe Lord Who is Known through Vedanta
540सुषेणॐ सुषेणाय नमः।SushenaThe Lord Who has Magnificent Army
541कनकाङ्गदीॐ कनकाङ्गदिने नमः।KanakangadiThe Lord Who has Golden Armlets
542गुह्यॐ गुह्याय नमः।GuhyaThe Mysterious
543गभीरॐ गभीराय नमः।GabhiraThe Unfathomable
544गहनॐ गहनाय नमः।GahanaThe Lord Whose Depth Cannot be Measured
545गुप्तॐ गुप्ताय नमः।GuptaThe Lord Who is Hidden from Mind and the Words
546चक्रगदाधरॐ चक्रगदाधराय नमः।ChakragadadharaThe Lord Who Keeps the Holy Wheel and Holy Mace
547वेधाॐ वेधसे नमः।VedhaThe Creator of the Universe
548स्वाङ्गॐ स्वाङ्गाय नमः।SvangaThe Lord Who is the Instrument Reason and Cause for Existence
549अजितॐ अजिताय नमः।AjitaThe Unconquered
550कृष्णॐ कृष्णाय नमः।KrishnaThe Dark-complexioned Lord
551दृढॐ दृढाय नमः।DridhaThe Lord Who has No Change in Character and Ability
552संकर्षणोऽच्युतॐ संकर्षणाच्युताय नमः।SankarshanoachyutaThe Lord Who Withdraw the Beings Within Himself During the Deluge
553वरुणॐ वरुणाय नमः।VarunaThe One Who Sets on the Horizon
554वारुणॐ वारुणाय नमः।VaarunaThe Son of Varuna (Vasishta)
555वृक्षॐ वृक्षाय नमः।VrikshaThe Lord Who is Firm and Stable like the Tree
556पुष्कराक्षॐ पुष्कराक्षाय नमः।PushkarakshaThe Lotus Eyed
557महामनाॐ महामनसे नमः।MahamanaaThe Lord Who of Great Mind
558भगवान्ॐ भगवते नमः।BhagawanThe Lord Who Possesses Six Opulences
559भगहाॐ भगघ्ने नमः।BagahaaThe Lord Who Destroys Wealth During Deluge
560आनन्दीॐ आनन्दिने नमः।AnandiThe Lord Who Gives Delight
561वनमालीॐ वनमालिने नमः।VanamaliThe Lord Who Wears a Garland of Forest Flowers
562हलायुधॐ हलायुधाय नमः।HalayudhaThe Lord Who has a Plough as His Weapon
563आदित्यॐ आदित्याय नमः।AdityaThe Lord Who was Born of Aditi
564ज्योतिरादित्यॐ ज्योतिरादित्याय नमः।JyotiradityaThe Resplendence of the Sun
565सहिष्णुॐ सहिष्णुवे नमः।SahishnuThe Lord Who Calmly Endures Duality
566गतिसत्तमॐ गतिसत्तमाय नमः।GatisattamaThe Ultimate Refuge for All Devotees
567सुधन्वाॐ सुधन्वने नमः।SudhanvaThe Lord Who has the Holy Bow Salled Saranga
568खण्डपरशुॐ खण्डपराशवे नमः।KhandaparashuThe Lord Who has Axe as a Weapon to Kill Enemies
569दारुणॐ दारुणाय नमः।DarunaMerciless Towards the Unrighteous
570द्रविणप्रदॐ द्रविणप्रदाय नमः।DravinapradaThe Lord Who Lavishly Gives Wealth
571दिवःस्पृक्ॐ दिवस्पृशे नमः।DivahsprikThe Lord Who Touches the Sky
572सर्वदृग्व्यासॐ सर्वदृग्व्यासाय नमः।SarvadrigvyasaThe Lord Who Writes About All Knowledge
573वाचस्पतिरयोनिजॐ वाचस्पतये अयोनिजाय नमः।VachaspatirayonijaThe Unborn Lord of Vidyas
574त्रिसामाॐ त्रिसाम्ने नमः।TrisamaThe Lord Who is Worshipped by the Three Samas
575सामगॐ सामगाय नमः।SamagaThe Chanter of Sama Hymns
576सामॐ साम्ने नमः।SamaThe Lord Who is the Sama Veda
577निर्वाणंॐ निर्वाणाय नमः।NirvanamJoy of Renunciation
578भेषजंॐ भेषजाय नमः।BheshajamThe Lord Who is the Medicine
579भिषक्ॐ भिषजे नमः।BhishakThe Lord Who is The Physician
580संन्यासकृतॐ संन्यासकृते नमः।SanyasakritThe Institutor of Sanyasa
581शमॐ शमाय नमः।ShamaThe Lord Who is Calm
582शान्तॐ शान्ताय नमः।ShantaThe Lord Who is Peaceful
583निष्ठाॐ निष्ठायै नमः।NishthaThe Abode of All Beings
584शान्तिॐ शान्त्यै नमः।ShantiThe Lord Whose Very Nature is Peace
585परायणम्ॐ पराय्णाय नमः।ParayanamThe way to Liberation
586शुभाङ्गॐ शुभाङ्गाय नमः।ShubhangaThe Lord Who has the Most Beautiful Form
587शान्तिदॐ शान्तिदाय नमः।ShantidaThe Giver of Peace
588स्रष्टाॐ स्रष्ट्रे नमः।SrashtaaThe Creator of all Beings
589कुमुदॐ कुमुदाय नमः।KumudaThe Lord Who Delights in the Earth
590कुवलेशयॐ कुवलेशाय नमः।KuvaleshayaThe Lord Who Reclines in the Waters
591गोहितॐ गोहिताय नमः।GohitaThe Lord Who does Welfare for Cows
592गोपतिॐ गोपतये नमः।GopatiThe One Who is Lord of the Earth
593गोप्ताॐ गोप्त्रे नमः।GoptaThe Lord Who is the Protector of the Universe
594वृषभाक्षॐ वृषभाक्षाय नमः।VrishabhakshaThe Lord Whose Merciful Eyes Showers Whatever is Prayed for
595वृषप्रियॐ वृषप्रियाय नमः।VrishapriyaThe Lord Who Delights in Dharma
596अनिवर्तीॐ अनिवर्तिने नमः।AnivartiThe Lord Who Never Retreats
597निवृत्तात्माॐ निवृत्तात्मने नमः।NivrittatmaThe Lord Who is Fully Restrained from All Sense Indulgences
598संक्षेप्ताॐ संक्षेप्त्रे नमः।SamksheptaThe Condensor During Pralaya
599क्षेमकृत्ॐ क्षेमकृते नमः।KshemakritThe Preserver of Welfare
600शिवॐ शिवाय नमः।ShivaThe Lord Who is Eternally Pure
601श्रीवत्सवक्षाॐ श्रीवत्सवक्षे नमः।ShrivatsavakshaaThe Lord Who has Shrivatsa on His Chest
602श्रीवासॐ श्रीवासाय नमः।SrivasaThe Lord in Whom Goddess Lakshmi Lives
603श्रीपतिॐ श्रीपतये नमः।ShripatiThe One Who is the Lord of Goddess Lakshmi
604श्रीमतां वरॐ श्रीमतां वराय नमः।Shrimatam VaraThe Best Among Glorious
605श्रीदॐ श्रीदाय नमः।ShridaThe Giver of Opulence
606श्रीशॐ श्रीशाय नमः।ShrishaThe Lord of Shri (Goddess of Fortune)
607श्रीनिवासॐ श्रीनिवासाय नमः।ShrinivasaThe Lord in Whom Goddess Lakshmi Lives
608श्रीनिधिॐ श्रीनिधये नमः।ShrinidhiThe Treasure of Shri
609श्रीविभावनॐ श्रीविभावनाय नमः।ShrivibhavanaThe Distributor of Wealth
610श्रीधरॐ श्रीधराय नमः।ShridharaThe Bearer of Shri
611श्रीकरॐ श्रीकराय नमः।ShrikaraThe Lord Who Gives All Wealth to His Devotees
612श्रेयॐ श्रेयसे नमः।ShreyaThe Lord Who is the Personification of Perennial Happiness
613श्रीमानॐ श्रीमते नमः।ShrimanaThe Professor of Shri
614लोकत्रयाश्रयॐ लोकत्रयाश्राय नमः।LokatrayashrayaThe Refuge of the Three Worlds
615स्वक्षॐ स्वक्षाय नमः।SvakshaThe Beautiful Eyed Lord
616स्वङ्गॐ स्वङ्गाय नमः।SvangaThe Lord Who has Beautiful Limbs
617शतानन्दॐ शतानन्दाय नमः।ShatanandaThe Lord of Infinite Varieties and Joys
618नन्दिॐ नन्द्ये नमः।NandiThe Lord Who is Personification of Supreme Happiness
619ज्योतिर्गणेश्वरॐ ज्योतिर्गणेश्वराय नमः।JyotirganeshwaraThe Lord of the Luminaries in the Cosmos
620विजितात्माॐ विजितात्मने नमः।VijitatmaThe Lord Who has Conquered the Sense Organs
621अविधेयात्माॐ विधेयात्मने नमः।AvidheyatmaThe Lord Who is not Under the Control of Anybody
622सत्कीर्तिॐ सत्कीर्तये नमः।SatkirtiThe Lord Who has True Fame
623छिन्नसंशयॐ छिन्नसंशयाय नमः।ChinnasamshayaThe Lord Who is Cleared of All Doubts
624उदीर्णॐ उदीर्णाय नमः।UdirnaThe Lord Who is Greater than All Beings
625सर्वतश्चक्षुॐ सर्वतचक्षुसे नमः।SarvatashchakshuThe Lord Who Sees Everything Everywhere
626अनीशॐ अनीशाय नमः।AnishaThe One Who does not Have Any God Above Him
627शाश्वतस्थिरॐ शाश्वतस्थिराय नमः।ShashvatasthiraThe Lord Who is Eternal and Stable
628भूशयॐ भूशयाय नमः।BhooshayaThe Lord Who Rested on the Ground
629भूषणॐ भूषणाय नमः।BhooshanaThe Lord Who Adorns the World
630भूतिॐ भूतये नमः।BhootiThe Lord Who has Pure Existence
631विशोकॐ विशोकाय नमः।VishokaThe Lord Who is Sorrowless
632शोकनाशनॐ शोकनाशनाय नमः।ShokanashanaThe Lord Who Destroys Sadness of His Devotees
633अर्चिष्मानॐ अर्चिष्मते नमः।ArchishmanaThe Effulgent
634अर्चितॐ अर्चिताय नमः।ArchitaThe Lord Who is Constantly Worshipped by His Devotees
635कुम्भॐ कुम्भाय नमः।KumbhaThe Pot Within Whom Everything is Contained
636विशुद्धात्माॐ विशुद्धात्मने नमः।VishuddhatmaThe One Who has the Purest Soul
637विशोधनॐ विशोधनाय नमः।VishodhanaThe Great Purifier
638अनिरुद्धॐ अनिरुद्धाय नमः।AniruddhaThe Lord Who is Invincible by Any Enemy
639अप्रतिरथॐ अप्रतिरथाय नमः।ApratirathaThe Lord Who has no Enemies to Threaten Him
640प्रद्युम्नॐ प्रद्युम्नाय नमः।PradyumnaThe Lord Who has Great Wealth
641अमितविक्रमॐ अमितविक्रमाय नमः।AmitavikramaThe Lord Who has Immeasurable Prowess
642कालनेमिनिहाॐ कालनेमिनिघ्ने नमः।KalaneminihaThe Slayer of Kalanemi
643वीरॐ वीराय नमः।VeeraThe Lord Who is Valorous
644शौरिॐ शौरये नमः।ShauriThe Lord Who was Born in the Sura Dynasty
645शूरजनेश्वरॐ शूरजनेश्वराय नमः।ShoorajaneshwaraLord of the Valiant
646त्रिलोकात्माॐ त्रिलोकात्मने नमः।TrilokatmaThe Soul of the Three Worlds
647त्रिलोकेशॐ त्रिलोकेशाय नमः।TrilokeshaThe Lord of the Three Worlds
648केशवॐ केशवाय नमः।KeshavaThe Lord Whose Rays Illumine the Cosmos
649केशिहाॐ केशिघ्ने नमः।KeshihaThe Slayer of Demon Kesi
650हरिॐ हरये नमः।HariDestroyer of the Cycle of Birth
651कामदेवॐ कामदेवाय नमः।KamadevaThe One Who is Passionately Loved by His Devotees
652कामपालॐ कामपालाय नमः।KamapalaThe Lord Who Takes Care of Desires
653कामीॐ कामिने नमः।KaamiThe Lord of Fulfilled Desires
654कान्तॐ कान्ताय नमः।KantaThe Lord of Enchanting Form
655कृतागमॐ कृतागमाय नमः।KritagamaThe Author of the Agama Scriptures
656अनिर्देश्यवपुॐ अनिर्देश्यवपुषे नमः।AnirdeshyavapuThe Lord Whose Forms Cannot be Defined
657विष्णुॐ विष्णवे नमः।VishnuAll-Pervading Lord
658वीरॐ वीराय नमः।VeeraThe Courageous
659अनन्तॐ अनन्ताय नमः।AnantaThe Lord Who is Endless
660धनंजयॐ धनंजयाय नमः।DhananjayaThe Lord Who Gained Wealth Through Conquest
661ब्रह्मण्यॐ ब्रह्मण्याय नमः।BrahmanyaPatron of Brahman
662ब्रह्मकृतॐ ब्रह्मकृते नमः।BrahmakritThe Lord Who Acts in Brahman
663ब्रह्माॐ ब्रह्मणे नमः।BrahmaThe Creator
664ब्रह्मॐ ब्राह्मणे नमः।BrahmaThe Lord Who is Brahmam
665ब्रह्मविवर्धनॐ ब्रह्मविवर्धनाय नमः।BrahmavivardhanaThe Promoter of Brahma Vidya
666ब्रह्मवितॐ ब्रह्मविदे नमः।BrahmavitaThe Lord Who Knows Brahman
667ब्राह्मणॐ ब्राह्मणाय नमः।BraahmanaThe Lord Who in the Form of Brahmins Teaches Vedas
668ब्रह्मीॐ ब्रह्मिणे नमः।BrahmiThe Lord Who Controls All that is Denoted by Brahma
669ब्रह्मज्ञॐ ब्रह्मज्ञाय नमः।BrahmagyaThe Lord Who Knows Vedas as Himself
670ब्राह्मणप्रियॐ ब्राह्मणप्रियाय नमः।BraahmanapriyaThe Lord Who is Dear to the Brahmanas
671महाक्रमॐ महाक्रमाय नमः।MahakramaThe Lord Who Takes Gig Steps
672महाकर्माॐ महाकर्मणे नमः।MahakarmaThe Lord Who Performs Great Deeds
673महातेजाॐ महातेजसे नमः।MahatejaThe Lord of Great Resplendence
674महोरगॐ महोरगाय नमः।MahoragaThe Lord Who has the Form of the Great Serpent
675महाक्रतुॐ महाक्रत्वे नमः।MahakratuThe Great Sacrifice
676महायज्वाॐ महायज्वने नमः।MahayajvaThe Lord Who Performed Great Yajnas
677महायज्ञॐ महायज्ञाय नमः।MahayajnaThe Great Yajna
678महाहविॐ महाहविषे नमः।MahahaviThe Greatest Sacrificial Offering in the Yajna
679स्तव्यॐ स्तव्याय नमः।StavyaThe Lord Who is Being Praised by Everybody
680स्तवप्रियॐ स्तवप्रियाय नमः।StavapriyaThe Lord Who Likes Being Praised
681स्तोत्रंॐ स्तोत्राय नमः।StotramThe Hymn Itself
682स्तुतिॐ स्तुतये नमः।StutiThe Act of Praise
683स्तोताॐ स्तोत्रे नमः।StotaThe Lord Who Adores or Praises
684रणप्रियॐ रणप्रियाय नमः।RanapriyaThe Lord Who is the Lover of Battles
685पूर्णॐ पूर्णाय नमः।PoornaThe Lord Who is Complete
686पूरयिताॐ पूरयित्रे नमः।PoorayitaThe Lord Who Fulfills the Wishes of His Devotees
687पुण्यॐ पुण्याय नमः।PunyaThe Truly Holy
688पुण्यकीर्तिॐ पुण्यकीर्तये नमः।PunyakirtiThe Lord of Holy Fame
689अनामयॐ अनामयाय नमः।AnamayaThe Lord Who Never Becomes Ill
690मनोजवॐ मनोजवाय नमः।ManojavaThe Lord Who is Swift as the Mind
691तीर्थकरॐ तीर्थकराय नमः।TirthakaraThe Lord Who Created Methods for Salvation of All Beings in the World
692वसुरेताॐ वसुरेतसे नमः।VasuretaThe Lord Whose Essence is Golden
693वसुप्रदॐ वसुप्रदाय नमः।VasupradaThe Bestower of Wealth
694वसुप्रदॐ वासुप्रदाय नमः।VasupradaThe Lord Who Leads His Devotees to Salvation
695वासुदेवॐ वासुदेवाय नमः।VasudevaThe Lord Who was Born as Son of Vasudeva
696वसुॐ वसवे नमः।VasuThe Refuge for All Beings
697वसुमनाॐ वसुमनसे नमः।VasumanaThe Lord of Great Mind
698हविॐ हविषे नमः।HaviThe Lord Who is the Sacrificial Offering in the Yajnas
699सद्गतिॐ सद्गतये नमः।SadgatiThe Lord Who is Attained by Good People
700सत्कृतिॐ सत्कृतये नमः।SatkritiThe Lord Who is Full of Good Actions
701सत्ताॐ सत्तायै नमः।SattaThe Lord Who is Personification of Non Differential Knowledge
702सद्भूतिॐ सद्भूतये नमः।SadbhutiThe Lord Who is Undenied Being
703सत्परायणॐ सत्परायणाय नमः।SatparayanaThe Supreme Goal of the Good
704शूरसेनॐ शूरसेनाय नमः।ShoorasenaThe Lord Who has Heroic and Valiant Armies
705यदुश्रेष्ठॐ यदुश्रेष्ठाय नमः।YadushreshtaThe Lord Who is the Greatest Among Yadus
706सन्निवासॐ सन्निवासाय नमः।SannivasaThe One Who is the Ultimate Place Where Scholars Go
707सुयामुनॐ सूयामुनाय नमः।suyamunaThe One Who is Attended by the People Dwelling on the Banks of Yamuna
708भूतावासॐ भूतावासाय नमः।BhootavasaThe Dwelling Place of the Elements
709वासुदेवॐ वासुदेवाय नमः।VasudevaThe Lord Who Envelops the Universe by Illusion
710सर्वासुनिलयॐ सर्वासुनिलयाय नमः।SarvasunilayaThe Lord Who is the Shelter of All Living Beings
711अनलॐ अनलाय नमः।AnalaThe Lord of Unlimited Wealth, Power and Glory
712दर्पहाॐ दर्पघ्ने नमः।DarpahaThe Destroyer of Pride in Evil-Minded People
713दर्पदॐ दर्पदाय नमः।DarpadaThe Giver of Pride to Those Who Walks on the Path of Dharma
714दृप्तॐ दृप्ताय नमः।DriptaThe Lord Who Never Gets Proud of His Strength
715दुर्धरॐ दुर्धराय नमः।DurdharaThe Lord Who can be Brought to the Mind with Difficulty
716अपराजितॐ अपराजिताय नमः।AparajitaThe Unvanquished
717विश्वमूर्तिॐ विश्वमूर्तये नमः।VishwamurtiThe Universe Personified
718महामूर्तिॐ महामूर्तये नमः।MahamurtiThe Lord Who is Monumental in Form
719दीप्तमूर्तिॐ दीप्तमूर्तये नमः।DeeptamurtiThe Lord Of Resplendent Form
720अमूर्तिमान्ॐ अमूर्तिमते नमः।AmurtimanThe Lord Who is Formless
721अनेकमूर्तिॐ अनेकमूर्तये नमः।AnekamurtiThe Lord of Multi Form
722अव्यक्तॐ अव्यक्ताय नमः।AvyaktaThe Lord Who is Unmanifested
723शतमूर्तिॐ शतमूर्तये नमः।ShatamurtiThe Lord Who has Several Forms
724शताननॐ शताननाय नमः।ShatananaThe Lord Who has Several Faces
725एकॐ एकैस्मै नमः।EkaThe Lord Who is The One
726नैकॐ नैकस्मै नमः।NaikaThe Lord Who Appears as in Different Forms by Illusion
727सवॐ सवाय नमः।SavaThe Lord Who is the Personification of Soma Yagya
728कःॐ काय नमः।KahThe Lord Who is Worshipped as ‘Ka’ Indicating Pleasures
729किंॐ कस्मै नमः।KimThe One to be Inquired
730यत्ॐ यस्मै नमः।YatThe Lord Who is Indicated by ‘yat’ (Which)
731तत्ॐ तस्मै नमः।TatThe Lord Who is Indicated by the Word ‘That’
732पदमनुत्तमम्ॐ पदमनुत्तमाय नमः।PadamanuttamamThe Unequalled State of Perfection
733लोकबन्धुॐ लोकबन्धवे नमः।LokabandhuThe Kinsman of the Universe
734लोकनाथॐ लोकनाथाय नमः।LokanathaLord of the Universe
735माधवॐ माधवाय नमः।MadhavaThe Lord Who Born in the Family of Madhu
736भक्तवत्सलॐ भक्तवत्सलाय नमः।BhaktavatsalaThe Lord Who Loves His Devotees
737सुवर्णवर्णॐ सुवर्णवर्णाय नमः।SuvarnavarnaThe Lord Who is of a Golden Colour
738हेमाङ्गॐ हेमाङ्गाय नमः।HemangaThe Lord Who has Limbs of Gold
739वराङ्गॐ वराङ्गाय नमः।VarangaThe Lord with Beautiful Limbs
740चन्दनाङ्गदीॐ चन्दनाङ्गदिने नमः।ChandanangadiThe Lord Who has Attractive Armlets
741वीरहाॐ वीरघ्ने नमः।VeerahaThe Slayer of the Valiant Foes
742विषमॐ विषमाय नमः।VishamaThe Lord Who Cannot be Compared to Anyone Else
743शून्यॐ शून्याय नमः।ShoonyaThe Void
744घृताशीॐ घृताशीशाय नमः।GhritashiThe Lord Who has No Need for Good Wishes
745अचलॐ अचलाय नमः।AchalaThe Lord Who is Supremely Stable
746चलॐ चलाय नमः।ChalaThe Lord Who is Moving
747अमानीॐ अमानिने नमः।AmaniThe Lord Who Does Not have Pride and Willing to be Anything
748मानदॐ मानदाय नमः।ManadaThe Lord Who Generates Egoistic Conciousness
749मान्यॐ मान्याय नमः।ManyaThe Lord Who is to be Honoured
750लोकस्वामीॐ लोकस्वामिने नमः।LokaswamiThe Lord of the World
751त्रिलोकधृक्ॐ त्रिलोकधृषे नमः।TrilokadhrikThe Lord Who Carries the Three Worlds
752सुमेधाॐ सुमेधसे नमः।SumedhaThe Lord Who has Pure Intelligence
753मेधजॐ मेधजाय नमः।MedhajaThe Lord Who is Born Out of Sacrifices
754धन्यॐ धन्याय नमः।DhanyaThe Lord Who is Fortunate
755सत्यमेधाॐ सत्यमेधसे नमः।SatyamedhaThe Lord Whose Intelligence Never Fails
756धराधरॐ धराधराय नमः।DharaadharaThe Sole Support of the Earth
757तेजोवृषॐ तेजोवृषाय नमः।TejovrishaThe Lord Who Showers Radiance
758द्युतिधरॐ द्युतिधराय नमः।DyutidharaThe Lord Who Bears an Effulgent Form
759सर्वशस्त्रभृतांवरॐ सर्वशस्त्रभृतांवराय नमः।Sarvashastra-bhritamvaraThe Best Among Those Who Wield Weapons
760प्रग्रहॐ प्रग्रहाय नमः।PragrahaThe Receiver of the Humblest Gifts
761निग्रहॐ निग्रहाय नमः।NigrahaThe Lord Who Keeps Every Thing Within Himself
762व्यग्रॐ व्यग्राय नमः।VyagraThe Lord Who is Ever Engaged in Fulfilling the Devotee’s Desires
763नैकशृङ्गॐ नैकशृङ्गाय नमः।NaikashringaThe Lord Who has Several Horns
764गदाग्रजॐ गदाग्रजाय नमः।GadagrajaThe Lord Who is Invoked Through Mantra
765चतुर्मूर्तिॐ चतुर्मूर्तये नमः।ChaturmurtiThe Lord Who has Four Forms
766चतुर्बाहुॐ चतुर्बाहवे नमः।ChaturbahuThe Lord Who has Four Arms
767चतुर्व्यूहॐ चतुर्व्यूहाय नमः।ChaturvyoohaThe Lord Who Expresses Himself as the Dynamic Centre in the Four Vyoohas
768चतुर्गतिॐ चतुर्गतये नमः।ChaturgatiThe Ultimate Goal of All Four Varnas and Asramas
769चतुरात्माॐ चतुरात्मने नमः।ChaturatmaThe Lord Who is Clear Minded
770चतुर्भावॐ चतुर्भावाय नमः।ChaturbhavaThe Source of the Four Purushartas
771चतुर्वेदवित्ॐ चतुर्वेदविदे नमः।ChaturvedavitThe Knower of Four Vedas
772एकपात्ॐ एकपदे नमः।EkapaatThe Lord of One Foot
773समावर्तॐ समावर्ताय नमः।SamavartaThe Lord Who is the Skillfull Turner
774अनिवृत्तात्माॐ अनिवृत्तात्मने नमः।AnivrittatmaThe Lord Who is Always Available Everywhere
775दुर्जयॐ दुर्जयाय नमः।DurjayaThe Unconquered
776दुरतिक्रमॐ दुरतिक्रमाय नमः।DuratikramaThe Lord Whose Orders Can Never be Disobeyed
777दुर्लभॐ दुर्लभाय नमः।DurlabhaThe Lord Who Obtained with Effort
778दुर्गमॐ दुर्गमाय नमः।DurgamaThe Lord Who is Realised with Great Effort
779दुर्गॐ दुर्गाय नमः।DurgaThe Lord Who is Not Easily Attained
780दुरावासाॐ दुरावासाय नमः।DuravasaThe Lord Who can be Kept
781दुरारिहाॐ दुरारिघ्ने नमः।DurarihaThe Slayer of the Demons
782शुभाङ्गॐ शुभाङ्गाय नमः।shubhangaThe One with Enchanting Limbs
783लोकसारङ्गॐ लोकसारङ्गाय नमः।LokasarangaThe Lord Who Understands the Essence of the World
784सुतन्तुॐ सुतन्तवे नमः।SutantuThe Lord Who has Expanded this Universe Starting From Himself
785तन्तुवर्धनॐ तन्तुवर्धनाय नमः।TantuvardhanaThe Lord Who Broadens the World
786इन्द्रकर्माॐ इन्द्रकर्मणे नमः।IndrakarmaThe Lord Who Resembling Indra in his Glorious Actions
787महाकर्माॐ महाकर्मणे नमः।MahakarmaThe Lord Who Accomplishes Great Acts
788कृतकर्माॐ कृतकर्मणे नमः।KritakarmaThe Lord Who has Fulfilled His Acts
789कृतागमॐ कृतागमाय नमः।KritagamaThe Author of Vedas
790उद्भवॐ उद्भवाय नमः।UdbhavaThe Lord Who Attains Great Births
791सुन्दरॐ सुन्दराय नमः।SundaraThe Lord Who is the Epitome of Beauty
792सुन्दॐ सुन्दाय नमः।SundaThe Lord of Great Mercy
793रत्ननाभॐ रत्ननाभाय नमः।Ratna-nabhaThe Lord Who has a Beautiful Navel
794सुलोचनॐ सुलोचनाय नमः।SulochanaThe Lord Who has the Most Enchanting Eyes
795अर्कॐ अर्काय नमः।ArkaThe Lord Who is Suitable to be Worshipped by All Great Gods
796वाजसनॐ वाजसनाय नमः।VaajasanaThe Giver of Food
797शृङ्गीॐ शृङ्गिने नमः।ShringiThe Lord Who was Born as a Fish with Horn
798जयन्तॐ जयन्ताय नमः।JayantaThe Conqueror of All Enemies
799सर्वविज्जयीॐ सर्वविज्जयिने नमः।SarvavijjayiThe Lord Who is at Once Omniscient and Victorious
800सुवर्णबिन्दुॐ सुवर्णबिन्दवे नमः।SuvarnabinduThe Lord Who has Limbs Radiant Like Gold
801अक्षोभ्यॐ अक्षोभ्याय नमः।AkshobhyaThe Lord Who is Ever Unruffled
802सर्ववागीश्वरेश्वरॐ सर्ववागीश्वरेश्वराय नमः।Sarva vageeshvareshwaraThe One Who is the Chief Among Gods Who Speak
803महाह्रदॐ महाहृदाय नमः।MahahridaThe Lord Whose Heart is Full of the Eternal Water of Happiness
804महागर्तॐ महागर्ताय नमः।MahagartaThe Great Chasm
805महाभूतॐ महाभूताय नमः।MahabhootaThe Lord Who is the Great Being
806महानिधिॐ महानिधये नमः।MahanidhiThe Lord in Whom All Wealth is Saved
807कुमुदॐ कुमुदाय नमः।KumudaThe Lord Who Makes the Earth Happy
808कुन्दरॐ कुन्दराय नमः।KundaraThe Lord Who Recognizes Results of Good Deeds
809कुन्दॐ कुन्दाय नमः।KundaThe Lord Who is as Attractive as Kunda (Jasmine) Flowers
810पर्जन्यॐ पर्जन्याय नमः।ParjanyaThe Lord Who is Similar to Rain-Bearing Clouds
811पावनॐ पावनाय नमः।PaavanaThe One Who Ever Purifies
812अनिलॐ अनिलाय नमः।AnilaThe Lord Who Never Slips
813अमृतांशॐ अमृतांशाय नमः।AmritamshaThe Drinker of Nectar
814अमृतवपुॐ अमृतवपुषे नमः।AmritavapuThe Lord Whose Form is Immortal
815सर्वज्ञॐ सर्वज्ञाय नमः।SarvagyaThe Lord Who is Omniscient
816सर्वतोमुखॐ सर्वतोमुखाय नमः।SarvatomukhaThe Lord Who has Faces Everywhere
817सुलभॐ सुलभाय नमः।SulabhaThe Lord Who can be Easily Attained
818सुव्रतॐ सुव्रताय नमः।SuvrataThe Lord Who has Accepts Good Vows
819सिद्धॐ सिद्धाय नमः।SiddhaThe Lord Who is Perfection
820शत्रुजितॐ शत्रुजिते नमः।ShatrujitaThe Lord Who is Ever Victorious Over Foes
821शत्रुतापनॐ शत्रुतापनाय नमः।ShatrutapanaThe Lord Who Makes his Enemies Suffer
822न्यग्रोधॐ न्यग्रोधाय नमः।NyagrodhaThe Lord is Above All Beings in the Worlds
823उदुम्बरॐ उदुम्बराय नमः।UdumbaraNourishment of All Living Creatures
824अश्वत्थॐ अश्वत्थाय नमः।AshwatthaThe Impermanent Tree
825चाणूरान्ध्रनिषूदनॐ चाणूरान्ध्रनिषूदनाय नमः।ChanoorandhranishoodanaThe Slayer of Chanura Demon
826सहस्रार्चिॐ सहस्रार्चिषे नमः।SahasrarchiThe Lord Who has Thousands of Rays
827सप्तजिह्वॐ सप्तजिह्वाय नमः।SaptajihvaThe Lord Who Expresses Himself as the Seven Tongues of Fire
828सप्तैधाॐ सप्तैधसे नमः।SaptaidhaThe Lord Who has Seven Flames
829सप्तवाहनॐ सप्तवाहनाय नमः।SaptavahanaThe Lord Who has a Vehicle of Seven Horses
830अमूर्तिॐ अमूर्तये नमः।AmoortiThe Lord Who Does Not Have Shape
831अनघॐ अनघाय नमः।AnaghaThe Lord Who is Sinless
832अचिन्त्यॐ अचिन्त्याय नमः।AchintyaThe Inconceivable
833भयकृतॐ भयकृते नमः।BhayakritThe Lord Who Creates Fear in Bad People
834भयनाशनॐ भयनाशनाय नमः।BhayanashanaThe Lord Who Destroys Fear in Good People
835अणुॐ अणवे नमः।AnuThe Lord Who is Subtle and Minute
836बृहतॐ बृहते नमः।BrihataThe Lord Who is Extremely Big
837कृशॐ कृशाय नमः।KrishaThe Lord Who is Slender
838स्थूलॐ स्थूलाय नमः।SthoolaThe Lord Who is Stout
839गुणभृतॐ गुणभृते नमः।GunabhritaThe Bearer of Attributes
840निर्गुणॐ निर्गुणाय नमः।NirgunaThe Lord Who does not have Any Properties
841महान्ॐ महते नमः।MahaanThe Mighty
842अधृतॐ अधृताय नमः।AdhritaThe Lord Who is not Carried by Anything
843स्वधृतॐ स्वधृताय नमः।SvadhritaThe Lord Who Carries Himself
844स्वास्यॐ स्वास्याय नमः।SvaasyaThe Lord Who has a Beautiful Face
845प्राग्वंशॐ प्राग्वंशाय नमः।PragvamshaThe Lord Who Belongs to the First Dynasty
846वंशवर्धनॐ वंशवर्धनाय नमः।VamshavardhanaThe Lord Who Makes Dynasties Grow
847भारभृत्ॐ भारभृते नमः।BharabritThe Lord Who Carries the Load of the Universe
848कथितॐ कथिताय नमः।KathitaThe Lord Who is Glorified in All Scriptures
849योगीॐ योगिने नमः।YogiThe Lord Who can be Realised Through Yoga
850योगीशॐ योगीशाय नमः।YogishaThe Lord Who is the Greatest Among Yogis
851सर्वकामदॐ सर्वकामदाय नमः।SarvakamadaThe Lord Who Fulfills All Desires
852आश्रमॐ आश्रमाय नमः।AshramaThe Lord Who is the Place Where Beings can Relax
853श्रमणॐ श्रमणाय नमः।ShramanaThe Lord Who Gives Sorrow to Sinners
854क्षामॐ क्षामाय नमः।KshaamaThe Lord Who Destroys Everything During Deluge
855सुपर्णॐ सुपर्णाय नमः।SuparnaThe Lord Who is Having Vedas as Leaves
856वायुवाहनॐ वायुवाहनाय नमः।Vayu VahanaThe Lord Who Makes Winds Move
857धनुर्धरॐ धनुर्धराय नमः।DhanurdharaThe Wielder of the Bow
858धनुर्वेदॐ धनुर्वेदाय नमः।DhanurvedaThe Lord Who Knows the Science of Archery
859दण्डॐ दण्डाय नमः।DandaThe Lord Who Punishes the Wicked
860दमयिताॐ दमयित्रे नमः।DamayitaThe Lord Who Controls and Rules People
861दमॐ दमाय नमः।DamaThe Lord Who is Also the Patience When Being Ruled
862अपराजितॐ अपराजिताय नमः।AparajitaThe Lord Who Cannot be Defeated
863सर्वसहॐ सर्वसहाय नमः।SarvasahaThe One That Tolerates All
864नियन्ताॐ नियन्त्रे नमः।NiyantaThe Lord Who Makes People Obey Pules
865अनियमॐ अनियमाय नमः।AniyamaThe Lord Who is not Subject to Any Rules
866अयमॐ अयमाय नमः।AyamaThe Lord Who is Deathless
867सत्त्ववान्ॐ सत्त्ववते नमः।SattvavaanThe Lord Who is Full of Exploits and Courage
868सात्त्विकॐ सात्त्विकाय नमः।SattvikaThe Lord Who is Full of Satvic Qualities
869सत्यॐ सत्याय नमः।SatyaThe Lord Who is Truth
870सत्यधर्मपरायणॐ सत्यधर्मपरायणाय नमः।Satyadharma parayanaThe One Who is Devoted to Truth and Dharma
871अभिप्रायॐ अभिप्रायाय नमः।AbhiprayaThe One Who is Approached by Seekers of Salvation
872प्रियार्हॐ प्रियार्हाय नमः।PriyarhaThe One Who Deserves All our Love
873अर्हॐ अर्हाय नमः।ArhaThe One Who s Most Appropriate for Worship
874प्रियकृत्ॐ प्रियकृते नमः।PriyakritThe Fulfiller of Desires
875प्रीतिवर्धनॐ प्रीतिवर्धनाय नमः।PreetivardhanaThe One Who Increases Joy in the Devotee’s Heart
876विहायसगतिॐ विहायसगतये नमः।VihaayasagatiThe One Who Travels in Space
877ज्योतिॐ ज्योतिषे नमः।JyotiThe One Who is Self-Effulgent
878सुरुचिॐ सुरुचये नमः।SuruchiThe One Who Shines Beautifully
879हुतभुकॐ हुतभुजे नमः।HutabhukaThe One Who Enjoys All that is Offered in Yajna
880विभुॐ विभवे नमः।VibhuAll-Pervading Lord
881रविॐ रवये नमः।RaviThe One Who Dries up Everything
882विरोचनॐ विरोचनाय नमः।VirochanaThe One Who Shines in Different Forms
883सूर्यॐ सूर्याय नमः।SuryaThe One Source From Where Everything is Born
884सविताॐ सवित्रे नमः।SavitaThe One Who Brings Forth the Universe from Himself
885रविलोचनॐ रविलोचनाय नमः।RavilochanaThe One Who has the Sun for His Eyes
886अनन्तॐ अनन्ताय नमः।AnantaThe One Who is Endless
887हुतभुकॐ हुतभुजे नमः।HutabhukaThe One Who Accepts Oblations
888भोक्ताॐ भोक्त्रे नमः।BhoktaThe One Who is the Consumer of Nature
889सुखदॐ सुखदाय नमः।SukhadaThe Giver of Bliss to those Who are Liberated
890नैकजॐ नैकजाय नमः।NaikajaThe One Who is Born Many Times
891अग्रजॐ अग्रजाय नमः।AgrajaThe One Who is First-Born
892अनिर्विण्णॐ अनिर्विण्णाय नमः।AnirvinnaThe One Who Feels No Disappointment
893सदामर्षीॐ सदामर्षिणे नमः।SadamarsheeThe Lord Who Forgives the Mistakes Committed by His Devotees
894लोकाधिष्ठानाम्ॐ लोकाधिष्ठानाय नमः।LokadhishthanamThe One Who is the Basis of the World
895अद्भूतॐ अद्भूताय नमः।AdbhutaThe One Who is the Wonder
896सनात्ॐ सनातनाय नमः।SanatThe Lord Who is the Beginningless and Endless Factor
897सनातनतमॐ सनातनतमाय नमः।SanatanatamaThe One Who is Most Ancient
898कपिलॐ कपिलाय नमः।KapilaThe Great Sage Kapila
899कपिॐ कपये नमः।KapiThe One Who is the Sun
900अव्ययॐ अव्ययाय नमः।AvyayaThe One in Whom All Disappear During the Deluge
901स्वस्तिदॐ स्वस्तिदाय नमः।SvastidaThe Lord Who Gives All Good Things to His Devotees
902स्वस्तिकृत्ॐ स्वस्तिकृते नमः।SvastikritThe Lord Who does Good
903स्वस्तिॐ स्वस्तये नमः।SvastiThe Lord Who is the Source of All Auspiciouness
904स्वस्तिभुकॐ स्वस्तिभुजे नमः।SvastibhukaThe Lord Who Constantly Enjoys Auspiciousness
905स्वस्तिदक्षिणॐ स्वस्तिदक्षिणाय नमः।SvastidakshinaThe Distributor of Auspiciousness
906अरौद्रॐ अरौद्राय नमः।AraudraThe Lord Who is Never Cruel
907कुण्डलीॐ कुण्डलिने नमः।KundaliThe Lord Who Wears Shining Ear Globes
908चक्रीॐ चक्रिणे नमः।ChakriThe Holder of Chakra
909विक्रमीॐ विक्रमिणे नमः।VikramiThe Most Daring
910उर्जितशासनॐ उर्जितशासनाय नमः।Urjita-shasanaThe Lord Who Gives Firm Orders
911शब्दातिगॐ शब्दातिगाय नमः।ShabdatigaThe Lord Who Transcends All Words
912शब्दसहॐ शब्दसहाय नमः।ShabdasahaThe Lord Who Allows Himself to be Invoked by Vedic Declarations
913शिशिरॐ शिशिराय नमः।ShishiraThe Lord Who is Cool Like Winter
914शर्वरीकरॐ शर्वरीकराय नमः।SharvarikaraThe Creator of Darkness
915अक्रूरॐ अक्रूराय नमः।AkrooraThe Lord Who is not Cruel
916पेशलॐ पेशलाय नमः।PeshalaThe Lord Who is Supremely Soft
917दक्षॐ दक्षाय नमः।DakshaThe Lord Who is Clever
918दक्षिणॐ दक्षिणाय नमः।DakshinaThe Most Liberal
919क्षमिणां वरॐ क्षमिणां वराय नमः।KshaminamvaraThe One with the Greatest of Forgiving Powers
920विद्वत्तमॐ विद्वत्तमाय नमः।VidvattamaThe Lord Who has the Greatest Wisdom
921वीतभयॐ वीतभयाय नमः।VeetabhayaThe Lord Who has No Fear
922पुण्यश्रवणकीर्तनॐ पुण्यश्रवणकीर्तनाय नमः।Punya-shravana-keertanaThe Lord Who Increases Boons to Those Who Sing About Him
923उत्तारणॐ उत्तारणाय नमः।UttaranaThe Lord Who Lifts Us Out of the Ocean of Change
924दुष्कृतिहाॐ दुष्कृतिघ्ने नमः।DushkritihaThe Destroyer of Bad Actions
925पुण्यॐ पुण्याय नमः।PunyaThe Lord Who is Supremely Pure
926दुःस्वप्ननाशनॐ दुस्वप्ननाशाय नमः।Duh-svapna-nashanaThe Lord Who Destroys All Bad Dreams
927वीरहाॐ वीरघ्ने नमः।VeerahaThe Slayer of the Valiant Foes
928रक्षणॐ रक्षणाय नमः।RakshanaThe Protector of the Universe
929सन्तॐ सदभ्यो नमः।SantaThe Lord Who is Expressed Through Saintly Men
930जीवनॐ जीवनाय नमः।JeevanaThe Life Spark in All Creatures
931पर्यवस्थितॐ पर्यवस्थिताय नमः।ParyavasthitaThe Lord Who Dwells Everywhere
932अनन्तरूपॐ अनन्तरूपाय नमः।AnantaroopaThe Lord Who has Countless Forms
933अनन्तश्रीॐ अनन्तश्रिये नमः।AnantashreeThe Lord Full of Infinite Glories
934जितमन्युॐ जितमन्यवे नमः।JitamanyuThe Lord Who has won over anger
935भयापहॐ भयापहाय नमः।BhayapahaThe Lord Who Destroys All Fears
936चतुरश्रॐ चतुरश्राय नमः।ChaturashraThe Lord Who Deals Squarely
937गभीरात्मॐ गभीरात्मने नमः।GabhiratmaThe Lord of Deep and Profound Nature
938विदिशॐ विदिशाय नमः।VidishaThe Lord Who is Unique in His Giving
939व्यादिशॐ व्यादिशाय नमः।VyaadishaThe Lord Who is Unique in His Commanding Power
940दिशॐ दिशाय नमः।DishaThe Lord Who Advises and Gives Knowledge
941अनादिॐ अनादये नमः।AnadiThe Lord Who has No Beginning
942भुवोभुवॐ भुवोभुवे नमः।Bhuvo-bhuvaThe One Who Exists in Himself Without Any Other Support
943लक्ष्मीॐ लक्ष्मै नमः।LakshmiThe Lord Who is the Abode of All Wealth
944सुवीरॐ सुवीराय नमः।SuveeraThe Lord Who Moves with Great and Divine Glories
945रुचिराङ्गदॐ रुचिराङ्गदाय नमः।RuchirangadaThe Lord Who Wears Resplendent Shoulder Caps
946जननॐ जननाय नमः।JananaThe Lord Who Delivers All Living Creatures
947जनजन्मादिॐ जनजन्मादये नमः।Jana-janmadiThe One Who is the Cause of the Birth of All Creatures
948भीमॐ भीमाय नमः।BheemaThe One Who is of Fearful Form
949भीमपराक्रमॐ भीमपराक्रमाय नमः।Bheema-parakramaThe Oen Whose Prowess is Fearful to His Enemies
950आधारनिलयॐ आधारनिलयाय नमः।AdharanilayaThe Lord Who is the Fundamental Sustainer
951अधाताॐ धात्रे नमः।AdhataThe One Who has No Authority Above Him to Give Him Directions
952पुष्पहासॐ पुष्पहासाय नमः।PushpahasaThe Lord Who Opens Like a Flower at the Time of Primal Creation
953प्रजागरॐ प्रजागराय नमः।PrajagaraThe Lord Who is Always Awake
954ऊर्ध्वगॐ उर्ध्वगाय नमः।UrdhvagaThe Lord Who is on Top of Everything
955सद्पथाचारॐ सत्पथाचाराय नमः।SadpathacharaThe Lord Who Moves Only in the Path of Truth
956प्राणदॐ प्राणदाय नमः।PranadaThe Lord Who Gives Life to the Physical Body
957प्रणवॐ प्रणवाय नमः।PranavaThe Lord Who is Omkara Which Denotes the Supreme Truth
958पणॐ पणाय नमः।PanaThe Supreme Universal Manager
959प्रमाणम्ॐ प्रमाणाय नमः।PramanamThe Lord Who is the Basis of All Scriptures
960प्राणनिलयॐ प्राणनिलयाय नमः।PrananilayaThe Lord in Whom All Life Exists
961प्राणभृत्ॐ प्राणभृते नमः।PranabhritThe Lord Who Controls and Rules All Activities of Life
962प्राणजीवनॐ प्राणजीवनाय नमः।PranajeevanaThe Lord Who Gives the Breath of Life to the Living Creatures
963तत्त्वंॐ तत्त्वाय नमः।TattvamThe Lord Who is the Real and Only Truth
964तत्त्ववित्ॐ तत्त्वविदे नमः।TattvavitThe Lord Who Manifests as the Knowledge of the Supreme Truth
965एकात्माॐ एकात्मने नमः।EkatmaThe Lord Who is the One and Only One Soul
966जन्ममृत्युजरातिगॐ जन्ममृत्युजरातिगाय नमः।Janma-mrityu-jaratigaThe Lord Who has No Birth, No Death and is Not Affected by Time
967भूर्भुव:स्वस्तरुॐ भुर्भुवः स्वस्तरवे नमः।Bhoor-bhuvah-swastaruThe Lord Who Nourishes the Tree (of Bhoo, Bhuvah and sva) of Life
968तारॐ ताराय नमः।TaaraThe Lord Who Helps to Get Across the Ocean of Life
969सविताॐ सवित्रे नमः।SavitaThe Father of the Universe
970प्रपितामहॐ प्रपितामहाय नमः।PrapitamahaThe Lord Who is the Great Old Grand Father of the Universe
971यज्ञॐ यज्ञाय नमः।YajnaThe Lord Who has the Form of Sincere and Peaceful Co-Existence
972यज्ञपतिॐ यज्ञपतये नमः।YajnapatiThe Lord of All Yajnas
973यज्वाॐ यज्वने नमः।YajvaThe Lord Who Performs Yajna
974यज्ञाङ्गॐ यज्ञाङ्गाय नमः।YajnangaThe Lord Whose Limbs are the Things Employed in Yajna
975यज्ञवाहनॐ यज्ञवाहनाय नमः।YajnavahanaThe Lord Who Fulfils Yajnas in Complete
976यज्ञभृत्ॐ यज्ञभृते नमः।YajnabhritThe Lord Who Accepts Yajna
977यज्ञकृत्ॐ यज्ञकृते नमः।YajnakritThe Lord Who Created Yajna
978यज्ञीॐ यज्ञिने नमः।YajneeThe Enjoyer of Yajnas
979यज्ञभुकॐ यज्ञभुजे नमः।YajnabhukaThe Receiver of All that is Offered
980यज्ञसाधनॐ यज्ञसाधनाय नमः।YajnasadhanaThe Lord Who Fulfils All Yajnas
981यज्ञान्तकृत्ॐ यज्ञान्तकृते नमः।YajnantakritThe Lord Who Performs the Concluding Act of the Yajna
982यज्ञगुह्यम्ॐ यज्ञगुह्याय नमः।YajnaguhyamThe Lord Who is the Secret of Yajna
983अन्नंॐ अन्नाय नमः।AnnamThe Lord Who is Food
984अन्नादॐ अन्नादाय नमः।AnnadaThe Lord Who Eats Food
985आत्मयोनिॐ आत्मयोनये नमः।AtmayoniThe Lord Who has No Cause or Source Except Himself
986स्वयंजातॐ स्वयंजाताय नमः।SvayamjataThe Lord Who is the Cause of His Own Birth
987वैखानॐ वैखानाय नमः।VaikhanaThe One Who Dug the Earth as a Boar (Varaha)
988सामगायनॐ सामगायनाय नमः।SamagayanaThe One Who Chants the Sama Veda
989देवकीनन्दनॐ देवकीनन्दनाय नमः।Devakee-nandanaThe Lord Who is the Son of Devaki
990सृष्टाॐ स्रष्ट्रे नमः।SrishtaThe One Who Creates the World
991क्षितीशॐ क्षितीशाय नमः।KshiteeshaThe Lord of the Earth
992पापनाशनॐ पापनाशनाय नमः।Paapa-nashanaDestroyer of All Sins
993शङ्खभृत्ॐ शंखभृते नमः।Shankha-bhritThe Lord Who Carries and Blows the Shell Named ‘Panchajanya’
994नन्दकीॐ नन्दकिने नमः।NandakeeThe Lord Who Holds the ‘Nandaka’ Sword
995चक्रीॐ चक्रिणे नमः।ChakriThe Lord Who Carries the Wheel Called Sudarshana
996शार्ङ्गधन्वाॐ शार्ङ्गधन्वने नमः।Sharnga-dhanvaThe Lord Who has the Bow Called Saranga
997गदाधरॐ गदाधराय नमः।GadadharaThe Lord Who has a Mace Called Kaumodaki
998रथाङ्गपाणिॐ रथाङ्गपाणये नमः।RathangapaniThe Lord Who Keeps the Wheel called Sudarshana in his Hand
999अक्षोभ्यॐ अक्षोभ्याय नमः।AkshobhyaThe Lord Who Cannot be Annoyed by Anyone
1000सर्वप्रहरणायुधॐ सर्वप्रहरणायुधाय नमः।Sarva-praharanayudhaThe Lord Who has All Implements for All Kinds of Assault and Fight

Benefit of reciting Sahasranamavali of Lord Vishnu – 1000 Names of Lord Vishnu

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam, which literally translates to Lord Vishnu’s 1000 names, has been mentioned in the Mahabharata’s Anushasanika Parva.

Though the Lord has many names, the Vishnu Sahasranama, which comprises a thousand selected names of the Supreme Being, is written in the form of a hymn that anybody can repeat.

In this episode, Bhishma, who had been magnificently defeated by Arjuna was lying on a bed of arrows during the battle of Kurukshetra.

Responding to Maharaja Yudhisthira’s questions, grandsire Bhishma disclosed how the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the controller of all moving and nonmoving beings and the worshipable master of all demigods.

His name, form, and traits are limitless. By singing the Vishnu Sahasranamam (Lord Vishnu’s Thousand Names), one should always joyously adore Him.

Regular recitation aids in liberation from the bad effects of the Kali-Yuga, which is marked by strife and anxiety. It aids in the attainment of spiritual perfection.

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