Corona Devi Temple – The ‘Corona Devi’ idol is worshiped in a temple in Coimbatore !

Friends you will be surprised if I tell you that there is a temple dedicated to Corona called as Corona Devi temple in Coimbatore!

As per local beliefs, people say that the goddesses will protect against the epidemic.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic came, no one thought that life would change completely. Till now millions of people have lost their lives in this epidemic.

Today, during this epidemic, not only the living conditions has changed, but also the belief in worship has increased.

And the example of this is Corona Devi temple , where the priests can be seen praying to the goddess to put an end to the pandemic.

Where is Corona Devi Temple?

The temple of ‘Corona Devi’ has been constructed at Kamachipuri in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu.

At this time every state is very serious due to the continuous death from Corona. In such a situation, some people are also engaged in puja recitation day and night to overcome this epidemic.

The granite is has been used to create the idol of Corona Devi which is about 1.5 ft long.

The worship of Goddess Corona in this temple will last for about 48 days. Along with the havan in these 48 days, there will be an aarti for the goddess in the morning and evening ‘.

The consecration ceremony took place conducted on Tuesday, and ‘pooja’ has started from Wednesday.

Local belief is that by worshiping the Goddess will be pleased and will get rid of this epidemic soon.

Corona Devi Temple – Not the first one

Similar to Corona Devi temple , Mariyaman Temple was built to ward of another pandemic.

Many years ago Plague disease also took the form of an epidemic in the 1900s. During this time also, the idol was established in different places.

At that time, the Mariyaman Temple was constructed in Tamil Nadu to avoid the plague.

Thousands of people used to go to the temple every day at that time in order to pray to te goddess to same them from the plague epidemic.

A similar statue was established in the state of Kerala last year in the case of rising corona cases and deaths.

The Kadakkal statue was established at Kollam in Kerala, where thousands of people worshiped to avoid the corona epidemic.

However, in the temple built in Coimbatore, more people are not allowed to do puja inside.

Corona Devi Temple – Rules to be followed

Due to the pandemic spreading throughout the country, only priests and temple officials are permitted to enter the Corona Devi temple.

In the temple, Covid-19 protocols such as social distancing are observed. According to temple officials, the public is not allowed to enter the temple.

On the last day of the prayers, a Mahayagam or special yajna is said to be held in the temple.

So friends Corona Devi Temple is in my list of some unique temples of India and would like to visit this temple when I get a chance !

Hope you liked it too… Stay safe and healthy ..

Jai mata ki !

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