Bhadrakali temple Thanesar – District Kurukshetra – Shakti Peeth

Bhadrakali temple Thanesar – Friends let me take you to Shri Bhadrakali temple is located on Jhansa road in Thanesar which falls in District Kurukshetrac of Haryana.

The temple is dedicated to Ma Kali.

Shri Devikoop temple is another name for the Bhadrakali temple Thanesar . Devi Kali, one of Devi’s nine incarnations.

Bhadrakali temple Thanesar

Among the 51 Shakti-peethas is this temple. Savitri peetha is another name for Bhadrakali shakti peetha.

In the temple is a large idol of Devi Kali. Upon entering the temple, one is greeted by a large lotus that resembles Devi Sati’s left leg. White marble is used to build this.

Bhadrakali temple Thanesar legend

According to legend, Devi Sati committed suicide by plunging into the Havan fire, which her father, King Daksheshwara, had set ablaze.

Bhadrakali temple Thanesar

During Lord Shiva’s running around the world with her body, Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan chakra to split the body into 51 halves.

This shrine is called Devikoop because, of those 51 parts, the right ankle of the Sati fell here, inside a well.

The Pandavas from Mahabharat are reported to have worshipped Devi Durga and Shri Krishna here, asking for blessings to help them win the war against the Kauravas.

They donated horses to this shrine after winning the war, and ever since, this custom has persisted.

Bhadrakali temple Thanesar

Devotees come here to perform the mundan (bald head) rite for their children because it is also stated that Lord Krishna and Balrama had it here.

This temple celebrates all the holidays. Here, the Durga puja and Navratra festivals are the main draws.

On these days, a lot of devotees congregate, and the temple is decked out in flowers and lights. Visitors are able to find calm in the environment of the shrine.

Bhadrakali temple Thanesar

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