The Hadimba Devi Temple, Manali – A temple from Mahabharata times

The Hadimba Devi Temple is a well-known Hindu shrine in Himachal Pradesh, dedicated to Bhima’s ( one of the Pandava’s ) wife.

Hadimba Devi Temple is also known as Hidimba Devi temple as she is called in our ancient texts.

Hadimba temple history

The temple was built by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in the year 1553.

From ancient times, it has been a cave temple and was dedicated to Hidimbi , who was sister of Hidimba. It is said that Hidimba did meditation here.

The Hadimba Devi Temple

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Hidimba was born into a Rakshasa family, but Hidimba vowed to marry one who would defeat her brother Hidimb ( also called as Hidimba ). Hidimb was supposed to be very brave and fearless.

And hence you can say that the Hadimba Temple is associated with our great epic, the Mahabharata. The Hadimba Temple is built to pay homage to Devi Hadimba.

As per the legendary Indian epic Mahabharata, the Pandavas stayed in Himachal Pradesh during their exile.

During a fight between Hidimb and Bheem, Bheema defeated and killed Hidimb and hence Bhima and Hidimba’s sister, Hidimbi, then got married and had a son, Ghatotkacha.

When Bhima and his brothers returned from exile, Hidimbi did not accompany him, but stayed back and did tapasya (a combination of meditation, prayer, and penance).

She eventually attained the status of a goddess .

Construction of Hidimba Devi temple

This temple is constructed in pagoda style. The temple displays the finest example of wood carvings on it.

The Hadimba Temple’s roof, which is in the shape of a four-tiered pagoda, is a unique feature. The temple swaggers as well, thanks to its ornately carved wooden entryway.

Every year in May, a fair is held at Hadimba’s temple. During Dussehra, another fair is held. Hidimba Devi’s temple is centered around a cave where Hidimba practiced mediation.

Its sanctuary is erected over a rocky cleft covered by a big rock that is regarded as a manifestation of goddess Durga, and it also houses an image of the deity.

In the Hidimbi Devi Temple, there are intricately carved wood doors and a 24 meter tall wooden “shikhar.” Three square roofs covered in timber tiles and a fourth brass cone-shaped roof at the summit make up the tower.

The main door carvings depict the earth goddess Durga in many forms. The temple’s base was constructed utilizing whitewashed and mud-covered stonework. Because of its location, it is known as Dhungri Temple.

A shrine dedicated to Goddess Hidimba’s son, Ghatotkacha, who was born after she married Bhima, is located about 70 meters from the temple.

The most startling element of the temple, or what believers may call the most reassuring characteristic of the temple, is that the imprint of the Goddess’s feet etched on a block of stone is worshipped inside the temple.

Hadimba temple timings ( hidimba devi temple timings )

Below are the hidimba devi temple timings

8 AM to 6 PM – open all days in a week

How to reach Hadimba Temple?

Hidimba Devi temple is located in Manali and is just 100 m from the main Mall Road and you can say that it is around 2Km from the Manali town.

From Manali town bus stand you can easily get a taxi or public transport. The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar Railway station and if you are coming from train, you need to get down at Joginder Nagar Railway Station.

From railway station as well, the temple is around 2Kms and hence you can take auto, taxi or public transport from there.

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