Talakaveri – and other beautiful temples in Coorg

Beautiful temples of Coorg: Coorg is a very beautiful hill station near Mysore / Bangalore. It is also called as scotland of India due to is scenic beauty.

Coorg offers its visitors unmatched scenic beauty , greenery all around, lush green coffee estates, water falls, trekking destinations and lots more.

But Coorg also offers its visitors beautiful and mythologically important temples which are a must visit if you are visitng Coorg.

Friends welcome to our post ‘Talakaveri – and other beautiful temples in Coorg”

Talakaveri is one of the most important and known destination because this is the place where river Cauvery originates and it has a beautiful temple at this place.

We have visited Coorg recently and below are the temple which can be planned in any trip to Coorg

Remember Coorg is area which has many small towns.

For all practical purposes Madikeri is best and you can book hotels / homestays here. All these temples are near by Madikeri.

How to reach Madikeri? There are 3 routes

Route 1: Banglore -channapatna -mandya-mysore-kushalnagar-madikeri

Route 2: Banglore-nelamangala-kunigal-yadiyur-channapatna-kushalnagar-madekeri

Route 3: Banglore- nelamangala-kunigal-yadiyur-nelmangala-bettadapura-kushalnagar madekeri


Talakaveri is one of the most important pilgrimage center in this area and also a very popular tourist destination.

Talakaveri temple premises has temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Lord Agasthya and Mata Caveri.

River Cauvery is one of the seven holy rivers of India and is also called as Ganga of south.

A the temple premises, there is a small tank which is also called as Bhrama Kundike or Cauvery Kundike and this is where the river Cauvery originates as a perennial spring and then again disappears underground.

It remerges again at Bhagamandala where it is joined by 2 other rivers, Kannike and Sujyothi. This place hence is called as Triveni Sangam and is also another important pilgrimage center.

talakaveri temple

Near the Bhrama Kund, there is a small temple. The most important day of this temple is Tula sankrama of Makar Masa. It is said that on this day goddess Cauvery appeared on this earth. It is said that during this day the water level of the Bhrama Kund suddenly increases. This is a sacred place for all the Hindus and devotees from across country come here to take a dip at this holy kund!

sage agashtya

After taking bath in the kund, there are rooms where you can change the clothes. Other facilities like place where you can keep your shoes, bags etc is present. You can also have nice prasadam at the annadanam there.

Talakaveri is at the foothills of Bhramagiri hills which is altitude of 1276 m above the sea level. There are around 600 steps which can take you at the peak of the hills and view from there is awesome.

steps leading to top of the bhramagiri hills

Talakaveri temple timings

6 am Temple Open
6-7 am Darshan
7-7.30 am Abhisekh
7.30-5.30 pm Darshan timings
5.45- 6pm Maha Arti
6 pm close

Sri Bhagandeshwara Temple , Bhagamandala

Another beautiful temple and important pilgrimage center of this area, Bhagamandala is the place where river Cauvery meets the other 2 rivers Kannike and Sujyothi and this place is called as Triveni Sagam. Devotees take dip in this holy Sangam.

bhagamandala temple entrance

Just next to this Sangam is an important temple of the area call as Shri Bhagandeshwara Temple.

triveni Sangama

This temple is built in Kerala Style with red tiled roof. The courtyard is huge. This place is around 8 Kms before Talakavveri.

Sri Omkareshwara temple – Madikeri

Sri Omkareshwara temple is also one of the important temple of the area.

This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and is located near Madikeri fort.

The temple was built by the king Linga Rajendra II and is unique in the sense that the architecture is heavily influenced by Islamic and Gothic architectural styles.

Sri Omkareshwara temple - Madikeri

The temple is open throughout the year and has no restriction on timings. An important temple of this area is a must visit of you are in Coorg/Madikeri.

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