Swayambu Nagappa Temple, Chikkenahalli – Ramanagara

Sri Chikkanahalli Nagappa Temple ( also known as Swayambu Nagappa Temple ) is located near Bangalore, Karnataka. The temple is actually in Ramanagara. This is a well-known Naga or Snake shrine in the area.

The snake temple is well-known for its naturally formed Naga murti (idol). The Naga murti in the temple is sleeping on a massive stone slab. So this is a very popular and must visit temple in the region.

Swayambu Nagappa Temple, Chikkenahalli

The Naga murti, which is worshipped in the temple, is also said to be expanding in size.

So stone is growing and has super natural power in curing all types of human problems. Becuase of this miracle, lot of people visit this temple.

Sarpa Dosha Nivarana is associated with the shrine.

After praying in the shrine, devotees obtain relief from various Naga Doshas. Many people suffering from Sarpa Dosha in kundali come here for worship.

They perform special pooja here. Many people swear that after praying at the shrine, they have obtained tranquilly, wealth, success, and good health.

How to reach Swayambu Nagappa Temple, Chikkenahalli, Ramanagara

So the temple is located in Ramanagara which is very near to Bangalore and can be covered in a days trip.

Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/JF6ViHqQL8TaRCXU8

Address of Sri Swayambu Nagappa Temple :
Sri Nagappa Temple,
Chikkana Halli,
Ramanagar Taluk,

So Sri Swayambu Nagappa Temple is one of the famous Nagappa temple around Bangalore and famous for Sarp Dosha Nivarna other being Shri Ghati Subramanya temple and Sri Mukti Naga temple , both of which are around Bangalore.

So do visit these temples when you find time. I did not find much history regarding the origin of the temple, so if you have any comment, feednback or information do post it in the description box below which will be helpful to other readers.

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