Sri Adi Janardhana temple Mangalore etablished by Bhagawan Parashurama

Sri Adi Janardhana temple is one of the famous temples of Tulu Region, also called as Tulu Nadu. The temple is located Seemanthooru which is a place in Dakshin Kannada.

Seemanthooru is a small village very near Mulki and falls on the Mangalore – Udupi Highway.

The village is quite close to the Mulki railway station and is easily accessible.

Do you know that the name Seemanthooru is also very interesting ?

It is said that the name Seemanthooru is an offshoot of “Shrimantara Ooru” which means “land of the rich people!”.

It is said that this place, Seemanthooru was once indeed a land of the rich people.

So Sri Adi Janardhana temple is in Seemanthooru. It is also known as the Sri Adi Janardana Devasthana or Sri Adi Janardana swamy .

But do you know why this temple is called as “Adi” Janardana temple?

Sri Adi Janardhana temple history

It is said that the Seemanthooru Janardana temple was established by Bhagawan Parashurama. It is one of the many temples in the Tulu Nadu region that was established by Lord Parashurama.

As per local legend the temple idols established by Rishis and Aparoksha Gnanis and it never gets “damaged”.

People here say that a few hundred years ago, the idol of Lord Janardana was damaged. Hence people from the village made a new idol and established it in the sanctum sanctoram.

It is said that after this the temple and village’s popularity declined.

Upon enquiring with scholars, it emerged that the original idol still has the full Sannidhana and hence the problem.

The original idol was repaired and placed back in sanctum sanctoram. The original idol is now known as “Adi Janardana” . The new idol also exists in the temple.

Hence this unique temple has two Janardana idols!

Another unique feature of this temple is that it is one of the very few temples in Tulu Nadu that does not have a Ganapati temple.

Seemanthooru Janardana is the “Akhilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka” and hence there is no other idol!

Address & Phone number of the temple

  • Sri Adi Janardana Temple, Shimanthur, Post Panjinadka – 574 195, Mulky, D.K
  • 0824 – 2294745

How to reach Shri Adi Janardhana Temple

  • From Mangalore reach Mulki using the Udupi highway
  • From Bangalore it will be it will be around 8 hrs ( NH75 & NH73)
  • Then turn towards Kinnigoli. About 2kms later, you will find a temple arch.
  • After arch it is around 1Km.

There is annual car festival at the temple which is for 6 days starting Kumbha Masa Saptami (late February – early March)

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