One of the 108 Divya Desam Temple – Sri SthalaSayana Perumal Temple, Mahabalipuram – Must visit

Sri SthalaSayana Perumal Temple, Mahabalipuram – Friends, in our last couple of posts we talked about few histoically important rock cut cave temple in mahabalpuram. In this video we talk about Sri SthalaSayana Perumal Temple which is one of the 108 Divya Desam temples situated in Mahabalipuram.

Mahabalipuram is generally known for these UNESCO world heritage sites, but do you know that in mahabalipuram in the middle of these beautiful monuments, there is a very very important temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu which is one of the 108 Diva Desams of Lord Vishnu.

The temple I am referring to is Sri SthalaSayana Perumal Temple.

Sri SthalaSayana Perumal Temple history and architecture

Built in fixteen to sixteenth century the temple belongs to Vijayanagara Period.

The carving and workmanship does not look to be very eloborate as it is seen in the temples of that period in Tamil Nadu and Sount India, but the temple is so important that is a national herirage.

It is one of the oldest temples of south India.The temple is believed to have a rich history. It is built intraditional architectural style.

The temple devoted to Lord Sthalasayana and Nilamangai Thayaar. People here bilieve that lord vsihnu himslef came abnd stayed at this place and hence this temple hold a special significance.

This is also believed to be the birthplace of Bhoothathazhwar Bhoothath Alvar (also spelt Bhoothathalvar or Bhoothath Azhwar) is one of the twelve alvar saints of South India, who are known for their affiliation to Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism.

The temple is facing east with 4 pillar mandapam and an unfinished – mottai – gopuram similar to Rayala Gopuram.

The Rajagopuram is after the unfinished gopuram at the entrance to the main shrine. Dwajasthambam, Balipeedam and Garudalvar sannadhi are at the front. Thayar is in a separate sannidhi.

There is a separate shrine for Narasimhar, Ramar and Anjaneyar. The temple has main sanctum, artha mandapam, and maha mandapam. Moolavar is in a reclining / sayanam posture on a bare floor without conch and chakra in hands.

The sanctum sanctorum is of rectangular in shape to accommodate Maha Vishnu’s reclining posture. The Vimana is of sala style. The Rajagopuram is of 5 tiers, built during Vijayanagara period.

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SthalaSayana Perumal Temple Legend?

It is said that once a priest by the name of Pundarika, who was an ardent devotee for lord vusgnu. One day he was collecting lotus flowers to offer to lord vishnul.

He collected a total of 1,008 flowers. lord vishnu was very impressed by his bhakti. Lord vishnu then the appreared in the form of an old man and said that he will the do that job if he is offered food.

So Pundarika maharishi went inside the Village to get food. When Pundarika Maharishi, returned with food, Sriman Narayanan, gave darshan reclining on the floor.

Hence Lord Maha Vishnu is called as Sthala Sayana Perumal.

SthalaSayana Perumal Temple timings

The temple is open from 6.00 AM in the morning to 12.00 noon and then temple is closed.

The temple opens again at 3.00 PM and is then open till 8.00 PM for the darshan

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