Kurudumale Ganesha temple – Kurudumale, Karnatka

Lord Ganesha is one of the most worshiped god in Hinduism. Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and signifies intellect and wisdom. He is invoked before starting anything new.

This temple is located in Mulgabal district near Kolar.

A very very old temple, so old that it is said to be present from SatYuga, the first of four yugas in Hindu mythology. The temple has a 13 ft long Sri Ganesha Idol in Saligram and probably is one of the biggest in the world.

Not only is the uniqueness of this idol, but also the story behind this temple. It is said that the idol was established by none other than the Tridevs i.e Bhrama, Vishnu and Mahesha (Shiva) during Sata Yuga. As this idol was established by Hindu Trinity, this place was called as “Kotadri”. The hill on which this temple is located is called as “Kootamale” and over the year, this place became “Kurudumale”.

So, since the idol was established in “Sata Yuga”, it is said, this temple has been there for all 4 yugas now.  Thats amazing and powerful. It is said that Sri Ram also worshiped this idol in “Treta Yuga”. It is also said that Pandavas has visited this temple before going to war with Karwas. So if you see a lot of mythology is attached to this temple and its just amazing!! It is said that this place is very powerful and many gods still visit this place.

There is also another temple just before Ganesha temple and is called as Someshwara temple, dedicated to lord Shiva.

This temple was also built during the Cholas period. Half of the temple has different style of carving, believed to have been done by artist Jakanachari and the other half is believed to have been carved by his son Dankanachari. However the idol of the god is considered to be as old as Sri Ganesha temple.


Some photographs

Entrance of Ganesha temple:



Ganesha temple premises



Entrance of Shiva temple

Nandi @ Shiva temple

How to reach?

Reaching Kurudumale was not very difficult. Roads are well marked and google is generally correct.

There are 2 options to go to Kurudumaale:

Route1: Bangalore -> Sarjapura -> Maralur -> Kolar -> Mulbagal -> Kurudumale
Route2: Bangalore -> Hosakote -> Kolar -> Mulbagal -> Kurudumale

Route1 is little bit less in distance, but are little bith patchy at many places. Majority of Route2 is on NH75 and hence is good, 4 lanes.

There are many food options on the way. There is nothing else in Kurudumaale except these 2 temples.

But the temple itself is very very powerful. Both Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva temples has been there from time immemorial.



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