Bhawani Amba Temple – Ambala – Haryana – A temple where goddess appear in 10 different forms !

It is believed that the name of city Ambala has been derived from the name of Goddess Amba. Shri Bhawani Amba temple is an ancient temple situated in Ambala and is one of the must visit devi temples of the region.

The presiding diety of the temple is Ma Amba. It is said that the city of Ambala has been named after Devi Amba and mata is known here as Amba Devi or Bhawani Devi.

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The temple of Bhawani Amba is one of the most visited temples in the region. It is a historical temple and has been here for long.

So it is an ancient temple and it has been the witness to the city’s history since Ambala’s birth.

Each temple has an own history and legends attached to it, and each temple is special in its own way. The intricate carvings on the temple walls and the exquisitely carved pillars tell volumes about the depth of the creativity. This temple of Mata Bhawani Amba also has a unique legend.

It is believed that it was here that Goddess Bhagawati Ma appeared in ten different forms.

Legend behind Bhawani Amba Temple

Once lord Shiva was unhappy with Devi Parvati one day and intended to leave. Devi Parvati tried to stop Him, but He refused to listen.

Devi Parvati requested him to renounce this thought of travelling away, and hoping to persuade lord Shiva she requested him not to leave.

Lord Shiva, however, ignored her comments and left nevertheless. As He moved further, Shiva noticed Sri Mahakali standing in his way.

Lord Shiva simply turned and began to walk in another direction. There too, another form of Bhagawati stood, blocking his path.

Lord Shiva kept walking in different directions, but no matter where he turned, some form of ma Bhagawati prevented him for moving forward.

Lord Shiva tried ten different directions and every time he changed his direction, Goddess Bhagawati Ma appeared in ten different forms in the ten different directions.

She took the form of Kali, Tara, Chinnmasta, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Tripurabhairavi, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Matangi and Kamala.

How to reach Shri Bhawani Amba Temple?

Shri Bhawani Amba temple is located in Ambala.

Ambala town is well connected to different parts of the country.

  • By Air – Nearest airport is Chandigarh airport from where you can take cab or public transport
  • By Rail – Ambala is well connected by rail network and has 3 railway stations
    • Ambala Cantt (Delhi-Amritsar-Meerut-Kalka lines)
    • Ambala City (Ambala-Amritsar/Jammu Line)
    • Dhul Kot (Ambala-Chandigarh/Kalka Line)
  • By Road -There is a bus terminal in Ambala Cantt (GT Road) and another one at Ambala City. There are frequent services along Delhi, Chandigarh. Amritsar and Shimla route and some far off destinations such as Gwalior, Kota and Jaipur

Temple timings

Monday6 AM – 12 Noon 1PM – 9PM
Tuesday6 AM – 12 Noon 1PM – 9PM
Wednesday6 AM – 12 Noon 1PM – 9PM
Thursday6 AM – 12 Noon 1PM – 9PM
Friday6 AM – 12 Noon 1PM – 9PM
Saturday6 AM – 12 Noon 1PM – 9PM
Sunday6 AM – 12 Noon 1PM – 9PM

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