Sri Someshwara temple – Sarjapura

There is a very nice and old temple in Sarjapura, Bangalore. Sarjapura is place on the outskirts of Bangalore city.
This temple is situated on Sarjapura Ittanagur road. Its called as Sri Someshwara temple and dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Though I was not able to get much history of this temple, but I heard from the priest that this temple is centruies old and has been recently renovated. It is one of the prominent temple for local population. During shivratri and Savan month, this temple has special functions planned and there is lot of rush during these times.

But this place is very calm and quite and you can have a very nice darshan of lord.

Lord Someshwara
Nandi @ front of temple




How to reach?

Head towards Sarjapura. You can take ring road and then take left on Sarjapura road at Iblur junction. Before Sarjapura village, you will see a junction, called as Sarjapura circle. Go straight at the circle. You will find a bus stop on the left. Just after bus stop there is a left turn. That is Sarjapura Ittanagur road. Take left on that. Drive for around 1Km. Temple is on the left hand side.

Do visit this temple when you find some time. You will like it!


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