Shri Selva Anjaneyar Temple at Chennimalai Erode – Tamil nadu

Selva Anjaneyar Temple is located in Chennimalai, Tamil Nadu’s Erode district. This temple is thought to be over 500 years old.

Selva Anjaneyar Temple Story

Anjaneya is said to have gone through Chennimalai on his way to find Ma Sita, who was imprisoned in Ravana’s Ashoka vatika.

Later, the location where he stayed turned into a rock. This rock serves as the foundation for the current temple.

People began to worship Sri Hanuman fifty years ago, when the idol was placed on the rock.

People have a strong belief that the Panchaloha (five metals) Anjaneya, weighing 650 kg, possesses incredible powers.

There are several Anjaneya temples around the country, the idols are all constructed of stone. This is probably the only temple with a 5.5-foot Panchaloha idol. feet in height It’s a temple on top of a hill.

Even greatest poets struggle to depict Sri Anjaneya’s majesty, heroism, and devotion to Lord Shri Rama, who had completely devoted himself to his service.

This temple is where he is gracing. When their prayers are answered, devotees offer Tulasi garland, sendura, and butter.

Selva Anjaneyar Temple timings

Morning: 6.00 AM to 11.00 AM / Evening: 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM

Selva Anjaneyar Temple pooja options

  • Vadamala Puja
  • Navagraha Puja
  • Srichakra Puja

Special pujas are performed on the first day of each Tamil month and Sri Rama Navami are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Importance of the temple

It is said that visiting this temple,

  • Remove fear of death, and the person is blessed with long and happy life
  • Remove negativities in life, bestow peace and harmony on the person
  • Frees the person from past sins and karmas
  • Clear bad effects of Saturn, bless purity and prosperity
  • Remove long patches of struggle, and gain financial stability

How To Reach Sri Selva Anjaneyar Temple, Chennimalai

By Air : Coimbatore Airport is the nearest airport

By Rail: You can reach Erode Railway station and then take a cab from there

By Road : The temple is situated on the Chennimalai-Perundurai Road. Buses from Erode bound to Palani and Darapuram pass through the temple. There are also town bus facilities from Kangayam and Perundurai.

Sri Selva Anjaneyar Temple Temple Address and contact details

Sri Selva Anjaneyar Temple,
Mariappanagar, Chennimalai,
Erode district, Tamil Nadu,
Pincode – 638051.

Temple Shlokas

Mano-Javam Maaruta-Tulya-Vegam
Jite Indriyam Buddhi-Mataam Varissttha |
Vaata-Atmajam Vaanara-Yuutha-Mukhyam
Shriiraama-Duutam Sharannam Prapadye |

I bow my head to salute Rama’s messenger, who has won over His mind, who is as fast as the wind, who has mastered his organs, who is the most knowledgeable, who is the wind God’s son, and who leads as the chief in the army of monkeys.

Anjaneya Madhi Paatalaananam, Kanjanaadri Kamaneeya Vigraham, Paarijatha Tharu Moola Vaasinam, Bhaavayami Bhava mana Nandanam

bow before the wind God’s darling son, Anjana’s son, the great killer of ogres, who is handsome and like a golden mountain, who lives near Parijatha tree’s roots.

Divya Mangala Dehaaya Peethambara Dharayacha Thaptha Kanchana Varnaaya Mangalam Shri Hanumathey

Oh Lord Hanuman who has a mystical form, who adorns a silk garment in yellow and who looks similar to molten gold, let thy be auspiciousness.

Anjana Nandanam Veeram Janaki Soka Naasanam, Kapeesa Maksha Hantharam, Vandhe Lanka Bhayankaram

We salute Lanka’s horror, Anjana’s brave son, who ended Sita’s sorrows, the ruler of monkeys and the one who killed Aksha, Ravana’s son.

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