Ramappa Temple – 800 year old temple, made up of bricks that float on water and other amazing facts!

There are many things about Ramappa temple warangal which amazes us. This 800 year old temple stands as the testimony of amazing temple architecture of Kakatiya period.

This is a ancient temple, around 800 years old and is dedicated to Lord Shiva !

About Ramappa Temple?

Ramappa temple warangal is probably the only temple in the country which is named after it’s sculptor. Yes this is one of the amazing facts about this temple.

Ramappa Temple - Main

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The temple is actually known as Shri Ramalingeshwara temple and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The temple is located near Warangal and is about 70 Kms from Warangal city center. The temple is known for its historical richness and excellent architectural.

The area around the temple is also very scenic and beautiful and your trip to warangal is incompllete with out a visit to Shri Ramappa temple.

If you find the information interesting, read further about the amazing history and architecture of this temple!

Ramappa Temple history

As per the inscriptions found in the temple, the temple dates back to 1213 AD. That is approximately 800 years old.

The temple was built during the reign of Kakatiya and is one of the finest example of temple architecture of that time.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Ramalingeshwara ( i.e Lord Shiva ), but goes by the name Ramappa and as I said before, is probably only temple which is known by the name of its sculptor.

The temple was built during the rule of Kakatiya King Ganapati Deva. Kings Chief Commander Recherla Rudra oversaw the construction of this temple.

And the temple sculptor was Ramappa.

Considered to be one of best among the medieval temples of South India, the temple is under the maintenance of Archaeological Survey of India.

What is amazing about this temple is that in spite of being such a old temple, it still stands strong. Read about this temples amazing architecture below.

Ramappa Temple Architecture

The temple is actually a group of temples, built around a artificial lake. These group of temples are actually situated in a valley and it is said that it took 40 years to build this temple.

You will find some very elaborate carvings on the walls and pillar of the temple.

The temple complex consists of 3 temples i.e

  • Rudreswara temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the main temple
  • Kateswara Temple &
  • Kameswara Temple

And what is Ramappa temple nandi ?

You will also find a Nandi mandapa and many pillars with inscriptions.

Ramappa Temple Pillar Carvings

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The whole temple complex is surrounded by a wall.

But what is so amazing about this temples architecture?

The temple is made up of bricks that float in water. yes, the bricks where probably made by some special technology of that time which make them light in weight and spongy and when left in water these bricks float !

Another interesting fact about this temples architecture is the way it is built.

And it is the usage of sand-box technology where the sand is used to top the foundation pit. This provides a cushions like cover between the main structure and foundation during an earthquake.

This was a very innovative way of thinking which made the structure earth quake resistant. Amazing isn’t it?

Ramappa temple pillar boasts of elaborate carvings and life size sculptures. One of the most striking feature of this temple are the 12 mandakini figures that stands as a bracket figures.

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These female figures are made up of black basalt stones which epitomizes youth, agility, grace and rhythm and speak about the level of skills artisans from that time had.

As soon as we enter the temple, we will see a Nandi mandapam with Nandi, facing the Lord Shiva.

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Although the mandapa is not in good condition now, the majestic statue of Nandi, the divine vehicle of Lord Shiva, is undamaged and looks very impressive.

How to reach Ramappa Temple

The temple is near Warangal. Wrangal to ramappa temple distance is around 70 Kms. Hyderabad to ramappa temple distance is around 160 Kms.

Where to stay?

Haritha Lake View Resort Ramappa is one of the good options. It has well maintained cottages and a good resturant.

Ramappa Temple Warangal Address:

Palampet Village, Venkatapur Mandal, Warangal, Telangana, 506345, India

Ramappa Temple Timings

The temple is open from 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM every day!

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