Dasarighatta Chowdeshwari Temple, Dasarighatta, Tiptur, Tumkur district

Friends let me take you to Dasarighatta today. The famous temple of Ma Sri Sri Sri Chowdeshwari Devi, the Dasarighatta Chowdeshwari Templ is located here !

Tumkur in Karnataka is home to many famous temple and Ma Chowdeshwari Temple ( dasarighatta chowdeshwari devasthanam ) is one of them.

A very famous temple of the region is in the middle of the backwaters of shavarathi dam. The unusually tall, vertical wild date tree (eechalu) in front of the temple is a special feature here

Chowdeshwari Temple, Dasarighatta, Tiptur, Tumkur district

Legend of Mata Dasarighatta Chowdeshwari Temple

It is said that hundreds of years ago, on the banks of the river Tunga in Karnataka in Raichur district, there was a kingdom called Nandavara.

As per legend, Nandavara’s king was a Shakti Upasaka. The king used to rise at 4 a.m., travel to Kasi, bathe in the holy Ganges, and return to his kingdom before daylight to worship Devi at Nandavara, all with the power of the heavenly mantra Shakti.

This was his daily routine. The Maharani becoming suspicious of his absence, questioned the king about this. The king told her everything in detail.

She decided to test the king, and hence she compelled him to take her also with him. The king reluctantly accepted. The next day, he took her to Kasi along with him.

During their stay at Kasi, the queen had her monthly course. The king’s mantra Shakti was lost as a result of this. The king got restless and frightened since he was unable to return to his kingdom as usual.

He observed a group of Brahmans doing Chandi Homa while travelling along the Ganga’s banks, and approached them because he couldn’t find a solution.

The Brahmans vowed to give the king a fourth of what they had earned as punya (good acts) by sacrificing Arghya to Lord Surya every day at the appropiate time, purifying the queen and allowing them to return to their kingdom.

The Brahmins asked the king what he would give them in return for their help. The king promised to give them land, whenever they approached him.

Thus the king got the power from the Brahmans and returned to his kingdom. But the king was never able to make use of Shakti Mantra.

Years passed. There came a terrible famine in Kasi. The Brahmans remembered the king’s promise and went to Nandavara to met him. They reminded him of his promise.

However the king had completely forgotten his promise. He disrespected the Brahmans and abused them. The Brahmans were very unhappy . From that day onwards, all the efforts of the king started yielding negative results.

The Brahmans worshipped Shri Chowdeshwari and requested her to come down to Nandavara as the lonely witness for the king’s promise. Devi did as they desired. The king realized his mistake. He apologised to Devi and Brahmans.

The dynasty of Brahmans thus got settled at Nandavara and came to be known as Nandavariks and Chowdeshwari became their Kul devi, she is also the family deity of Togataveeras.

There still exists a beautiful Ma Chowdeshwari Temple at Nandavara on the banks of Tungabhadra and she is being worshipped on all days of the year.

The about 300 years ago, there used to live a paleyagar named Jasavantharaya near Tiptur. He desired to extend his kingdom.

Having come to know of the powers of Mata Chowdeshwari Temple, so he went to Nandavara and prayed to her with all devotion.

Devi was pleased with his tapsaya and she appeared in front of him and asked him to ask for a boon. That is when the paleyagar revealed his desire. He requested her to follow him as a protector during all his expeditions.

Devi agreed on the condition that, she would stay permanently at a place of her choice. Paleyagar continued his expeditions and conquered kingdom after kingdom. While marching in this way, Devi came across a plain land, surrounded by beautiful dales and mountains, with lush green patches of forestland.

Devi decided to stay there and informed the Paleyagar . This place came to be known as the town of Jasavantharaya. The same Jasavantharaya town is now called Dasarighatta.

What is the speciality of Mata Dasarighatta Chowdeshwari Temple

The speciality of dasarighatta chowdeshwari devasthanam is a panchaloha idol of Mata Chowdeshwari Devi, which write backs the reply if a question is asked orally or even in mind.

The question can be asked in any language- Kannada, Hindi, English,Telugu etc.

The head of the deity is believed to write down the answers in the Kannada language on rice flour or ragi flour base.

You have to buy the ticket for each question. There is a ticket which you need to take for this ritual. The ticket price was around 100/- but you need to check the current price.

How to reach Dasarighatta

  • Dasarighatta is about 10 kms from Tiptur. You can reach Tiptur via Tumkur .
  • There are plenty of busses from Bangalore to Tiptur. From Bus stand, Auto driver will charge Rs 100/- for one way. Also city buses are available to reach Dasarighatta.
  • You can reach Tiptur by train. Dasarighatta is around 5km from railway station.
  • The nearest airport will be at Bangalore.

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