Amba Devi Temple, Amaravati, Maharashtra

Freinds let me take you to Shri Amba Devi Temple, situated in Amaravati, in the state of Maharashtra.

The temple is dedicated to the district’s principal deity, “Goddess Amba,” another avatar of Goddess Durga.

The district of Amravati is thought to have been named after the presiding deity, and translates as “The Eternal City” or “The City of The Immortals.”

Visitors to this temple come from all walks of life and many regions of India.

The Shri Ambadevi temple is the oldest and holiest shrine in the entire Amravati district.

The temple complex, which is located in the centre of Amravati, features ancient scriptures that are etched on the walls.

Amba devi temple Amaravati Maharashtra

Festivals celebrated at shri Amba Devi Temple, Amaravati

The Navratri celebration, when the entire temple is exquisitely decked, is one of the temple’s main draws.

During this time, residents of the festival and even those from nearby cities come to see the Goddess.

On the grounds of the Ambadevi temple, a sizable mela (fair) is held during Navratris, and devotees take part in it wholeheartedly.

A remedy to the pilgrims’ lodging issue is offered by the surrounding hotels.

Legend of Shri Amaravati Amba Devi tempe

The Amaravati Amba Devi temple is connected to a very intriguing mythology.

According to legend, Rukmini, the daughter of king Bhishma, fell in love with Lord Krishna after hearing about his valour.

However, her brother Rukmiya arranged for her to wed King Shishupal of Chedi, a friend of his.

When Rukmini went to the Ambadevi shrine the day before she was to marry Shishupal, legend has it that she was abducted by the Lord Krishna.

About Amba Devi Amaravati Temple complex

The Ambadevi temple complex is enclosed by tall walls, and upon entering the grounds, one is greeted by a vast, open hall.

Several corridors on the left side lead to the courtyard. Huge main gates that resemble fort gates are there.

A small room known as the “Nagarkhana” or the drum room is located above the gate.

The Puranas are depicted in great detail on the temple walls.

Three massive arch-shaped rooms that make up the main “Garbagriha” or “Gabharas” include sandstone statues of the goddesses Ambabai, Ganapati, Mahadev, Vishnu, and Parvati.

Goddess Amba, Lakshmi, and Narayan all live in the middle room. For a full year, two silver lamps are seen illuminating the deities.

Various Gods and Goddesses are represented by idols and engravings on the temple complex’s western wall.

These idols’ exact age is unknown. They are so meticulously carved that they almost appear to have been machine cut.

The process used to create the deity decorations and plaster work in temples is still a mystery.

The temple compound is surrounded by a neighbourhood market.

Visitors can take pleasure in purchasing local trinkets like Rangoli powder, toys, brass souvenirs, and pooja supplies for their homes.

Here, the Navratri or Navratra festival is observed with splendour. The temple is accessible to the public every day for those nine days.

Many talented artists from the area perform a variety of cultural and religious programmes.

The social and cultural programmes are enjoyed with the appropriate seating arrangements.

At certain times of the day, even “bhog” (a sacred meal available to the general people after being presented to God) is free.

Flower arrangements and coloured papers are used to beautify the entire area.

How to reach shri Amba devu temple Amaravati?

The Ambadevi Temple is conveniently situated in Amravati’s Gandhi Square.

From Amravati Railway Station and Amravati Bus Stand, it is approximately 1 km and 1.5 km to the west, respectively.

It is simple to get here via local buses, taxis, and cars.

The district’s adjacent Badnera Railway Station offers taxi service as well. Direct state buses are accessible from Nagpur to the temple, which is around 155 km away.

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