Shri Krauncha Giri Temples – Bellary Karnataka – 7th-10th century temples

Krauncha Giri is a tiny town in Karnataka, India, located approximately 10 kilometres from Sandur in the Bellary District. It is remarkable for two ancient Shri Krauncha Giri Temples that are both protected monuments and are located within the same enclosure.

About Krauncha Giri

Krauncha Giri is believed to be the first abode of Lord Subramanya in the South India. Lord Subramanya is also known as Lord Karthikeya, the god of war, son of Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva, and brother of Lord Ganesha.

The most notable is the Kumaraswami Temple (built during 8th-10th century). The Parvati Temple next to it ( built during 7th-8th century).

Shri Krauncha Giri Temples - Bellary Karnataka

The legend of Krauncha Giri Temples

The unique feature of the mountain is its elliptical shape with a diametric narrow pass.

According to mythology, Lord Subramanya created this gap in the mountain while fighting the demon Taraka with his spherical weapon, Vel, to kill the demon who was hidden within the mountain.

This mountain is also associated with legends of the sages Agastya and Parasurama. Kalidasa in the work Megha Sandesa describes the gap in the mountain.

The temple is located in the south west corner of India. The complex houses temples of Parvathi and Kumaraswami. The idol of Lord Ganesha is very famous in this temple.

History of Krauncha Giri Temples

It is said that, the Badami Chalukyas built the Parvathi temple. The main deity of the temple is Goddess Parvathi. The temple is now known as Kumaraswamy temple and was built by the Rashtrakuta monarchs (8th-10th century).

The presiding diety of the temple is lord Subramanya . The temple is currently a protected historic site. It was discovered in the 15th century by the local rulers, the Ghorpades, on the densely forested Swamimalai hill.

In the beginning, the women were strictly not allowed to enter the shrine. After October 1996, Murarirao Yeshwantrao Ghorpade removed the ban on women.

The Ghorpades, loved and respected by the locals, had declared the temple open to Harijans as early as the 1930s.

After learning this, on his visit to Sandur in 1934, Mahatma Gandhi said, “A small state in South India has opened the temple to the Harijans, and the heavens have not fallen.”

How to reach Krauncha Giri Temples

  • Daily flights available between Jindal Vijayanagar Airport ( 20 Kms from Sandur ) to Bengaluru and Hyderabad under UDAAN Scheme.
    • Flights are also available to Hubballi Airport which is 180 Kms away from Sandur.
  • Toranagal is the nearest railway station which is 30 Kms away from Sandur.
    • Daily trains are available from Hubli and Guntakal junctions to Toranagal.
  • Ballari District is well connected by Bus through state highway and National Highway.
    • Buses are available to all major cities of karnataka from ballari ( 60 Kms from Sandur ) and Hosapete (35 Kms from Sandur).

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