Sant Kamali Hanuman Mandir Bhopal – The mystic powers of a saint

Sant Kamali Hanuman Mandir is an old Hanuman Temple located in the Hanuman Ganj neighbourhood of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Sant Kamali, was a devotee of Lord Hanuman and estabished this temple.

During his lifetime, Sant Kamali is claimed to have accomplished countless miracles.

The temple was constructed in the nineteenth century.

Legend of Sant Kamali Hanuman Mandir

According to legend, Sant Kamali used to blow conch in the early morning hours as part of his devotion to Lord Hanuman beneath a peepal tree in the shrine’s current site.

Begum Khurishia, the then-ruler of Bhopal, was offended.

She told the Sant not to blow the conch in the early morning hours. Sant, on the other hand, did not stop blowing the conch.

Begum Khurishia sentenced the Sant to death. When the soldiers arrived at the peepal tree, they discovered the Sant had died.

The conch sound was heard again the next morning. Begum Khurishia ordered his soldiers to behead the Sant and cut off his hands and legs this time.

When the soldiers arrived to the peepal tree, they discovered Sant decapitated, with his legs and hands severed.

The conch sound was heard again the next morning. Begum Khurishia went to examine the mystery herself. She heard the conch sound but did not see Sant Kamali.

She realised the Sant’s greatness. Soon after, the Sant appeared and told her that he would continue to do his pujas and ceremonies.

The queen, impressed by his piety, granted him land on which to construct a Hanuman mandir.

So during the reign of Begum Khurishia ,Sant Kamali was donated eight acres of land for construction of the temple.

It all started when the Begum misplaced her beloved necklace, and despite extensive searching throughout the Mahal, there was no evidence of it whatsoever. She approached Sant Kamali Maharaj on the spur of the moment to help her trace her jewellery.

When she went to him for the same, Sant told her, without saying anything, why she had gone to the trouble of coming up here when she should have recovered the necklace wrapped in a red cloth in her under bed.

Begum was perplexed as to how the Sant could know why she had approached him. She directed her trusted commandant to review and double-check the bedroom.

The commandant returned with the jewellery wrapped in red linen, telling Begum that he discovered it under the bed, buried between blankets.

Impressed, Begum Khurishia gave eight acres of land and requested that her army assist in the construction of the temple as requested by Sant Kamali Maharaj.

This entire area became known as Hanumanganj because of Sant Kamali and the temple he constructed for Lord Hanuman. T

his kshethra is so sacred that it makes one feel blessed to have visited the location where Sant conducted pooja and nama sankeerthan to Lord Hanuman.

The temple was established on the site where Sant Kamali Maharaj worshipped Lord Hanuman.

The temple faces south, and there are currently three-ardh shila adorning the temple, all of which face south.

The temple is a sight to behold, with three ardh shilas, one of which is around nine feet tall, another approximately three feet tall, and the third approximately two feet tall.

In the temple complex, there is a statue of Sant Kamali. The conch he blew can be seen in the shrine.

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