Sivan temple in Chennai – List of famous Lord Shiva temples in Chennai

Chennai, a major city in India, is home to several prominent Shiva temples where devotees can worship and experience the spiritual essence of Lord Shiva. Here’s a list of some famous Shiva temples in Chennai

Famous Sivan temple in Chennai

Some of India’s most exquisite temples are found in Chennai. This city’s rich tradition and culture make it the ideal place to make a pilgrimage. The majority of these temples were constructed by the mighty kings of ancient India to honour their adoration and devotion for Lord Shiva, the Creator.

  1. Kapaleeshwarar Temple: Located in Mylapore, this temple is one of the oldest and most famous Shiva temples in Chennai. It features Dravidian architecture and is known for its vibrant festivals, particularly the Arubathimoovar Festival.
  2. Marundeeswarar Temple: Situated in Thiruvanmiyur, this temple is dedicated to Lord Marundeeswarar (Shiva) and is associated with healing and wellness. The temple architecture showcases intricate carvings.
  3. Thyagaraja Swamy Temple : Situated in north of Chennai. Siad to be built by Pandavas.
  4. Nandeeswarar Temple (Nanganallur): This temple complex in Nanganallur has a main shrine for Lord Nandeeswarar (Shiva) and is a hub of religious activity in the area.
  5. Velleeswarar Temple: Located in Mylapore, this temple is dedicated to Lord Velleeswarar (Shiva) and is closely associated with the Kapaleeshwarar Temple.

Famous Lord Shiva temples around Chennai

  1. Kachapeshwarar Temple: Situated in Rathinamangalam, this temple is dedicated to Lord Kachapeshwarar (Shiva) and is known for its peaceful surroundings.
  2. Thiruidaichuram Temple : Lord Shiva here is made of Maragatha stone and shines brilliantly
  3. Ilambayam Kottur Temple : 2000-year-old temple located around 40 km away from Chennai.

Kapaleeswarar Temple ( One of the most famous Lord Shiva Temple in Chennai )

Kapaleeswarar is located in Mylapore, Chennai’s cultural district. The Pallava dynasty is credited with constructing the temple in the seventh century BC.

Kapaleeswarar Temple ( One of the most famous Lord Shiva Temple in Chennai )

The “gopuram” and the inscriptions in the temple belong to the 12th century. The period from 15 March to 15 April is the greatest time to visit.

The Spring celebration is then observed with the greatest fervour and enthusiasm.

Marundeeswarar Temple ( famous Sivan temple in Chennai )

Marundeeswarar is located in Thiruvanmiyur, south Chennai. The Cholas expanded the temple during the 11th century.

According to legend, Lord Shiva blessed Sage Agasthya with the powers and properties of various herbs.

Marundeeswarar Temple ( famous Sivan temple in Chennai )

Thus, it is believed that worshipping here can cure ailments. Marundeeswarar literally translates to God of medicine. The temple is a fine example of the Dravidian style of architecture.

Thyagaraja Swamy Temple – 7th century temple

The Thyagaraja Swamy Temple is near Tiruvottiyur, in the northern part of Chennai.

The temple is claimed to have been constructed in the seventh century by the Pandavas and afterwards extended by the Cholas.

The temple also has temples for Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga, and a few more Gods in addition to Lord Shiva.

Nandeeswarar Temple (Nanganallur)

In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, along Karuneegar Street, is where you can find the Nandeeswarar Temple. The St. Thomas Mount suburban railway station is nearby.

There are two entrances to the temple, one in the east and one in the south. Outside the southern gate is a tank that is present but not in use.

Sri Nandeeswarar Temple is a historic temple in Chennai, next to St. Thomas Mount (Adambakkam), that locals affectionately refer to as the Sivan temple.

Sri Nandheeswarar is the principal deity, and Sri Aavudai Nayagi (Gomathi in Sanskrit) is the Goddess.

Velleeswarar Temple

The Sri Velleeswarar Temple is located on R.K. Mutt Road, which is a part of Chennai’s South Mada Street in Mylapore.

The Ramakrishna Math Ashram and the Mylapore tank bus stop are both adjacent to the temple.


Kachapeshwarar Temple – Shiva Temple near Chennai

And below are temple which are a bit away from Chennai, but must visit if you are in town.

Thiruidaichuram Temple

The distance from Chennai to the Thiruidaichuram Temple is roughly 55 kilometres.

The brightly shining Maragatha stone Lord Shiva in this image.

According to legend, Goddess Parvati arrived to Thiruidaichuram in the form of a cow and visited this temple.

The temple also houses shrines to a number of other deities.

Ilambayam Kottur Temple

A 2000-year-old temple called Ilambayam Kottur is about 40 km away from Chennai. Arambeswarar is this temple’s primary god.

People who have a weaker moon in their horoscopes come to this temple to relieve themselves of its negative effects.

On Poornima (the full moon day), it is stated that those who pray to the Lord here get knowledge, wisdom, and mental tranquilly.

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