SRS Hills – Home to an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Revanna Siddeshwara

SRS Hills & Shri Revanna Siddeshwara Temple : Around 65 Kms from Bangalire and 15ksm from Ramnagara there is a place which apart from being a important pilgrimage center is also a wonderful trekking destination.

A treking which takes you to the top of the hill and the view you then get from there is breathtaking .. it will be an experience which you will always cheris.

But this place is home to Lord Revana Siddeshwara and 2 very ancient temples dedicated to Lord Revanna Siddeshwara and Lord Shiva.

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Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavanthu – Do you know who gave this slogan?

Sri Revanna Siddeshwara believed to be the re-incarnation of Jagadguru Sri Renukacharya the founder of “Veerashaiva Siddantha ” (Shaiva Dharma ) with a slogan “sarve janaha sukhino bhavanthu”.

SRS Hills – surrounded by the trails of natural wonders

SRS hills is also called as Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Hills or Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Betta.

It monolithic stone hill and is surrounded by the trails of natural wonders…
The lakes and mango forest around this place is also worth a visit..
The view from top is breataking and gives you an amazing view of surroundings.

The legend Behind Sri Revana Siddeshwara Betta

Sri Revanna Siddeshwara is considered as a reincarnation of the great Jagadguru Shri Renukacharya who was ordered by Shiva to take incarnation on earth to spread Bhakti among the people.

As per myhtology Renuka the chief of gana’ was ordered by Lord shiva to take incarnation on earth, with the sole intention of spreading bhakti.

With the blessings of Lord Shiva, Renuka emerged from the Somashekhara linga near Hyderabad’s Kolli saakshi kshetra, and became known as Revana Siddeshwara.

Revana Siddeshwara, during his Mission Shivabhakti campaign, once lived on a mountain at Averahalli near Ramanagara in Karnataka.

The place where he did anushthaana in Avarehalli is known as Revanasiddeshwara Betta (hill).

Renukamba Temple

One you reach there you will find a temple at the bottom of hill on the right hand side .. so you can visit the temple first or you can also plan to visit this temple while coming back.
This is Renukamba temple.

Parking at SRS Hills

From the Renukamba temple you can take your car further , or start climing up the hill. You will see the gate to monolith. You need to take parkign ticket – 20 rs as of now.

Then climb a bit further and you will see a small parking lot.
Dring weekends this becomes a bit challange to get a placce here to park so you have to find a place.

You can leave your footwear in the car itself.

After going a bit further you will see the other temple.
It is called as Bheemeshwari (named after the pandava Bheema) / It is a shiva temple.

After prying to lord here , you can start climbing up. Total steps are around 300. The way up is all covered by tin shade and also there is railings on both the sides. Till half way, the steps are quite easy to climb.

But soon after you realize the climb becomes difficult and many plance there are almost 60 to 70 degress inclines. But railings are there so it is posisble to climb up hoding them.

Take special care of kids if you are climing up with them. But for ederly members of family, it is defnitely no no .. they cannot climb. It took 30 mins for us to climb till top and the view from top is beathtking.

You see a beautiful lake from top that is near to Mango forest area and is 5 t0 10 mins drive from here!

There is a small temple at the top.

Be extra careful while coming down. It feels more difficult while coming down.

How to reach SRS Hills?

There are 2 different ways to reach SRS hill and it all depends on the area you stay or road you want to take.

  • One way is to go via Mysore road and at Ramnagara take a turn towards SRS Hills. If you take Mysore road via Nice road then you have to pay toll. But the road is quite good throughout. Also lot of good food options on the way!
  • Second way is via Anekal. Seems to be shorther and the road goes via jungle. So major part of road is single lane. When passing thru the jungle area road in not good and is with lot of patches. Many places you loose the mobile signal as well. Also no good food options on the way. Though I did see road work going on and some strech has become really good and smooth.

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