Shyam Kaka Temple Rajgarh – Madhya Pradesh – A temple dating back to 1845 A.D

Temple of Shri Shyam Kaka Rajgarh is a Hindu temple dedicated to Krishna (also known as Shyam). It was built in 1845 A.D. at Shaka Jagir village, Rajgarh district, Madhya Pradesh. It is located near Narsinghgarh, around 100 kilometres from Bhopal.

Though it is a temple of God Krishna, there is a panel in the temple depicting six Muslim men dressed in long robes and traditional headgear. According to author Shalini Rai Narayan, it is the one of the exceptional places, where religious beliefs and antagonistic holy men stood in solidarity.

Popularity of Shri Shyam Kaka

People go to shri Shyam Kaka Temple Rajgarh, to solve their domestic Issues, fulfill Wishes and for prosperity.

Krishna Jayanti is celebrated every year and is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated there.

The temple has been declared a protected site by the Archaeological Survey of India

Legend of shri Shyam Kaka Temple Rajgarh

According to folklore, local ruler Shyam Dev Khinchi’s wife Bhagali Devi fled the palace after falling out with him and sought refuge with Amara Singh Gurjar, a local chieftain.

When Shyam dev was killed in a battle, the queen directed the construction of the Lord Krishna temple in his honour, and Amara Singh Gurjar was selected as the shrine’s chief priest.

Since then, the Gurjars have claimed to be the temple priests.

How to reach the temple?

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