The Pataleshwar Mandir, Hajipur,Bihar | Pataleshwar Mandir History

The Pataleshwar Mandir is located in Hajipur, Bihar, India’s Vaishali district. It is situated on Jadhua Road in Hajipur and is devoted to Lord Shiva.

Shri Pataleshwar mahadev mandir is said to have existed since the beginning of time, and according to local tradition, it is said that Lord Shiva has himslef established this temple here.

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The history of Pataleshwar Shiv Mandir is interesting. King Siddharaj Solanki of Solanki era was born at this place. In the festival, Queen Minaldevi ordered that a well should be dug for the thirsty travelers. The Shivalinga originated while digging the well and only then later the Pataleshwar temple was constructed in the shape of a well.

It was aptly christened Patal-eshwar, which means ‘Lord under the ground’; The actual temple built in the 8th century AD lies 40 feet below the ground, while the new structure on top has only been recently added.

Many of the original stones that were used to construct the temple have inscriptions on them that depict various symbols for the snakes that adorn Lord Shiva’s neck.

It is a Swayanbhu Shivlinga (self-created), and people think it spontaneously sprang from the ground. A lion is said to have roared twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, close to the temple in ancient times.

Pataleshwar Mandir, Hajipur,Bihar | Pataleshwar Mandir History
Pataleshwar Mandir, Hajipur,Bihar | Pataleshwar Mandir History

A stunning statue of the serpent god Nandi is also present in front of the temple. Many saints frequently come here to reflect.

Other legends behind shri Pataleshwar Mandir, Hajipur

It is said that during the exile period of Pandavas, Arjun meditated hard for lord Shiva. Pleased with his dedication, lord Shiva appeared himself before Arjun and asked him to ask for a boon.

Arjun prayed lord Shiva to stay at this place. Lord Shiva accepted his prayer and told him that he will stay there as shiv ling and any one who worships him and pours water on the Shivling will be blessed and fulfilled with all his wishes.

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The place where Lord Shiva was standing the temple was constructed. Since the shiv ling ins syambhu and came out from beneath the earth, the place is called as Pataleshwar Mahadev.

It is said that every year on Shivratri the Shivlinga increases by an inch.

That is why Pataleshwar Mahadev shivling is unique in the world and has become the centre of religious faith for Hindus.

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