Shri Manudevi Temple at Adgaon Village in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra.

Friends let me take you today to Shri Manudevi Temple is in Adgaon Village located in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra.

Shri Manudevi Temple is situated on River Tapi in the picturesque Satpuda Hills. A gravel road that is paved for 1500 metres leads up to the temple.

The temple is accessible after a fascinating 1500-meter hike through picturesque greenery.

The temple rises 500 metres. Hills surround the temple on three sides.

A stunning 400-foot-high waterfall lies in front of you.

The waterfall has ferocious rushing water for six to seven months out of the year, touching the Satpuda foothills.

You will see a lake which is formed because of this.

Shri Manudevi Temple at Adgaon Village in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra.

History of Shri Manudevi Temple Adgaon

Around 1251 A.D./B.C., the temple was found. Excavations reveal that this structure is a tens of thousands-year-old temple.

It is said that this is manifested in the large trees at the entrance to the shrine.

Lord Parshurama himself greets followers arriving for Shree Manudevi’s darshan.

Regarding this sacred shrine, there is a rich folklore and historical heritage.

Shri Manudevi Temple Adgaon Mythology

The mythology is mentjond in Shri Bhagwath Purana.

It is said that Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma faced a serious challenge.

Rakshasas were troublng the people of earth. The trinity met in a cave in the Satpuda ranges. This cave is the Shri Manudevi temple is located .

While deeply meditating on a solution, their breathing and the environment that was made in the cave by their power and meditation, gave rise to an illumination of Shakti (power inherent in a goddess) as lightening.

These rays culminated into Goddess Manudevi. She is the combined strength, power and intelligence of the Trinity.

“O Adishakti, we are in a crisis,” the Devtas implored to Goddess Manudevi. The earth is in danger from the Asura Mahishasur.

We urge you, Goddess, to destroy him by taking on an enraged personality. Please help us in establishing world peace.

The Asura will be killed shortly, the Goddess Manudevi vowed. She informed them that she would launch her assault against the Asura in the guise of Sapthashrung deva right away.

Once she arrived at River Tapi, the Goddess decimated the Asura’s armies. There was a conflict in the Shiragadh region.

She is revered in this place as Ashta Bhujaa Devi of Shiragadh. The Goddess then continued on to Nandra (Bajara).

There is also a temple here dedicated to her as Ashta Bhujaa Devi.

She then travelled to Paatna, the scene of a significant demon war.

The Goddess, who was exhausted, took a nap at this location, where she earned the name “Paatna Devi”. Ashta Bhujaa Devi was a representation of Manudevi’s calm form.

The Sapthashrung Mountains was the site of the fianel conflict.

The seven-year war between the Goddess and the Asura. Adharma and adharma engaged in combat. Changing into Sapthashrunga Devi, the Goddess.

This is the enforcer form, which the evil find dreadful. She killed the Mahishasur and his army while in this form. According to folklore, Khandesh became the Devi’s residence.

Ho to reach Shri Manudevi Temple Adgaon?

  • Nearest Airport located at Jalgaon and Aurangabad and you can get taxi fro there
  • Nearest Railway station is Jalgaon and it is very easy to get public transport or taxi from there
  • Jalgaon is quite well connected , by road, to all the major cities of Maharashtra. And from the bus stop you can get taxi or other public transport

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