Iravadeswarar Temple

Sri Iravadeswarar Temple Athimugam , Shoolgiri , Tamil Nadu

Hidden somewhere in a small hamlet near Bangalore and Hosur a place called as Athimugam, there is a temple, known as Sri Iravadeswarar Temple is of immense importance.

Athimugam is located in Shoolagiri Taluk in Krishnagiri District of Tamil Nadu State, India.

Sri Iravadeswarar temple in Athimugam, Hosur is believed to be a 1800 yrs old temple.

Watch the video here:

Legend of Sri Iravadeswarar Temple Athimugam

This is the temple where Indiran (King of Devas) and his vahana Iravadham got relieved of Brahmahathi dosham.

As the Iravadham or the wahana of lord indra worshipped the Lord shiva here in this temple, it is said the Shivalinga has that image on the face.

Hasthi means Elephant in Sanskrit and mugam means face. The village is also known as Hasthimugam which later got changed to Athimugam.

You will also find the small shrine of Mother Kamakshi Amman standing behind the Iravatheswar lingam within the same sanctum’s sanctorum (Garba graha).

Since we were not allowed to go very near to Shivainga in the temple we could not see the face of Iravadham on the shiva linga.. but the legend behuind this temple was enough for us to visit this temple and pay our repect to lord iradeshwara.

At the outer coridor of the temple you wil find lord Ganapathy and lord dakshinamurty.

The temple has two presiding deities. Besides the one mentioned above, Lord Shiva in the form of Sri Alageshwara Swamy graces with Mother Akilandeswari in a different sanctum in this temple.

This temple is an Irratai sannithi temple ie. there are two moolavars. The Iravatheswar shrine has Appar and Thirugnana Sambandar statues. So it is believed that this temple should have been visited by them.

This is also a temple of Sun Worship. Nandhi (Vahanam of Lord Shiva) is seated slightly away in front of Lord Iravatheswar leaving way for the Surya puja. The rays of Sun fall on the Lord during the first week of Tamil month of Thai (mid January to mid February). As Nandhi is on a side to facilitate Surya puja, other planets (navagrahas) are also in a calm and sitting form. The Navagrahas in this temple are in a calm and seated position.

There is a pancha lingam sannidhi with 5 Shiva lingams in 5 sanctums in a row with Nandhi in front of each Shiva linga.

The Sthala viruksham is Vilva tree. Vilva tree in this temple is about 1800 years old and it is said to be the very oldest, tallest and biggest in the world. The tree is still very lively and majestic.

Lord Murugan is seen with his consorts Valli and Deivanai. Lord Murgan’s vahanam peacock is seen facing the left side of Lord Murugan and it is a rare thing to see.

The temple is specifically beneficial for education and career growth. People pray for removal of obstacles in marriage , for child boon, achievements in education and career growth.

The Iravadeswarar Temple has immense religious as well has historical importance.

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Temples near Bangalore – beautiful temples of Shoolgiri

We have talked about Shri Varadaraja Perumal Temple before, which is a very very old and mythologically important temple of the area. This post Temples near Bangalore – beautiful temples of Shoolgiri, is another attempt to bring you the temples around Bangalore and Hosur area.

When we visit Shoolgiri, we also find Sri Vardaraja Perumal temple and 2 other beautiful temples around which are worth a visit.

So friends do plan to visit Shoolgiri over any of the weekends and be blessed.

Shoolgiri Temple Video

In case you are interested, you can have a look at this video as well:

Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple

This is the temple we talked about in our previous post. The temple is a very old one and said to exist from Dwapar Yuga. It said that Arjuna worshipped here during the exile of Pandavas.

The temple is open from 6.00 AM to 11.00 AM during mornings and 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM in evenings.

Sri Kashi Vishwanath temple

Below is the video on the beautiful Shri Kashi Vishwanath temple at Shoolgiri

This temple is located near to Vardaraja Perumal temple and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The goupram is quite impressive, though it looks to be newly created. The main temple premises has other god temples as well.

Sri Ayappa Swamy temple

This temple is just in front of Kashi Wishwanath temple. Another beautiful temple with a beautiful idol of Lord Ayappa. There is also a huge standing idol of Lord Hanuman.

Sri Ayappa Swamy temple Shoolgiri

What we have found is that all these temples close at around 11.00 AM in morning time and reopen at 5.00 PM and are the open till 7 to 8.00 PM.

Hence plan your trip accordingly.

The way to reach Shoolgiri is very easy. You have to take the road to Hosur and keep going straight to reach Shoolgiri.

These temples are hardly 1.5 Kms from the national highway. You will see the exit markings for Shoolgiri. Do not take that. Take the flyover after that and exit to service road after the flyover.

Please note that once you enter the village, the road is called as dam road, after around 1 kms , you will see a small road going in. The google map will ask you to turn right. But since there is no concrete road, we tend to get confused and miss that. If you miss this turn, then google will re-roue to another 2 kms. So please keep a note of this.

Friends hope you will like this trip. Do visit and provide your feedback.

Hope you liked our post, Temples near Bangalore – beautiful temples of Shoolgiri. Have a blessed darshan!


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