Ghati Subramanya

Shri Ghati Subramanya – Doddaballapura – Karnatka

An ancient temple built in dravidian style, dedicated to Lord Subramanya and Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. This is also one of the oldest temple in the region dedicated to snake worship.

Main temple view

The idol of the Lord is said to be swayambhu i.e both the idols are believed to have emerged from earth.

The idol of Lord Subramanya with a seven headed cobra is made from a single stone. Idol of Lord Karthikeya faces east while Lord Narashimha faces west. To ensure that both deities are visible to devotees during dasrshan, a huge mirror is placed behind the idol.

Snake idol

Special pooja is performed during Brahmarathotsava, i.e., on the day of Pushya shudda Shashti. Narasimha Jayanti is the other major festival which celebrated here.

Ghati Subramanya is one of the important temple where snake god is worshipped.
There is a snake mound/idol present outside the temple. There are lots of snake idols carved out of stone, which can be seen with in the temple premises. These snake idols are also called as Nagappa.

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It is believed that people come here to seek lords blessings for a compatible partner. People also pray here for child.

Ghati Subramanya can be a good weekend gateway. Whole trip does not take more than 5 hrs (from Bangalore city ). It is advisable to go early to avoid rush. Darshan is free of cost, but in case you are in a hurry you can opt for special darshan which costs Rs 50/- per person. Ticket for this is available at the entrance.


It is situated about 65 to 70 kms from Bangalore city center on the Doddaballapur road. It is around 15 kms from Dodaballapur.People travelling from their own vehicle need to take below route
Bangalore City Center -> Hebbal -> Yelahanka New Town -> Doddaballapur – > Gati Subramanyaalternate routeBangalore City Center -> Hebbal ->Devanhalli -> Doddaballapur – > Gati SubramanyaThere are regular buses from Doddaballapur to Gati Subramanya temple
Doddaballapur can be reached by bus from New Yelahanka Town
On Doddaballapur road look for right marking for Gati Subramanya temple
There is a big arch once you take right on Dodaballapur road
Nearest Railway Station : Doddaballapura
Nearest Airport: Bangalore
Nearby Cities: Bangalore


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